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A ComplianceA Savings ClauseAbandoned PropertyAbandonmentAbandonment of the Premises by Tenant; OrAbated Base RentAbatementAbatement of RentAbility to Bear Economic Risk of InvestmentAbility to PerformABR LoansAbsence of Certain ChangesAbsence of Certain Changes or EventsAbsence of ChangesAbsence of ConflictsAbsence of ControlAbsence of DebarmentAbsence of DefaultAbsence of DefaultsAbsence of Fiduciary RelationshipAbsence of Further RequirementsAbsence of Labor DisputeAbsence of LitigationAbsence of ManipulationAbsence of ProceedingsAbsence of RelianceAbsence of RestrictionsAbsence of SchedulesAbsence of Undisclosed LiabilitiesAbsence of Valid DesignationAbsence of Violations, Defaults and ConflictsAbsolute ObligationAccelerated PurchasesAccelerated VestingAccelerated Vesting of Equity AwardsAccelerated Vesting on Termination of Relationship as a Service ProviderAccelerationAcceleration and TerminationAcceleration of Certain AwardsAcceleration of Exercisability and VestingAcceleration of LoansAcceleration of ObligationsAcceleration of VestingAcceleration Upon Certain Terminations or Cancellations of OptionAcceleration; RemediesAcceleration; Termination of Credit FacilityAcceptable Policy Terms and ConditionsAcceptanceAcceptance and AssumptionAcceptance of Assignments by Administrative AgentAcceptance of AwardAcceptance of Firm OrderAcceptance of PremisesAcceptance of Purchase OrdersAcceptance of SubscriptionAcceptance of Title ConditionAcceptance; RejectionAcceptance/RejectionAccessAccess to Books and RecordsAccess to Collateral; Books and RecordsAccess to Confidential InformationAccess to InformationAccess to Information; Independent InvestigationAccess to Information; Independent InvestigationAccess to PremisesAccess to PropertyAccess to RecordsAccess to Study DataAccess to Trade Secrets and Confidential InformationAccidents to Sanitary and Other SystemsAccountAccount BalanceAccount Control AgreementsAccount Designation LetterAccount DetailsAccount StatedAccount StatementsAccount VerificationAccountant’s CertificateAccountant’s Comfort LetterAccountantsAccountingAccounting and IndemnificationAccounting and Other TermsAccounting ChangesAccounting ControlsAccounting Controls and Disclosure ControlsAccounting FirmAccounting MattersAccounting MethodsAccounting of PurchasesAccounting PolicyAccounting PrinciplesAccounting Principles; Changes in GAAPAccounting RecordsAccounting SystemAccounting TermsAccountsAccounts and RecordsAccounts CollectionAccounts ReceivableAccounts;Accounts; Application of Funds in AccountsAccredited InvestorAccredited Investor StatusAccrued AmountsAccrued BenefitsAccrued CompensationAccrued Compensation and BenefitsAccrued ObligationsAccrued RightsAccrued Rights and ObligationsAccrued Rights; Surviving ObligationsAccrued Salary and BenefitsAccrued Salary and Paid Time OffAccrued Salary and VacationAccuracy and Completeness of InformationAccuracy of ExhibitsAccuracy of Financial StatementsAccuracy of InformationAccuracy of RepresentationsAccuracy of Representations and WarrantiesAccuracy of the Company’s Representations and Warranties; Performance by the CompanyAcknowledgementAcknowledgement and Confirmation of the Loan PartiesAcknowledgement and Consent to Bail-in of Affected Financial InstitutionsAcknowledgement and Consent to Bail-in of EEA Financial InstitutionsAcknowledgement and WaiverAcknowledgement of Full UnderstandingAcknowledgement of Total Compensation and IndebtednessAcknowledgement of Waiver of Claims Under ADEAAcknowledgement Regarding Any Supported QFCsAcknowledgement Regarding Payments and BenefitsAcknowledgement Regarding Purchaser’s Trading ActivityAcknowledgementsAcknowledgements and AgreementsAcknowledgements and IntegrationAcknowledgements of SubscriberAcknowledgmentAcknowledgment and Consent to Bail-in of Affected Financial InstitutionsAcknowledgment and Consent to Bail-in of EEA Financial InstitutionsAcknowledgment by GranteeAcknowledgment of DilutionAcknowledgment of EnforceabilityAcknowledgment of Existence of Events of DefaultAcknowledgment of GuarantorAcknowledgment of IndebtednessAcknowledgment of Nature of Plan and RightsAcknowledgment of Security InterestsAcknowledgment of Waiver of Claims Under ADEAAcknowledgment Regarding Any Supported QFCsAcknowledgment Regarding Buyer’s Purchase of NoteAcknowledgment Regarding Buyer’s StatusAcknowledgment Regarding Investor’s StatusAcknowledgment Regarding Purchaser’s Purchase of SecuritiesAcknowledgment Regarding Purchaser’s Purchase of SharesAcknowledgment Regarding Purchaser’s Trading ActivityAcknowledgment Regarding Purchasers’ Purchase of SecuritiesAcknowledgment Regarding Purchasers’ Purchase of SharesAcknowledgmentsAcknowledgments and StipulationsAcknowledgments; NoElectionAcquired RightsAcquiring PersonAcquisitionAcquisition DocumentsAcquisition of Competing ProgramsAcquisition of Shares by Third PartyAcquisition of Significant Share OwnershipAcquisition of Stock by Third PartyAcquisition of the Units for Own AccountAcquisition, Sale and Maintenance of InventoryAcquisitions and Other TransactionsAct of TerrorismActing as PrincipalAction by the CommitteeAction for IndemnificationAction on Instructions of LendersAction Upon DefaultActions Before Governmental AuthoritiesActions Controlled by [Actions of OthersActions, SuitsActions, Suits and ProceedingsActive MaterialsActive Materials and Client-Supplied ComponentsActivitiesActivities and ProceedsActivity RestrictionsAddendumAddition of [SectionAddition of an L/C IssuerAddition of New [Section 1Additional Accelerated PurchasesAdditional Acknowledgment/ConsentAdditional ActsAdditional AgreementsAdditional Alternative CurrenciesAdditional Annual RetainersAdditional AssurancesAdditional BenefitsAdditional BorrowersAdditional Borrowers, Guarantors and Collateral Security. CauseAdditional CollateralAdditional Commitment LendersAdditional CompensationAdditional Compensation Under Certain CircumstancesAdditional ConditionsAdditional Conditions PrecedentAdditional Conditions to Issuance of StockAdditional Conditions to Letters of CreditAdditional Conditions to Revolving LoansAdditional Conditions to Swingline LoansAdditional ConsiderationAdditional CostsAdditional CovenantsAdditional Defined TermsAdditional DefinitionsAdditional DocumentationAdditional DocumentsAdditional Documents and ExpensesAdditional Domestic SubsidiariesAdditional Employee AcknowledgmentsAdditional Equity AwardsAdditional GrantorsAdditional Grants for PromotionsAdditional GuarantorsAdditional Incurrence CapacityAdditional Indemnification, Hold Harmless and Exoneration RightsAdditional IndemnityAdditional InformationAdditional Insurance ObligationsAdditional InsuredAdditional Insured & Waiver of SubrogationAdditional InsuredsAdditional Issuance of SecuritiesAdditional IssuancesAdditional Issuing BanksAdditional L/C IssuersAdditional LendersAdditional LimitationAdditional LimitationsAdditional Loan PartiesAdditional MattersAdditional ObligationsAdditional or Exchanged Securities and PropertyAdditional PaymentsAdditional ProvisionsAdditional ReductionsAdditional RemediesAdditional RentAdditional ReportsAdditional RepresentationsAdditional Representations and WarrantiesAdditional Representations and Warranties of AssociateAdditional Representations, Warranties and Covenants of CounterpartyAdditional Representations, Warranties and Covenants of Each PartyAdditional RequirementsAdditional Reserve RequirementsAdditional RestrictionsAdditional ServicesAdditional SharesAdditional Shares or Substituted SecuritiesAdditional Submissions – Information AccessAdditional SubsidiariesAdditional Tenant Improvement AllowanceAdditional Term Loan Funding FeeAdditional Term LoansAdditional Termination EventsAdditional TermsAdditional Terms and ConditionsAdditional Terms and Conditions Applicable to SublettingAdditional Terms for Non-UAdditional Terms of Incentive Stock OptionsAdditional Terms of Initial Options and Annual OptionsAdditional TI AllowanceAdditional TransfersAdditional United Kingdom Withholding Tax MattersAdditional Vesting ProvisionsAdditional VIE BorrowersAdditional WaiversAdditions and AlterationsAddressAddress for NoticeAddress for NoticesAddresses and NoticesAddresses for NoticesAddresses; NoticesADEA Notice and AcknowledgementADEA ReleaseADEA WaiverAdequate Capitalization; No InsolvencyAdjacent PremisesAdjudication of AgreementAdjusted EBITDAAdjusted Tangible Net WorthAdjustmentAdjustment for Certain Dividends and DistributionsAdjustment for Changes in CapitalizationAdjustment for ReorganizationAdjustment for Share Splits and CombinationsAdjustment for Unissued or Forfeited Predecessor Plan SharesAdjustment in CapitalizationAdjustment in Case of Changes Affecting Common StockAdjustment in Number of Warrant SharesAdjustment in Option SharesAdjustment in the Event of Change in Stock; Change in ControlAdjustment of AccountsAdjustment of AwardAdjustment of CovenantsAdjustment of Performance RSUsAdjustment of Revolving Credit LoansAdjustment of SharesAdjustment ProvisionsAdjustment to Conversion PriceAdjustment to Exercise PriceAdjustment to Interest RateAdjustmentsAdjustments for Changes in Capital StructureAdjustments for Changes in Capitalization of EmployerAdjustments for Other Dividends and DistributionsAdjustments for Share SplitsAdjustments for SharesAdjustments for Stock SplitsAdjustments for Tax PurposesAdjustments in Case of Certain TransactionsAdjustments in Share Numbers and PricesAdjustments of Borrowings Upon Effectiveness of IncreaseAdjustments to AwardsAdjustments to Base CompensationAdjustments to BonusAdjustments to Conversion PriceAdjustments to Stock-Based AwardsAdjustments to the Purchase Price at ClosingAdjustments Upon Certain EventsAdjustments Upon Changes in CapitalizationAdjustments Upon Changes in StockAdjustments Upon Specified EventsAdjustments; Set-OffAdjustments; Set‑offAdministrationAdministration and InterpretationAdministration by BoardAdministration by Board of DirectorsAdministration by CommitteeAdministration by the CommitteeAdministration of ArbitrationAdministration of Deposit AccountsAdministration of German Law SecurityAdministration of PlanAdministration of the PlanAdministration of This PlanAdministration With Respect to Consultants and Other EmployeesAdministration With Respect to Directors and OfficersAdministration With Respect to InsidersAdministration With Respect to Reporting PersonsAdministrative AgentAdministrative Agent AccountAdministrative Agent ExpensesAdministrative Agent FeeAdministrative Agent FeesAdministrative Agent May File Proofs of ClaimAdministrative Agent May File Proofs of Claim; Credit BiddingAdministrative Agent Reliance on Lender FundingAdministrative Agent to Maintain RegisterAdministrative Agent’s and Lender’s RightsAdministrative Agent’s FeeAdministrative Agent’s OfficeAdministrative Agent’s Office, Certain Addresses for NoticesAdministrative Agent’s Office; Certain Addresses for Notices; Taxpayer Identification NumbersAdministrative Agent’s Reimbursement and IndemnificationAdministrative ExpensesAdministrative FeeAdministrative FeesAdministrative ReliefAdministrative Stand StillAdministratorAdministrator ActionAdministrator AuthorityAdministrator DiscretionAdmissionsAdoption and Stockholder ApprovalAdvance ModelAdvance Notice Generally RequiredAdvance PaymentAdvance RequestAdvancement of ExpensesAdvancesAdvances of ExpensesAdvances of Expenses; Defense of ClaimAdvances; PaymentsAdvancing of Non Pro-Rata Revolving LoansAdverse ChangeAdverse ChangesAdverse ClaimAdverse ClaimsAdverse Event ReportingAdverse Event Reporting and Safety Data ExchangeAdverse Event ReportsAdverse EventsAdverse Events ReportingAdverse or Outside Business ActivitiesAdverse RulingAdvertisementAdvertising and Promotional MaterialsAdvertising Permission LetterAdvice of CounselAdvice of Counsel; Revocation PeriodAdvice of Independent Tax AdvisorAdvisorsAffected Financial InstitutionAffected Financial InstitutionsAffected Lenders; Application of Certain Cash CollateralAffected Lenders’ ConsentAffidavitAffiliateAffiliate and AssociateAffiliate TransactionsAffiliated TransactionsAffiliatesAffirmationAffirmationsAffirmative CommitmentsAffirmative CovenantsAfter Acquired Real PropertyAfter-HoursAfter Participant’s DeathAge Discrimination Release NotificationAgencyAgency ApprovalsAgency for PerfectionAgentAgent EffortsAgent for the Service of Legal ProcessAgent in Its Individual CapacityAgent IndemnificationAgent ProfessionalsAgent PurchasesAgent Representing Both Lessor and LesseeAgent’s DiscretionAgent’s Own Account; Clients’ AccountAgent’s Review of Proposed Amendments and SupplementsAgentsAggregate CommitmentsAggregate Incentive Stock Option LimitAggregate InvestmentsAggregate LimitAggregate Outstanding Class a Certificate Balance$80,000,000AggregationAgreed Currency​AgreementAgreement Extends to Known and Unknown, Suspected and Unsuspected ClaimsAgreement Freely EnteredAgreement in Full Force and Effect as AmendedAgreement NegotiatedAgreement Not a ContractAgreement Not to CompeteAgreement Not to SueAgreement of EmployeeAgreement Protecting Company InterestsAgreement SeverableAgreement Subject to Plan ProvisionsAgreement Subject to the PlanAgreement TermAgreement to ArbitrateAgreement to Furnish InformationAgreement to GuaranteeAgreement to IndemnifyAgreement to Maintain Confidentiality; Non-DisparagementAgreement to Make Swingline LoansAgreement to Notify Company Prior to Providing Company InformationAgreement to Purchase and SellAgreement to ServeAgreement to VoteAgreementsAgreements and Acknowledgements Regarding HedgingAgreements and CovenantsAgreements and Covenants of the CompanyAgreements and Covenants of TrusteeAll AdvancesAll Awards Subject to Company Clawback or Recoupment PolicyAll Consents RequiredAll Eligible Directors$35,000All Eligible Directors$40,000All-in RateAll PrepaymentsAll-Risk Property / Machinery Breakdown Insurance/ Installation FloaterAlliance ManagerAlliance ManagersAllocationAllocation of Direct ExpensesAllocation of Payments After Event of DefaultAllocation of Payments After Exercise of RemediesAllocation of Purchase PriceAllocation of RecoveriesAllocationsAllocations for Tax PurposesAllowanceAllowance ItemsAlterationsAlterations and Tenant’s PropertyAlternate Rate of InterestAlternative ActionAlternative Calculations and Payment on Early Termination and on Certain Extraordinary EventsAlternative CurrenciesAlternative CurrencyAlternative Dispute ResolutionAlternative Remedy in Lieu of TerminationAlternative Vesting of PRSUsAmbiguitiesAmended and Restated DefinitionsAmended Credit AgreementAmended DefinitionsAmended LeaseAmended ReturnsAmended TermsAmendmentAmendment and ModificationAmendment and Modification; WaiverAmendment and RestatementAmendment and TerminationAmendment and Termination of the PlanAmendment and WaiverAmendment and Waiver; Failure or Indulgence Not WaiverAmendment as Loan DocumentAmendment DocumentsAmendment FeeAmendment FeesAmendment NoAmendment of [Schedule 1Amendment of AgreementAmendment of AwardAmendment of Award; RepricingAmendment of AwardsAmendment of Disclosure SchedulesAmendment of Organizational DocumentsAmendment of PlanAmendment of Registration RightsAmendment of the PlanAmendment of the Plan and AgreementsAmendment of This AgreementAmendment or AlterationAmendment or ModificationAmendment or Modification, WaiverAmendment or TerminationAmendment or Termination of Agreement; Continuation of AgreementAmendment or Termination of PlanAmendment or Termination of the PlanAmendment or WaiverAmendment to [Schedule 1Amendment to [SectionAmendment to [Section 1Amendment to [Section 2Amendment to [Section 3Amendment to [Section 4Amendment to [Section 5Amendment to [Section 6Amendment to [Section 7Amendment to [Section 8Amendment to [Section 9Amendment to [Subsection 5Amendment to Credit AgreementAmendment to ExhibitsAmendment to Fee LetterAmendment to Forbearance AgreementAmendment to LeaseAmendment to Maturity DateAmendment to NoteAmendment to SchedulesAmendment to Security AgreementAmendment to the Credit AgreementAmendment to the NoteAmendment to Vesting ScheduleAmendment, EtcAmendment, Modification and TerminationAmendment, Modification and WaiverAmendment, Modification or WaiverAmendment, Modification, and TerminationAmendment, Modification, Suspension or TerminationAmendment, Supplement or WaiverAmendment, Suspension and TerminationAmendment, Suspension or Termination of the PlanAmendment, Suspension, or TerminationAmendment; ModificationAmendment; TerminationAmendment; WaiverAmendment; WaiverAmendment; Waiver of AgreementAmendment; WaiversAmendment/NovationAmendmentsAmendments and ModificationsAmendments and Other DocumentsAmendments and Other ModificationsAmendments and WaiverAmendments and Waiver; Prior AgreementsAmendments and WaiversAmendments by the CommitteeAmendments for Accounting ChargesAmendments in WritingAmendments in Writing, IntegrationAmendments in Writing; IntegrationAmendments in Writing; Waiver; IntegrationAmendments of Organization DocumentsAmendments to AgreementAmendments to AwardsAmendments to Credit AgreementAmendments to Development PlanAmendments to Existing Credit AgreementAmendments to Financing AgreementAmendments to Forbearance AgreementAmendments to Loan AgreementAmendments to LoansAmendments to Master Repurchase AgreementAmendments to Organizational Agreements and Material ContractsAmendments to Original Credit AgreementAmendments to Portfolio AssetsAmendments to Receivables Purchase AgreementAmendments to Security DocumentsAmendments to Subordinated DebtAmendments to the AgreementAmendments to the Credit AgreementAmendments to the Existing Credit AgreementAmendments to the Loan AgreementAmendments to the PlanAmendments to the Plan and AwardsAmendments to This AgreementAmendments, EtcAmendments, Suspension and TerminationAmendments; No WaiverAmendments; Other AgreementsAmendments; Use of TermsAmendments; WaiverAmendments; Waiver; Entire AgreementAmendments; WaiversAmendments; Waivers; RemediesAmendmentsWaiversAmenitiesAmountAmount and Form of DistributionAmount of BenefitAmount of Borrowing TrancheAmount of DeferralAmount of DeferralsAmount of PaymentAmount of Revolving AdvancesAmount Payable Upon Death of EmployeeAmountsAnalysis AccountAncillary AgreementsAnniversary FeeAnnouncementsAnnual AdditionsAnnual AdjustmentsAnnual AllowanceAnnual AssessmentAnnual Audit ReportAnnual Audited Financial StatementsAnnual AwardAnnual AwardsAnnual Base SalaryAnnual Board Service RetainerAnnual BonusAnnual Bonus CompensationAnnual BonusesAnnual BudgetAnnual BudgetsAnnual Cash BonusAnnual Cash Bonus OpportunityAnnual Cash CompensationAnnual Cash FeesAnnual Cash Incentive PaymentsAnnual Compensation AdjustmentsAnnual Compensation LimitAnnual Consulting FeeAnnual Discretionary BonusAnnual Equity AwardAnnual Equity AwardsAnnual Equity BonusAnnual Equity GrantAnnual Financial StatementsAnnual FinancialsAnnual GrantAnnual GrantsAnnual IncentiveAnnual Incentive Award WeightingsAnnual Incentive AwardsAnnual Incentive BonusAnnual Incentive PaymentAnnual Incentive PlansAnnual InstallmentsAnnual License FeeAnnual Limit on Incentive Stock OptionsAnnual Operating Budget and Financial ProjectionsAnnual Performance BonusAnnual Progress ReportAnnual ReconciliationAnnual ReportsAnnual Reports; EtcAnnual Retainer ElectionAnnual RetainersAnnual ReviewAnnual SalaryAnnual StatementsAnti-AssignmentAnti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption ComplianceAnti-CorruptionAnti-Money-LaunderingAnti-Money-Laundering; Beneficial OwnershipAnti-Money-Laundering; Beneficial Ownership RegulationAnti-Social ForcesAnti-TerrorismAny Other ReasonAppealAppeal of Denied ClaimsAppeal ProceduresAppealsAppearanceAppendicesAppendixApplicabilityApplicability of ISPApplicability of ISP and UCPApplicability of ISP and UCP; Limitation of LiabilityApplicability of ISP; Limitation of LiabilityApplicable LawApplicable Law and Consent to JurisdictionApplicable Law and SeverabilityApplicable Law and VenueApplicable Law; Consent to JurisdictionApplicable Law; JurisdictionApplicable Law; Jury Trial WaiverApplicable Law; VenueApplicable LawsApplicable Laws and Consent to JurisdictionApplicable MarginApplicable PremiumApplicable Withholding TaxesApplicationApplication for BenefitsApplication for EmploymentApplication of [SectionAApplication of Commitment Reductions; Payment of FeesApplication of FundsApplication of Insufficient PaymentsApplication of L-CApplication of L‑CApplication of Letter of CreditApplication of Limitation to Grants of AwardApplication of Limitation to Grants of AwardsApplication of Mandatory PaymentsApplication of Mandatory PrepaymentsApplication of Other PaymentsApplication of PaymentsApplication of Payments and ProceedsApplication of Payments and Proceeds Upon DefaultApplication of PrepaymentsApplication of ProceedsApplication of Proceeds of Letter of CreditApplication of Revolving Credit Commitment Reductions; Payment of FeesApplication of Takeover ProtectionsApplication of Takeover Protections; Rights AgreementApplication of Tax RefundsApplicationsApplications for Benefits and InquiriesAppointmentAppointment and AuthorityAppointment and AuthorizationAppointment of Agent for Service of ProcessAppointment of Benefits CommitteeAppointment of CommitteeAppointment of CommitteesAppointment of ExpertAppointment of New ExpertAppointment of ReceiverAppointment of Stockholder RepresentativeAppointment of the AgentAppointment; Nature of RelationshipAppraisalAppraisalsAppreciation RightsAppropriationsApprovalApproval and CompletionApproval for ListingApproval of Bank CounselApproval of ChangesApproval of Inducement AwardsApproval of New LendersApproval of Plan by StockholdersApproval PeriodApproval RequirementsApprovalsApprovals and AuthorizationsApproved BudgetApproved EquipmentApproved Plans and Working Drawings for Tenant ImprovementsApproved Working DrawingsArbitrationArbitration AgreementArbitration ClauseArbitration of DisputesArbitration ProcedureArbitration Rules and ProceduresArbitration; VenueArbitratorsArbitrators’ AwardArchitects, Consultants and ContractorsAs-IsAs of the Amendment NoAs of the Closing Date, [Schedule 3As of the Closing Date, [Schedule 5Asbestos Containing Building MaterialsAssessment and UnderstandingAssessmentsAsset Coverage RatioAsset DispositionAsset DispositionsAsset FileAsset ManagementAsset SalesAsset Sales and Involuntary DispositionsAsset Transfer ProvisionsAssetsAssignabilityAssignability and Transferability of Stock RightsAssignability to Federal Reserve Bank or Central BankAssignability; Binding NatureAssigned InterestAssigned Interest[s]AssigneeAssignee[sAssignmentAssignment AgreementAssignment and AcceptanceAssignment and AssumptionAssignment and Assumption AgreementAssignment and DelegationAssignment and SublettingAssignment and SuccessorsAssignment and TransferAssignment and TransfersAssignment by CompanyAssignment by the ExecutiveAssignment by YouAssignment FeeAssignment ObligationAssignment of AgreementAssignment of Business IdeasAssignment of Company InventionsAssignment of ContractsAssignment of CreationsAssignment of DevelopmentsAssignment of Intellectual PropertyAssignment of Intellectual Property RightsAssignment of InventionsAssignment of Inventions to the CompanyAssignment of LeasesAssignment of Leases and Contracts and Bill of SaleAssignment of New IPAssignment of Personal Property, Service Contracts, Warranties and LeasesAssignment of Registration RightsAssignment of RightsAssignment of Rights to Intellectual PropertyAssignment of Sale ProceedsAssignment of TrademarksAssignment to Rights in Intellectual PropertyAssignment to the BorrowerAssignment; AgreementAssignment; Assumption by SuccessorAssignment; Binding AgreementAssignment; Binding EffectAssignment; No Third-Party BeneficiariesAssignment; SuccessorsAssignment; Successors and AssignsAssignment; Successors; Binding AgreementAssignmentsAssignments and TransfersAssignments and Transfers by the CompanyAssignments by AgentsAssignments by LendersAssignments GenerallyAssignments of CommitmentsAssignments to Borrower AffiliatesAssignorAssignor[sAssistanceAssistance and CooperationAssistance in LitigationAssistance With Your QuestionsAssumed ContractsAssumed LiabilitiesAssumptionAssumption by SuccessorsAssumption of AgreementAssumption of Awards by the CompanyAssumption of DefenseAssumption of LiabilitiesAssumption of ObligationsAssumption of RiskAssumption or Replacement of Awards by SuccessorAssumption or SubstitutionAssumption or Substitution of AwardsAssumption, Continuation or SubstitutionAssumptions Concerning Funding of Adjusted LIBOR Rate LoansAssurancesAt-Will EmploymentAt-Will Employment RelationshipAt-Will Employment; TerminationAt-Will Employment; Voluntary ParticipationAt-Will RelationshipAt-Will Termination by CompanyAttachmentAttachmentsAttachments; JudgmentsAttorney-Client PrivilegeAttorney CostsAttorney FeesAttorney in FactAttorney's FeesAttorney’s FeesAttorneys' FeesAttorneys’ FeesAttorneys’ Fees and CostsAttorneys’ Fees and ExpensesAttorneys’ Fees, Costs and ExpensesAttornmentAuctionsAuditAudit CommitteeAudit DisputeAudit FeesAudit Reports; Management Letters; RecommendationsAudit RightAudit RightsAudited Financial StatementsAuditor’s ReportsAuditors’ Management LettersAuditsAuthorisationsAuthorityAuthority and AdministrationAuthority and Binding AgreementAuthority and EnforceabilityAuthority and ValidityAuthority DocumentsAuthority of AdministratorAuthority of BoardAuthority of CommitteeAuthority of Compensation CommitteeAuthority of OfficersAuthority of PartiesAuthority of the CommitteeAuthority Relative to This AgreementAuthority to Amend or TerminateAuthority to Execute Loan DocumentsAuthority to Vary TermsAuthority Validity and Effect of AgreementAuthority; Binding Nature of AgreementAuthority; No ConflictAuthorizationAuthorization and EnforceabilityAuthorization and Enforcement of ObligationsAuthorization and ExecutionAuthorization and ValidityAuthorization DocumentsAuthorization of AgreementAuthorization of Contemplated TransactionsAuthorization of Placement SharesAuthorization of the Common StockAuthorization of the Private Placement WarrantsAuthorization of This AgreementAuthorization of TransactionAuthorization to Debit AccountAuthorization to DiscloseAuthorization to File Financing StatementsAuthorization to Release Collateral and GuarantorsAuthorization to WorkAuthorization, EtcAuthorization; Binding ObligationsAuthorization; EnforceabilityAuthorization; EnforcementAuthorization; Enforcement; ValidityAuthorization; No BreachAuthorization; No ConflictAuthorization; No Conflict; DefaultsAuthorization; No ContraventionAuthorizationsAuthorized DisclosureAuthorized DisclosuresAuthorized Number of SharesAuthorized SharesAuthorized Signaturesigned by an Authorized Signer of BeneficiaryAuthorized Specialty Retailers ListAuto-Extension Letter of CreditAuto-Renewal Letters of CreditAutomated Clearing House PaymentsAutomatic Debits of Principal, Interest, FeesAutomatic ExerciseAutomatic RemovalAutomatic Share Reserve IncreaseAutomatic StayAutomatic TerminationAutomatic Transfer to Low Price Offering PeriodAutomobileAutomobile AllowanceAutomobile Liability InsuranceAvailabilityAvailability of FundsAvailability of Injunctive ReliefAvailability of SharesAvailability of Shares Not Delivered Under Awards and Adjustments to LimitsAvailable AwardsAvailment OptionsAwardAward AgreementAward AgreementsAward and RestrictionsAward CertificateAward CertificatesAward Confers No Rights to Continued EmploymentAward DeterminationsAward Not TransferableAward of Performance Share UnitsAward of Restricted StockAward of Restricted Stock UnitsAward of SharesAward of Stock Appreciation RightsAward of Stock OptionsAward ProvisionsAward RestrictionsAward Subject to Acceptance of AgreementAward Subject to Claims of CreditorsAward Subject to Company Clawback or RecoupmentAward Subject to PlanAward Transfer ProgramAward Vesting LimitationsAwardsAwards Held by Current ParticipantsAwards Previously GrantedAwards Subject to [SectionAAwards to Non-Employee DirectorsAwards to Participants Outside the United StatesAwards Under the PlanBackgroundBackground CheckBackground Intellectual PropertyBackground IPBackup Security InterestBackup ServicerBank AccountsBank ExpensesBank Product Obligations UnaffectedBank Product ProvidersBank Products and Hedging ProductsBank StatementsBank’s Liability for CollateralBankruptcyBankruptcy, EtcBankruptcy, Insolvency or Reorganization ProceedingsBankruptcy; InsolvencyBase Annual RetainerBase Appreciation Amount and Term of Stock Appreciation RightBase CompensationBase FeeBase Monthly RentBase Period IncomeBase PriceBase Rate AdvancesBase Rate LoanBase Rate LoansBase Rate OptionBase RentBase Rent AbatementBase Rent AdjustmentsBase Rent and Other Monies Paid Upon ExecutionBase Rent for the Expansion PremisesBase SalaryBase Salary and BonusBase Salary and Signing BonusBase Salary ContinuationBase Separation BenefitsBase TermBase UBase YearBaseball ArbitrationBasic Adjustment ProvisionsBasic Indemnification and Advancement ArrangementBasic Lease ProvisionsBasic LimitationBasic RentBasic TermBasis for RoyaltyBelow ThresholdBenchmark ReplacementBenchmark Replacement Conforming ChangesBenchmark Unavailability PeriodBeneficial OccupancyBeneficial OwnerBeneficial OwnershipBeneficial Ownership CertificationBeneficial Ownership InformationBeneficial Ownership LimitationBeneficial Ownership of Shares; Certificate RegistrationBeneficial Ownership RegulationBeneficial Ownership RuleBeneficiariesBeneficiaries/ReferencesBeneficiaryBeneficiary DesignationBeneficiary DesignationsBenefitBenefit CoverageBenefit of AgreementBenefit of Certain ProvisionsBenefit of SetoffBenefit PaymentsBenefit PlansBenefit Plans and ProgramsBenefit Plans; Labor MattersBenefit ProgramsBenefitsBenefits BearingBenefits ContinuationBenefits in Lieu of Other SeveranceBenefits Not AlienableBenefits Not AssignableBenefits of AgreementBenefits of the AgreementBenefits PaymentsBenefits TerminationBenefits Upon TerminationBenefits; Perquisites; Reimbursement of ExpensesBest After-Tax ResultBest EffortsBest Efforts and Non-CompetitionBest PayBest Pay CapBetween Target and MaximumBetween Threshold and TargetBid ProcessBill of SaleBill of Sale and Assignment and Assumption AgreementBindingBinding AgreementBinding Agreement; AssignmentBinding Agreement; Further AssurancesBinding Agreement; Permitted Successors and AssignsBinding AmendmentBinding ArbitrationBinding EffectBinding Effect of DecisionsBinding Effect; AssignmentBinding Effect; Assignment; Third-Party BeneficiariesBinding Effect; BenefitsBinding Effect; Choice of LawBinding Effect; CounterpartsBinding Effect; Governing LawBinding Effect; No Partnership; CounterpartsBinding Effect; No Third Party BeneficiariesBinding Effect; SuccessorsBinding Effect; Successors and AssignsBinding NatureBinding Nature of AgreementBinding Nature of ReleaseBinding ObligationBinding ObligationsBinding on SuccessorsBiosimilar CompetitionBlackout PeriodsBlocked CurrencyBlocked PaymentsBloombergBlue SkyBlue Sky ComplianceBMS OwnershipBoardBoard ApprovalBoard DiscretionBoard InterpretationBoard MembershipBoard ObserverBoard Observer RightsBoard of DirectorsBoard Policies and ProceduresBoardthe Board of Directors of Domtar CorporationBoardthe Board of Directors of the CompanyBonusBonus CompensationBonus DeterminationsBonus PaymentBonus PlanBonus Requirements; Individual GoalsBonus SeveranceBonus Severance PaymentBonus Stock and Awards in Lieu of ObligationsBonusesBonuses; Additional CompensationBook-EntryBooking of Sales; DistributionBooks and RecordsBooks and Records; Audit RightsBooks and Records; Inspection RightsBooks, Records, AccessBorrower AgentBorrower Asset Coverage RatioBorrower AssetsBorrower Investment PolicyBorrower LiabilityBorrower Name(s) and Signature(s)Borrower ProductsBorrower RepresentativeBorrower RequestBorrower​, ​Borrower’s AgentBorrower’s BusinessBorrower’s Failure to NotifyBorrower’s Name(s) and Signature(s)Borrower’s RepresentationsBorrower(s)Borrower(s)​, ​Borrowers Fully LiableBorrowers’ AgentBorrowers’ Undertaking to AgentBorrowingBorrowing Agency ProvisionsBorrowing and RepaymentBorrowing and Repayment of PrincipalBorrowing BaseBorrowing Base CertificateBorrowing Base CertificatesBorrowing Base ReportsBorrowing Date CertificateBorrowing Mechanics for Swingline LoansBorrowing NoticeBorrowing NoticesBorrowing ProceduresBorrowing RequestBorrowing RequestsBorrowing ResolutionsBorrowing/Election NoticeBorrowings, Conversions and Continuations of LoansBorrowings; Several ObligationsBound by the PlanBrandingBreachBreach by ExecutiveBreach by PurchaserBreach by SellerBreach of AgreementBreach of AmendmentBreach of Certain CovenantsBreach of Contractual ObligationBreach of CovenantBreach of CovenantsBreach of Guaranty or Pledge AgreementBreach of LawBreach of Material Employment ObligationsBreach of Other CovenantsBreach of RepresentationBreach of Representation or WarrantyBreach of Representations and WarrantiesBreach of Representations and Warranties by the CompanyBreach of Restrictive CovenantsBreach of Terms of Financing AgreementsBreach of WarrantyBring-Down Comfort LetterBring-Down Dates; CertificateBrokerBroker-Assisted SalesBroker-Dealer StatusBroker DisclosureBroker’s FeesBroker/Dealer RelationshipsBrokerageBrokerage CommissionBrokerage CommissionsBrokersBrokers and FindersBrokers or FindersBrokers’ FeesBrokers’ or Finders’ FeesBudgetBudget for Tenant ImprovementsBudget Variance ReportBudgetsBuildingBuilding and ImprovementsBuilding DirectoryBuilding RenovationsBuilding StandardsBulk SalesBurden and BenefitBurden of ProofBurdensome AgreementsBurdensome ContractsBurlington Coat Factory of Kentucky, IncBurlington Coat Factory of Texas, LBurlington Coat Factory Warehouse of Cleveland, IncBurlington Coat Factory Warehouse of Edgewater Park, IncBurlington Coat Factory Warehouse of New Jersey, IncBusinessBusiness and OperationsBusiness Combination VoteBusiness ConductBusiness Conduct and EthicsBusiness Continuity and Disaster Recovery PlanBusiness CriteriaBusiness DayBusiness Day DefinitionBusiness Day RequirementsBusiness DaysBusiness Expense ReimbursementBusiness ExpensesBusiness Expenses and In-Kind BenefitsBusiness Expenses; ReimbursementBusiness IdeasBusiness InterruptionBusiness Interruption InsuranceBusiness OpportunitiesBusiness Plan and BudgetBusiness With the GroupBuyerBuyer Closing DeliverablesBuyer DefaultBuyer DeliveriesBuyer’s Appointment as Attorney in FactBuyer’s Assumption of Liabilities and ObligationsBuyer’s Closing DeliveriesBuyer’s Conditions PrecedentBuyer’s CostsBuyer’s RemediesBuyer’s Representations and WarrantiesBuyout ProvisionsBy BuyerBy Company With CauseBy Company Without CauseBy CustomerBy DeathBy Death or DisabilityBy DisabilityBy Employee for Good CauseBy Employee Without Good CauseBy ExecutiveBy LandlordBy LicenseeBy LicensorBy Mutual ConsentBy NVCRBy ProviderBy SellerBy TenantBy the CompanyBy the Company for CauseBy the Company Without CauseBy the Company Without Cause or by Executive for Good ReasonBy the Employee for Good Reason or by the Company Without CauseBy the ExecutiveBy the Executive for a Compensation ReductionBy the Executive for Good ReasonBy VerricaBy ZaiBylawsC. Penney Company IncCafeteriaCalculationCalculation AgentCalculation and Payment of Additional RentCalculation and Payment of AwardsCalculation of AmountsCalculation of AppreciationCalculation of Corporate Performance GoalsCalculation of InterestCalculation of Time PeriodCalculation of Time PeriodsCalculationsCalculations and Payment Date Upon Early TerminationCalifornia Accessibility DisclosureCalifornia Certified Access Specialist InspectionCalifornia EmployeesCalifornia Judicial ReferenceCanadian Purchasers –CancellationCancellation and Re-Grant of AwardsCancellation and Re-Grant of Stock AwardsCancellation of AwardCancellation of CommitmentCancellation of Performance Units/SharesCancellation or PostponementCancellation RightCapacities; Overstandard Tenant UseCapacityCapacity and PerformanceCapacity as StockholderCapacity; No ConflictsCapital AccountsCapital Accounts of the PartnersCapital AdequacyCapital Adequacy, Liquidity RequirementsCapital AdjustmentsCapital Adjustments and Corporate EventsCapital Adjustments and ReorganizationsCapital and Liquidity RequirementsCapital ChangesCapital ContributionCapital ContributionsCapital ExpendituresCapital Leases and Synthetic Lease Obligations;Capital RequirementsCapital StockCapital Stock and Related MattersCapital Stock MattersCapital StructureCapitalizationCapitalization AdjustmentsCapitalization and SubsidiariesCapitalized Leases and Synthetic Lease Obligations;Capitalized TermsCaption HeadingsCaptionsCaptions and CounterpartsCaptions and HeadingsCaptions and PronounsCaptions and Section HeadingsCaptions and Section ReferencesCaptions; CounterpartsCaptions; Rule of ConstructionCar AllowanceCareer CounsellingCarmel, New York FacilityCarried by LesseeCarried by LessorCash AwardCash AwardsCash-Based Awards and Other Stock-Based AwardsCash BonusCash CollateralCash Collateral, Repayment of Swing Line LoansCash Collateral, Repayment of Swing LoansCash Collateral, Repayment of Swingline LoansCash Collateral; Repayment of Swingline LoansCash CollateralizationCash CompensationCash ComponentCash DividendsCash Equivalents;Cash Incentive Awards, Performance Shares and Performance UnitsCash Management Agreements and Hedge AgreementsCash Management Obligations and Secured Hedge AgreementsCash-Out of AwardsCash-Out of Outstanding Stock-Based AwardsCash PaymentCash Proceeds of Letter of CreditCash RetainerCash-Settled Performance AwardsCash SeveranceCashless ExerciseCashless SettlementCashless Settlement MechanismCasualtyCasualty, EtcCauseCause or ResignationCause; Other Than for Good ReasonCC&RsCentre of Main Interests and EstablishmentsCeridian’s IP Development AgreementCertain AcknowledgementsCertain ActionsCertain Additional Change in Control CircumstancesCertain Additional Defined TermsCertain Additional PaymentsCertain Additional WaiversCertain AdjustmentsCertain After-Acquired CollateralCertain AgreementsCertain AmendmentsCertain Amounts Not Includable for Employee Benefits PurposesCertain AssigneesCertain Calculation and TestsCertain ChangesCertain Changes to PlanCertain Conditions to AssignmentsCertain ConventionsCertain Credit Support EventsCertain Deductions by the Administrative AgentCertain Defined TermsCertain DefinitionsCertain DistributionsCertain ERISA MattersCertain EventsCertain Excise TaxesCertain ExclusionsCertain ExpensesCertain FeesCertain InformationCertain Interpretive MattersCertain LimitationsCertain Limitations on AdjustmentsCertain Limitations Relating to Accounting Treatment of AwardsCertain Market ActivitiesCertain Matters of ConstructionCertain Other AdjustmentsCertain PledgesCertain Pledges; Successors and Assigns GenerallyCertain ReductionsCertain Reductions and OffsetsCertain ReportsCertain RepresentationsCertain Representations, Warranties and CovenantsCertain Rights of AgentCertain Rules of ConstructionCertain Rules of InterpretationCertain Tax MattersCertain Terminations of Employment During a Non-CiC PeriodCertain Terminations of ServiceCertain TermsCertain Terms DefinedCertain Trading ActivitiesCertain TransactionsCertain Transactions and ConfidentialityCertain TrustsCertain WaiversCertificateCertificate as to AdjustmentsCertificate of Beneficial OwnershipCertificate of Beneficial Ownership and Other Additional InformationCertificate of OccupancyCertificate of Representations and WarrantiesCertificate of the BorrowerCertificatesCertificates and ResolutionsCertificates for ReimbursementCertificates for Reimbursement; Repayment of Outstanding Loans; Borrowing of New LoansCertificates for Restricted SharesCertificates for Restricted StockCertificates for StockCertificates From LendersCertificates of Good StandingCertificates of InsuranceCertificates, Authorities and PermitsCertificates; Other InformationCertificationCertification of ComplianceCertificationsCertifications From Banks and Participants; USA PATRIOT ActCertified Access SpecialistCessation of Accrual of InterestCessation of BenefitsCessation of BusinessCessation of EligibilityCessation of EmploymentCessation of OperationsCessation of ParticipationCessation of ServiceCFTC Registration StatusChair of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee$10,000Chair of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee$8,000Chairman of the BoardChairman of the Board or Lead Independent DirectorChairman of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee$10,000Chairman of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee$5,000Chairman of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee$8,000Chairperson of the Audit CommitteeChairperson of the BoardChairperson of the Compensation CommitteeChairperson of the Nominating and Corporate Governance CommitteeChange in Accountants or Accounting PolicyChange in Board CompositionChange in Board of DirectorsChange in BusinessChange in Business; Change in Control or Executive OfficeChange in CapitalizationChange-in-ControlChange in Control and Other EventsChange in Control BenefitChange in Control BenefitsChange in Control DefinedChange in Control DefinitionChange in Control EventChange in Control Non-Compete BenefitsChange in Control of the CompanyChange in Control PaymentChange in Control PeriodChange in Control ProvisionsChange in Control Severance BenefitsChange in Control TerminationChange in Credit and Collection PolicyChange in Effective Control of the CompanyChange in Executive’s PositionChange in Fiscal YearChange in Nature of BusinessChange in Option Price or Rate of ConversionChange in OwnershipChange in Ownership of a Substantial Portion of the Company’s AssetsChange in Ownership of the CompanyChange in Payment Instructions to ObligorsChange in Time CommitmentChange of AddressChange of Address, EtcChange of CircumstancesChange of ControlChange of Control PeriodChange of Control Separation BenefitsChange of Control TerminationChange of CurrencyChange of Lending OfficeChange of Location of Underlying InstrumentsChange of NameChange of Name or Location of Receivable FilesChange of Name or Location of Servicer Files or Receivable FilesChange of Name, EtcChange OrdersChange RequestChange to the PlanChanged Status, Position, Authorities, Duties or ResponsibilitiesChangesChanges in Business, Management, Control, or Business LocationsChanges in Business, Management, Ownership, or Business LocationsChanges in Capital Adequacy RegulationsChanges in Capital StructureChanges in CapitalizationChanges in Entity StructureChanges in Fiscal PeriodsChanges in GAAPChanges in Organizational DocumentsChanges in Payment InstructionsChanges in Payroll DeductionsChanges in SharesChanges in StockChanges in WritingChanges to the LendersChanges to the PlanChanges to the Plan and AwardsChannel Sharing AgreementsCharacteristics of Receivables. Each ReceivableCharacterization of ReceivablesCharges and Transfer TaxesCharges for Management ServicesCharges, Taxes and ExpensesCharter DocumentsChemical Safety ProgramChief Executive OfficeChief Executive Office/Jurisdiction of OrganizationChoice of LawChoice of Law and VenueChoice of Law and Venue; Jury Trial Waiver; Judicial Reference ProvisionChoice of Law; Forum SelectionChoice of Law; JurisdictionChoice of Law; SurvivalChoice of Law; VenueChoice of LawsCIC Qualifying TerminationCircumstances Affecting LIBOR Rate AvailabilityClaim DecisionClaim ProcedureClaimed InfringementClaimsClaims Against Licensor for Breach of AgreementClaims and Review ProceduresClaims Covered by This AgreementClaims FiduciaryClaims for BenefitsClaims for Indemnification or Advancement; Determination of EligibilityClaims Initiated by IndemniteeClaims-Made FormsClaims Not Covered by This AgreementClaims Not ReleasedClaims Not Waived and Cooperation With Governmental EntitiesClaims ProcedureClaims ProceduresClaims Procedures MandatoryClaims ReleasedClaims Subject to ArbitrationClassification and ReclassificationClassification ChangesClauses Restricting Subsidiary DistributionsClaw-Back ProvisionsClawbackClawback of Certain Compensation and BenefitsClawback of Gains on Termination for Justifiable CauseClawback or RecoupmentClawback PolicyClawback ProvisionClawback ProvisionsClawback RightsClawback/ForfeitureClawback/RecoupmentClawback/RecoveryClawback/RepaymentClientClient IndemnificationClient IndemnityClient ResponsibilityClient's ObligationsClinical StudiesClinical SupplyClinical Supply AgreementClinical TrialsClosingClosing ActionsClosing and Solvency CertificateClosing AvailabilityClosing CertificateClosing Certificate; Certified Certificate of Incorporation; Good Standing CertificatesClosing CertificatesClosing Certificates and Good Standing CertificatesClosing Certificates; Certified Certificate of Incorporation; Good Standing CertificatesClosing Certificates; EtcClosing ConditionsClosing CostsClosing Costs and CreditsClosing DateClosing Date AcquisitionClosing Date CertificateClosing DeliverablesClosing DeliveriesClosing FeeClosing FeesClosing ObligationsClosing of BooksClosing StatementCo-Collateral AgentCo-OperationCobraCOBRA BenefitsCOBRA CoverageCOBRA PaymentCOBRA PremiumsCOBRA ReimbursementCode [SectionACode [SectionGCode Code [SectionACodeAdjustmentsCodeComplianceCodes of ConductCohoes Fashions of Cranston, IncCollaborationCollaboration AgreementCollaboration OverviewCollateralCollateral Access AgreementsCollateral Access and Control AgreementsCollateral Agency Agreement and Depositary AgreementCollateral AgentCollateral and Guarantee MattersCollateral and Guaranty MattersCollateral Assignment of LeasesCollateral DescriptionCollateral DocumentsCollateral Documents Collateral Evaluation Fee and Fee LetterCollateral ExaminationCollateral MattersCollection Account; Reserve AccountCollection of AccountsCollection of Accounts, General Intangibles and Negotiable CollateralCollection of ReceivablesCollection PolicyCollection PracticesCollection; ForeclosureCollectionsCollective/Class Action WaiverColony American Homes, IncCombination ProductCombination ProductsComfort LetterCommencementCommencement and PermittingCommencement and Permitting of the Tenant ImprovementsCommencement DateCommencement Date DelayCommencement of Benefit PaymentsCommencement of EmploymentCommencement of ExercisabilityCommencement of ParticipationCommencement of Purchases of Common StockCommencement of Regular Sales of Common StockCommercial DiligenceCommercial Documentary Letters of Credit FeesCommercial General LiabilityCommercial General Liability InsuranceCommercial Milestone PaymentsCommercial MilestonesCommercial PurposeCommercial SupplyCommercial Supply AgreementCommercial Tort ClaimsCommercial UpdatesCommercializationCommercialization ActivitiesCommercialization DiligenceCommercialization LicenseCommercialization PlanCommercialization PlansCommercialization RecordsCommercialization ReportsCommercialization ResponsibilitiesCommercially Reasonable EffortsComminglingCommissionsCommitmentCommitment AmountCommitment FeeCommitment FeesCommitment to Company; Avoidance of Conflict of InterestCommitmentsCommitted LoansCommitteeCommittee ActionCommittee ActionsCommittee AdministrationCommittee AuthorityCommittee CertificationCommittee CompositionCommittee Composition; AuthorityCommittee Decisions FinalCommittee DeterminationCommittee DeterminationsCommittee DiscretionCommittee Interpretation and DiscretionCommittee MeetingsCommittee MembersCommittee PowersCommittee ProceduresCommittee ResponsibilitiesCommittee’s PowersCommitteesCommon AreaCommon AreasCommon InterestCommon Interest DisclosuresCommon StockCommon Stock Subject to the PlanCommunication by Cellular Phone or Other Wireless DeviceCommunication With AccountantsCommunicationsCommunications and Computer LineCommunications and Computer LinesCommunications RulesCommunications With Regulatory AuthoritiesCommunity PropertyCompanyCompany Actions Upon ExerciseCompany Assignment and SuccessorsCompany AuthorityCompany BenefitsCompany Closing DeliverablesCompany Counsel Legal OpinionCompany Creation and Use of Confidential InformationCompany DeliveriesCompany DocumentsCompany Equity AwardsCompany Financial StatementsCompany Group InformationCompany IndemnificationCompany InformationCompany Not anInvestment CompanyCompany Obligations Upon TerminationCompany Party Termination EventsCompany Performance Component =%Company PoliciesCompany Policies and BenefitsCompany Policies and ProceduresCompany Policies and Proprietary Information AgreementCompany Policies; Confidential Information and Inventions AgreementCompany PropertyCompany Property and MaterialsCompany Property; Returning Company DocumentsCompany RecordsCompany Recoupment of AwardsCompany ReleaseCompany Representations and WarrantiesCompany Share Issuance PrerequisitesCompany Statement as to ComplianceCompany StockCompany Stock Ownership GuidelinesCompany SuccessorsCompany; ParticipantCompany’s Accounting SystemCompany’s Obligation to Deliver SharesCompany’s Obligation to PayCompany’s Representations and WarrantiesCompany’s Representations, Warranties and AgreementsCompany's SuccessorsCompany’s SuccessorsComparable BuildingsCompelled DisclosureCompensationCompensation and BenefitsCompensation and Benefits During EmploymentCompensation and Benefits Upon TerminationCompensation and ReimbursementsCompensation and Related MattersCompensation CommitteeCompensation for Breakage or Non‑Commencement of Interest PeriodsCompensation for Buy-in on Failure to Timely Deliver Warrant Shares Upon ExerciseCompensation for LossesCompensation in Event of TerminationCompensation LimitsCompensation of the AdviserCompensation Recoupment PolicyCompensation RecoveryCompensation Recovery PolicyCompensation Upon an Involuntary Termination of EmploymentCompensation Upon TerminationCompensation Upon Termination or During IncapacityCompensation, Expenses and IndemnityCompensation; Professional Assistance; Good Faith ActionsCompensation/BenefitsCompeting BusinessCompetitionCompetitive ActivityCompetitorComplaintsComplete AgreementComplete Agreement; AmendmentsComplete Agreement; ConstructionComplete DisclosureComplete Statement of PlanCompletion of a Utilisation RequestCompletion of Landlord’s WorkCompletion of ProceedingsComplianceCompliance and ResolutionCompliance CertificateCompliance CertificatesCompliance WithCompliance With [SectionACompliance With CommitmentsCompliance With CovenantsCompliance With Drawings and ScheduleCompliance With EESACompliance With ERISACompliance With FCPACompliance With Insurance RequirementsCompliance With IRC SectionACompliance With LawCompliance With LawsCompliance With Laws and RegulationsCompliance With Legal and Other RequirementsCompliance With Legal RequirementsCompliance With Other InstrumentsCompliance With PoliciesCompliance With Policies and GuidelinesCompliance With Principal Market RulesCompliance With Recoupment, Ownership and Other Policies or AgreementsCompliance With Registration RequirementsCompliance With Restrictive CovenantsCompliance With SanctionsCompliance With SectionACompliance With SectionA of the CodeCompliance With Statutes, OFAC Rules and Regulations; Patriot Act; FCPACompliance With Terms of LeaseholdsCompliance With the Collection PolicyCompliance With This AgreementCompliance With Transaction DocumentsComponent CostsComponentsCompositionComputationComputation of InterestComputation of Interest and FeesComputation of Interest and Fees; Retroactive Adjustments of Applicable RateComputation of Interest and Related FeesComputation of Interest, Fees, Yield ProtectionComputationsComputer AccessConcerning the SharesCondemnationCondemnation ProceedsConditionCondition and Sufficiency of AssetsCondition of BorrowerCondition of BorrowersCondition of Existing PremisesCondition of Expansion PremisesCondition of PremisesCondition of the BorrowerCondition of the Building and Premises Upon SurrenderCondition of the PremisesCondition PrecedentCondition to Company ActionCondition to EffectivenessConditional ExerciseConditional Sign-on BonusConditionsConditions and Timing for Severance BenefitsConditions of AwardConditions of EffectivenessConditions of IndemnificationConditions of Initial Credit ExtensionConditions of Lending and Issuance of Letters of ​Conditions of the Company’s Obligations at ClosingConditions of UtilisationConditions on Delivery of StockConditions PrecedentConditions Precedent to Additional Term LoansConditions Precedent to All Credit ExtensionsConditions Precedent to ClosingConditions Precedent to Each BorrowingConditions Precedent to EffectivenessConditions Precedent to Effectiveness of AmendmentConditions Precedent to Initial Credit ExtensionConditions Precedent to Initial LoansConditions Precedent to Initial Term LoansConditions Precedent to the Closing DateConditions Precedent/Effectiveness ConditionsConditions SubsequentConditions to Agent’s ObligationsConditions to All Credit ExtensionsConditions to and Timing of Severance PaymentsConditions to ClosingConditions to Cowen’s ObligationsConditions to Delivery of StockConditions to Each AdvanceConditions to Each Extension of CreditConditions to EffectivenessConditions to Effectiveness of AgreementConditions to Effectiveness of AmendmentConditions to Effectiveness of ExtensionConditions to Effectiveness of ExtensionsConditions to Effectiveness of IncreaseConditions to Effectiveness of the AmendmentConditions to ExerciseConditions to IndemnificationConditions to Initial AdvancesConditions to Initial Extension of CreditConditions to Issuance of Common StockConditions to Issuance of SharesConditions to Obligations of BuyerConditions to Obligations of the CompanyConditions to Purchaser’s Obligations at the ClosingConditions to Receipt of Annual BonusConditions to Receipt of Severance BenefitsConditions to Subsequent Credit ExtensionsConditions to the Agent’s ObligationsConditions to the Buyer’s Obligation to PurchaseConditions to the Company’s ObligationConditions to the Company’s Obligation to SellConditions to the Company’s ObligationsConditions to the Company’s Right to CommenceConditions to the Effectiveness of This AmendmentConditions to the Investor’s Obligation to Purchase Shares of Common StockConditions to the Purchasers’ ObligationConditions Upon Issuance of SharesConditions, Release of ClaimsConductConduct of ArbitrationConduct of BusinessConduct of Business and Maintenance of Existence and AssetsConduct of Business and Maintenance of Existence; ComplianceConduct of Business; Regulatory PermitsConduct of Certain Actions; CostsConduct of Indemnification ProceedingsConduct of ResearchConduct of the ArbitrationConfidential and Proprietary InformationConfidential InformationConfidential Information AgreementConfidential Information and Invention AssignmentsConfidential Information and InventionsConfidential Information and Trade SecretsConfidential Information DefinedConfidential Information of OthersConfidential Information Post-EmploymentConfidential Information, Intellectual Property and NoncompetitionConfidential Information, Non-Competition and Non-SolicitationConfidential Information, Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation ObligationsConfidential Information, Noncompetition and CooperationConfidential RelationshipConfidential TermsConfidential TreatmentConfidentialityConfidentiality AgreementConfidentiality and Non-DisclosureConfidentiality and Proprietary RightsConfidentiality and Related MattersConfidentiality CovenantConfidentiality During EmploymentConfidentiality ObligationConfidentiality ObligationsConfidentiality Obligations; Non-SolicitationConfidentiality of AgreementConfidentiality of ArbitrationConfidentiality of InformationConfidentiality of Terms of AgreementConfidentiality of the AgreementConfidentiality of This AgreementConfidentiality, Intellectual Property, Non-Solicitation, and Non-Competition AgreementConfidentiality; Assignment of Inventions; Background CheckConfidentiality; ExceptionsConfidentiality; Sharing InformationConfidentiality/Non-DisclosureConfidentiality/NoncompetitionConfirmationConfirmation as to Dutch Collateral DocumentsConfirmation of DatesConfirmation of LeaseConfirmation of Representations and WarrantiesConfirmation of SecurityConfirmation to the CompanyConflictConflict of InterestConflict of Interest GuidelinesConflict of TermsConflict With Issuer DocumentsConflict With Letter of Credit ApplicationConflict With LOC DocumentsConflicting ActivitiesConflicting AgreementsConflicting EmploymentConflicting ObligationsConflicting ProvisionsConflictsConflicts and Pending ActionConflicts of InterestConflicts or InconsistenciesConflicts; AmendmentConflicts; Consents of Third PartiesConflicts; DefaultsConforming ChangesConformity to Securities LawsConformity With EDGAR FilingConformity With PlanConsentConsent FeeConsent in Contemplation of TransferConsent of Administrative AgentConsent of Affected LendersConsent of Affected Lenders RequiredConsent of All LendersConsent of Lenders Affected RequiredConsent of Loan GuarantorConsent of the GuarantorsConsent to Electronic DeliveryConsent to Electronic Delivery and Acceptance of All Plan Documents and DisclosuresConsent to Electronic Delivery and ExecutionConsent to Electronic Delivery and ParticipationConsent to Electronic Delivery and SignatureConsent to Electronic Delivery of All Plan Documents and DisclosuresConsent to Electronic Delivery; Electronic SignatureConsent to JurisdictionConsent to Jurisdiction and VenueConsent to Jurisdiction; Service of ProcessConsent to Jurisdiction; Service of Process; Waiver of Jury TrialConsent to OffsetConsent to Personal Data Processing and TransferConsent to SettleConsentsConsents and ApprovalsConsents and Approvals; No ViolationsConsents; ApprovalsConsents; Authorization; ConflictsConsents; Preferential Rights; Non-CompetesConsequences of a Reorganization Event on Restricted StockConsequences of Failure to Satisfy Vesting ConditionsConsequences of TerminationConsequences of ViolationConsequential and Other DamagesConsequential DamagesConsiderationConsideration for GrantsConsideration PeriodConsideration to the CompanyConsideration; Acknowledgment of Receipt of All CompensationConsiderations on ReviewConsistent TreatmentConsolidated Adjusted Net WorthConsolidated Asset Coverage RatioConsolidated EBITDAConsolidated EBITDA DefinitionConsolidated EBITDA for Subject Period (Line IConsolidated Fixed Charge Coverage RatioConsolidated Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio (Line IIConsolidated Fixed Charges for Subject PeriodConsolidated Funded Indebtedness at Financial Statement Date$Consolidated Interest Charges;Consolidated Interest Coverage RatioConsolidated Interest Expense;Consolidated Leverage RatioConsolidated Leverage Ratio (Line IConsolidated Net Interest Expense,Consolidated Net Leverage RatioConsolidated Net WorthConsolidated Tangible Net WorthConsolidated Total Leverage RatioConsolidated Total Net Leverage RatioConsolidation of Variable Interest EntitiesConsolidations and MergersConstructionConstruction and InterpretationConstruction Contract; Cost BudgetConstruction ContractsConstruction DocumentsConstruction InsuranceConstruction Management FeeConstruction of AgreementConstruction of Landlord's TI WorkConstruction of Project and Other ImprovementsConstruction of Property and Other ImprovementsConstruction of Tenant ImprovementsConstruction RepresentativesConstruction Reserve Funded to Required AmountConstruction; Entire AgreementConstruction; HeadingsConstruction; InterpretationConstructive TerminationConsultantConsultantsConsultants and Other AdvisorsConsultationConsultation With AttorneyConsultation With CounselConsultation With Counsel and Interpretation of This AgreementConsultingConsulting AgreementConsulting EngagementConsulting FeeConsulting FeesConsulting PeriodConsulting ServicesConsumablesConsummation of PCC AcquisitionContemplated AmendmentsContentContent of Borrowing RequestsContent of Interest Election RequestsContent of Notice of TerminationContents of NoticeContingencyContingent LiabilitiesContingent ObligationsContinuation of BenefitsContinuation of Benefits After the Termination DateContinuation of Dividend EquivalentsContinuation of EmploymentContinuation of IndemnityContinuation of or Change in BusinessContinuation of Representations and WarrantiesContinuation of Service Until Date of TerminationContinued ComplianceContinued EffectContinued Effectiveness of the Financing Agreement and Other Loan DocumentsContinued Employee BenefitsContinued EmploymentContinued HealthcareContinued Healthcare CoverageContinued PerformanceContinued ServiceContinuing Application of Plan TermsContinuing EffectContinuing Effect; Reaffirmation of GuaranteeContinuing Effect; Reaffirmation of Guarantee AgreementContinuing GuarantyContinuing ObligationsContinuing Security InterestContinuing Security InterestAssignments Under Credit AgreementContinuing ValidityContinuous EmploymentContinuous Relationship With the Company RequiredContract ReviewContractorContractor WarrantiesContractorsContractors and SubcontractorsContractsContracts and LeasesContractsActContractual Rights to BenefitsContributionContribution in the Event of Joint LiabilityContribution Indebtedness;ContributionsControlControl & Management of Licensed ProductsControl AgreementControl AgreementsControl AreasControl of DefenseControlled AccountsControlled Accounts; Controlled InvestmentsControlling DocumentControlling ProvisionsControlorControlledConversionConversion and ContinuanceConversion and Continuation of LoansConversion and Continuation OptionsConversion and Exercise ProceduresConversion at the Option of the PayeeConversion of Active Materials and ComponentsConversion of Senior DebtConversion PriceConversion ProcedureConversion RightConversion to Common StockConversion to StockConversionsConveyancing or Transfer Tax Forms or ReturnsCooperationCooperation and AssistanceCooperation and CoordinationCooperation and Non-DisparagementCooperation of BorrowerCooperation of the PartiesCooperation on Tax MattersCooperation With CompanyCooperation With Purchaser’s Auditors and SEC Filing RequirementsCooperation With the Company After TerminationCooperation; Further AssurancesCoordinationCoordination FeeCoordination With Other AgreementsCoordination With Other BenefitsCoordination With Other PlansCopiesCopies of Environmental ReportsCopies of Registration Statement and ProspectusCopies; Entire Agreement; ModificationCopyright NoticeCopyrights, Patents, Trademarks and Licenses, EtcCorporate Action Constituting Grant of AwardsCorporate Action Constituting Grant of Stock AwardsCorporate and Partnership AuthorityCorporate ChangesCorporate Collateral Agent Required; EligibilityCorporate ConsentsCorporate DocumentsCorporate ExistenceCorporate Existence and PowerCorporate Integrity AgreementCorporate Performance GoalsCorporate PowerCorporate Power, Authority and Binding AgreementCorporate Power; Authorization; Enforceable ObligationsCorporate ProceedingsCorporate StatusCorporate StructureCorporate TransactionCorporate Transaction and AdjustmentsCorporate TransactionsCorporation’s Responsibilities and Expenses Payable by the CorporationCorrection of Loan DocumentsCorrections/AdjustmentsCorresponding PaymentCost and ExpensesCost of CollectionCost of EnforcementCost of ImprovementsCost PoolsCost ProposalCostsCosts and ExpensesCosts and Expenses of AdministrationCosts and FeesCosts Includable in TI FundCosts of CollectionCosts of EnforcementCosts of Environmental AssessmentsCosts, Expenses and Attorney’s FeesCosts, Expenses and Attorneys’ FeesCosts, Expenses and TaxesCosts, Fees and ExpensesCounselCounsel ReviewCounterpart ExecutionCounterpart SignaturesCounterpartsCounterparts & SignaturesCounterparts and AuthorityCounterparts and Electronic SignaturesCounterparts and Facsimile or Electronic DeliveriesCounterparts and Facsimile SignaturesCounterparts and FacsimilesCounterparts and SignaturesCounterparts; DeliveryCounterparts; Digital SignaturesCounterparts; EffectivenessCounterparts; Electronic DeliveryCounterparts; Electronic ExecutionCounterparts; Electronic Execution of DocumentsCounterparts; Electronic or Facsimile SignaturesCounterparts; Electronic SignaturesCounterparts; Electronic TransmissionCounterparts; ExecutionCounterparts; FacsimileCounterparts; Facsimile and PDF SignaturesCounterparts; Facsimile ExecutionCounterparts; Facsimile OrCounterparts; Facsimile SignaturesCounterparts; Facsimile TransmissionCounterparts; Facsimile/Electronic SignaturesCounterparts; Facsimile/EmailCounterparts; HeadingsCounterparts; IntegrationCounterparts; Integration; EffectivenessCounterparts; Integration; Effectiveness; Electronic ExecutionCounterparts; SignaturesCounterparts; Signatures by FacsimileCounterparts; TelecopyCounterparts/Electronic Execution and DeliveryCounterparts/Electronic SignaturesCounterparts/Fax SignaturesCounterparts/SignaturesCounterparty PurchasesCountry AddendumCountry Addendum; Interpretation of Terms; GeneralCountry-Specific ProvisionsCovenantCovenant Against LiensCovenant DefaultCovenant Not to CompeteCovenant Not to Compete and Non-DisclosureCovenant Not to Disclose Confidential InformationCovenant Not to SolicitCovenant Not to SueCovenant of Quiet EnjoymentCovenant Running With the LandCovenant to DeliverCovenant to Guarantee Obligations and Give SecurityCovenant to Guarantee the Secured Obligations and Give SecurityCovenantsCovenants and AgreementsCovenants and Agreements as Independent AgreementsCovenants and Conditions; Construction of AgreementCovenants of the AdviserCovenants of the CompanyCovenants Relating to Ownership of Notes, Records and DocumentsCovenants; Representations and WarrantiesCoverageCovered EmployeesCovered EntitiesCovered ExecutivesCovered TerminationCovered Termination During a Change in Control PeriodCovered Termination During Change in Control Protection PeriodCovered Termination Unrelated to Change in ControlCovered Transaction/Change in ControlCowen Counsel Legal OpinionCowen IndemnificationCreation of LiensCreation/Acquisition of SubsidiariesCreative WorkCredit AgreementCredit Agreement AmendmentsCredit Agreement and Loan DocumentsCredit Agreement and Other Loan DocumentsCredit Agreement Refinancing Indebtedness;Credit Agreement; Guarantee AgreementCredit Agreement; Security DocumentsCredit and Collection PolicyCredit Card AgreementsCredit Card NotificationsCredit DecisionCredit DocumentCredit DocumentsCredit for ShortfallCredit InquiriesCredit of Dividend EquivalentsCredit Party AssignmentsCredit PolicyCredit Policy and Collection PolicyCrediting of AccountsCrediting PaymentsCreditorsCreditors’ RightsCRISPR CovenantsCRISPR PatentsCross CollateralizationCross DefaultCross-Default to the Nexstar Loan Documents; Failure to ConformCross‑DefaultCumulative Effect; Conflict of TermsCumulative PrepaymentsCumulative Reductions FloorCumulative RemediesCumulative RightsCurative AllocationsCure PeriodCurrencies GenerallyCurrencyCurrency CalculationsCurrency ConversionCurrency Conversion Procedures for JudgmentsCurrency Equivalents GenerallyCurrency ExchangeCurrency FluctuationsCurrency of PaymentsCurrency; Exchange RateCurrent RatioCustodyCustomary Advertising MaterialCustomary Permitted Liens;Customer and Trade RelationsCustomer ListCustomer Payments in UCustomer WarrantiesCustomersCustomers and SuppliersCustoms ValuationCybersecurityD&O InsuranceDamageDamage and DestructionDamage Near End of TermDamage or DestructionDamagesData Collection and UsageData ExchangeData Exchange and UseData PrivacyData Privacy ConsentData Processing and Legal BasisData ProtectionData RetentionData RoomData SecurityData SharingData Subject RightsDate of ClosingDate of DeliveryDate of ExerciseDate of GrantDate of NoticeDate of Plan ParticipationDate of TerminationDate Option GrantedDay-to-Day ResponsibilityDeathDeath and DisabilityDeath BenefitDeath BenefitsDeath Benefits Under USERRADeath of EmployeeDeath of ExecutiveDeath of GranteeDeath of OptioneeDeath of OptionholderDeath of ParticipantDeath of RecipientDeath or DisabilityDeath or Total Disability of OptioneeDeath, Disability or RetirementDeath, Personal Injury and Fraudulent MisrepresentationDeath; DisabilityDeath/DisabilityDebarmentDebit of AccountsDebt IssuanceDebt IssuancesDebt Securities Statements and ReportsDebt Service Coverage RatioDebt to EBITDA RatioDebt TransactionsDebt Under the Loan Documents;Debtor Remains LiableDecisionDecision MakingDecision on ReviewDecision on Review of Denial of ClaimDecision Timing and ExpensesDecisionsDecisions BindingDecisions FinalDecisions of Board or CommitteeDecisions of CommitteeDeclaration of ConsentDecrease or Suspension of Payroll DeductionsDeductiblesDeduction ChangesDeduction of TaxDeductionsDeductions and WithholdingDeemed ApprovalDeemed Consent TransfersDeemed Exercise of SARsDeemed ResignationDeemed ResignationsDefaultDefault and RemediesDefault by LandlordDefault in Other AgreementsDefault in Performance of Certain CovenantsDefault in Performance of Other Covenants and ConditionsDefault InterestDefault NoticeDefault of IndebtednessDefault of the CompanyDefault RateDefault Rate of InterestDefault; BreachDefaulted LendersDefaulting BanksDefaulting LenderDefaulting Lender AdjustmentsDefaulting Lender CureDefaulting Lender FeesDefaulting Lender WaterfallDefaulting LendersDefaultsDefaults in Other Agreements or IndebtednessDefaults Under Other AgreementsDefaults Under the Credit AgreementDefective ProductDefenseDefense of Agent’s and Lenders’ InterestsDefense of ClaimDefense of ClaimsDefense of Claims Brought by Third PartiesDefense of Infringement ClaimsDefense of Third Party ClaimsDefense of TitleDefense to Indemnification and Burden of ProofDefense to Indemnification, Burden of Proof, and PresumptionsDefenses and SetoffsDeferralDeferral ElectionDeferral ElectionsDeferral of Award PaymentDeferral of PaymentDeferral Pending Change in ControlDeferralsDeferred AwardDeferred CompensationDeferred Compensation AccountDeferred PaymentsDeferred Revolving Loan Origination FeeDeferred StockDeferred Stock UnitsDeficienciesDeficiencyDefined TermsDefined Terms; InterpretationDefinitionDefinition of Accrued ObligationsDefinition of CauseDefinition of Change in ControlDefinition of Change in Control PeriodDefinition of Change of ControlDefinition of Confidential InformationDefinition of Covered TerminationDefinition of DisabilityDefinition of Good ReasonDefinition of Hazardous MaterialsDefinition of LandlordDefinition of Landlord’s WorkDefinition of PremisesDefinition of Qualified RetirementDefinition of TerminationDefinition of Termination of EmploymentDefinition of TermsDefinition ofCauseDefinition ofChange in ControlDefinition ofChange in Control TerminationDefinition ofDisabilityDefinition ofFor CauseDefinition ofGood ReasonDefinition ofKnowledgeDefinitional RestrictionsDefinitionsDefinitions and InterpretationDefinitions and ReferencesDefinitions of Key Terms Relating to Additional RentDefinitions; ConflictsDefinitions; ConstructionDefinitions; Loan DocumentDefinitions; RecitalsDelaware Court of ChanceryDelayDelay and WaiverDelay in DeliveryDelay in PossessionDelay in RequestsDelay Not Caused by PartiesDelay of PaymentsDelay of the Substantial Completion of the PremisesDelayed Distribution to Specified EmployeeDelaysDelays or OmissionsDelegationDelegation by CommitteeDelegation by the CommitteeDelegation of AuthorityDelegation of Authority for Day-to-Day AdministrationDelegation of Authority to Grant AwardsDelegation of DutiesDelegation of Duties by a FiduciaryDelegation to AffiliatesDelegation to an OfficerDelegation to CommitteeDelegation to OfficersDelete [SectionDelete [Section 5Delete [Section 9Deleted DefinitionsDeletionDelistingDeliverablesDeliverables at Triggering Event Dates; CertificatesDelivered DocumentsDeliveriesDeliveries by BorrowerDeliveries by the CompanyDeliveries by the InvestorDeliveryDelivery and PaymentDelivery and Payment for UnitsDelivery and PerfectionDelivery and ShippingDelivery DateDelivery of a Utilisation RequestDelivery of Additional Documentation RequiredDelivery of Certificate and New WarrantDelivery of CertificatesDelivery of Certificates for Series G SharesDelivery of CollectionsDelivery of Common Stock Upon ConversionDelivery of DocumentsDelivery of Documents and NoticesDelivery of Forfeited SharesDelivery of Letter of CreditDelivery of Loan DocumentsDelivery of New Warrants Upon ExerciseDelivery of NotesDelivery of NoticeDelivery of PaymentDelivery of Placement SharesDelivery of PremisesDelivery of Prospectus; Subsequent ChangesDelivery of Registration Statement and ProspectusDelivery of SecuritiesDelivery of Share CertificatesDelivery of SharesDelivery of Shares to Settle UnitsDelivery of Shares; ForfeitureDelivery of StockDelivery of Stock CertificatesDelivery of the PremisesDelivery of Title to SharesDelivery of Underlying Repurchase DocumentsDelivery of Warrant Shares Upon ExerciseDelivery; Acceptance of Premises; Commencement DateDemand RegistrationDemand Registration WithdrawalDemand RightsDemand WaiverDemand; ProtestDemolitionDenial of ClaimDenial of ClaimsDenominationsDepletion of ReserveDepositDeposit AccountsDeposit Accounts and Securities AccountsDeposit Accounts; Depository BankDeposit of CollectionsDeposit of FundsDepositsDescription of Electronic DeliveryDescription of Electronic Delivery and SignatureDescription of ServicesDescription of Severance BenefitsDescriptive HeadingsDescriptive Headings; InterpretationDesignated BeneficiaryDesignated BorrowersDesignated LendersDesignated Senior IndebtednessDesignationDesignation and Change of DesignationDesignation and NumberDesignation as Senior DebtDesignation of a Different Lending OfficeDesignation of a Foreign Subsidiary BorrowerDesignation of Additional Issuing BanksDesignation of AffiliatesDesignation of AwardDesignation of BeneficiaryDesignation of FiduciariesDesignation of Lead Borrower as Borrowers’ AgentDesignation of OptionDesignation of SubsidiariesDesignation of Subsidiaries as Account PartiesDestruction of Confidential InformationDeterminationDetermination by Independent AccountantsDetermination DateDetermination of AchievementDetermination of Amount OutstandingDetermination of AwardsDetermination of DeficiencyDetermination of Dollar AmountsDetermination of Equivalent AmountsDetermination of Excise Tax LiabilityDetermination of Final ValueDetermination of LossesDetermination of Market RentDetermination of Option RentDetermination of Payout Formula or FormulaeDetermination of Target AwardsDetermination of Termination of EmploymentDetermination of Top Heavy StatusDetermination of ValuesDetermination to Honor Drawing RequestDeterminationsDeterminations to Honor Drawing RequestsDetrimental ActivitiesDetrimental ActivityDetrimental Activity and Recapture ProvisionsDevelopmentDevelopment and Regulatory MilestonesDevelopment CostsDevelopment DiligenceDevelopment LicenseDevelopment Milestone PaymentsDevelopment MilestonesDevelopment of Co-Funding ProductsDevelopment PlanDevelopment PlansDevelopment RecordsDevelopment ReportsDevelopment ResponsibilitiesDevelopment SupplyDevelopment TargetDevelopmentsDevelopments Retained and LicensedDifferential Wage PaymentsDigital AssetsDiligenceDiligence ObligationsDiligence ReportsDiligence RequirementsDiligence; Standards of ConductDiligent CommercializationDilutive EffectDIP BudgetDirect ClaimsDirect DebitDirect Expenses; Additional RentDirectionDirection of ProsecutionDirection of ServicesDirectorDirector and Officer Liability InsuranceDirector AwardsDirector's CompensationDirectors and OfficersDirectors and Officers Liability InsuranceDisabilityDisability BenefitDisability BenefitsDisability ClaimsDisability of GranteeDisability of OptioneeDisability of OptionholderDisability of ParticipantDisability or DeathDisability or DisabledDisability; DeathDisbandmentDisbursementDisbursement of Advance ProceedsDisbursement of Improvement AllowanceDisbursement of Revolving Credit and Swingline LoansDisbursement of Tenant Improvement AllowanceDisbursement of the Tenant Improvements AllowanceDisbursement ProceduresDisbursementsDisbursements, ReimbursementDischargeDischarge for CauseDischarge of ObligationsDisclaimerDisclaimer of Consequential DamagesDisclaimer of Other Representations and WarrantiesDisclaimer of WarrantiesDisclaimer of WarrantyDisclaimersDisclosed MattersDisclosureDisclosure and Assignment of InventionsDisclosure and Use RestrictionsDisclosure ControlsDisclosure Controls and ProceduresDisclosure DocumentDisclosure of AgreementDisclosure of Confidential InformationDisclosure of Creations and FilingsDisclosure of EvidenceDisclosure of InformationDisclosure of Intellectual PropertyDisclosure of InventionsDisclosure of Know-HowDisclosure of Material MattersDisclosure of Participant InformationDisclosure of This AgreementDisclosure of TransactionsDisclosure Required by Court Order or LawDisclosure ScheduleDisclosure SchedulesDisclosure to Future EmployersDisclosure UpdatesDisclosuresDisclosures Required by LawDiscontinuation of CommitteesDiscontinuation of JSCDiscontinuation of Participation on a CommitteeDiscontinued DispositionDiscontinued UseDiscountDiscoveryDiscretionDiscretionary AccelerationDiscretionary Adjustment of Award FormulaDiscretionary AdjustmentsDiscretionary BonusDiscretionary Employer ContributionsDiscretionary Nature of PlanDiscretionary Nature of the Swing Line FacilityDiscretionary RightsDiscretionary SalesDiscretionary TerminationDisparagementDisposal of AssetsDisposition of AssetsDisposition of Assets; LiensDisposition of AwardsDisposition of CollateralDisposition of PropertyDisposition of SecuritiesDisposition of Stock in Event of TerminationDispositionsDispositions and Involuntary DispositionsDispositions and Recovery EventsDispositions of Assets or SubsidiariesDispositions of Cash Equivalents;DisputeDispute EscalationDispute ResolutionDispute Resolution; Consent to JurisdictionDispute Resolution/Agreement to Arbitrate ClaimsDisputed BreachDisputesDisputes Regarding Material BreachDisqualificationDisqualified InstitutionsDisqualified LendersDisqualifying DispositionDisqualifying DispositionsDisregarded EntityDissemination of InformationDissolutionDissolution of JSCDissolution or LiquidationDissolution or Liquidation of the CompanyDistributionDistribution Calendar YearDistribution ElectionsDistribution of BenefitDistribution of BenefitsDistribution of Offering Material by the CompanyDistribution of SharesDistribution of Shares of Common StockDistributionsDistributions by the AgentDistributions in the Ordinary CourseDistributions on Account of Separation From ServiceDistributions Upon DeathDistributions; InvestmentsDistributions; Upstream PaymentsDiversionDividend Equivalent RightsDividend Equivalent UnitsDividend EquivalentsDividend, Voting and Other RightsDividendsDividends and Dividend EquivalentsDividends and Other DistributionsDividends and Related DistributionsDividends and SplitsDividends, Payments, and Guarantees During Event of DefaultDividends; Other RightsDividends; Rights as StockholderDivisionDivision 2 of Part C of the Food and Drug RegulationsDivisionsDocumentary and Processing Charges Payable to L/C IssuerDocumentationDocumentation Required by FATCADocumentsDocuments and Other MaterialsDocuments Mutually DraftedDollarsDomain NamesDomestic BorrowerDomestic Relations OrdersDominion AccountDouble TriggerForeshorteningDraft Insurance Policy ReviewDraftingDrawdown RequestsDrawdownsDrawings and Reimbursements; Funding of ParticipationsDSR Funded to Required AmountDTC EligibilityDTSA NotificationDue AuthorityDue AuthorizationDue Authorization; No ConflictDue DiligenceDue Diligence and Non-RelianceDue Diligence CooperationDue Diligence FeeDue Diligence PeriodDue Diligence ReviewDue Diligence; Non-Public InformationDue Execution and DeliveryDue on SaleDue Organization and Good StandingDue Organization and QualificationDue Organization, Authorization; Power and AuthorityDue Organization, AuthorizationPower and AuthorityDue QualificationDuplicate Counterparts; FacsimileDuplicate OriginalsDurationDuration of AgreementDuration of ElectionDuration of ExercisabilityDuration of OptionsDuration of ParticipationDuration of PlanDuration of SARsDuration of the PlanDuration; SurvivalDuring a Change in Control PeriodDuring EmploymentDuring Service Period With the CompanyDutiesDuties and LocationDuties and Powers of CommitteeDuties and ResponsibilitiesDuties and Responsibilities; Best EffortsDuties of the AdviserDuties of the Trustee(sDuties to Be PerformedDuty of Administrative AgentDuty of CooperationDuty of LoyaltyDuty to CooperateDuty to Hold in TrustDuty to Inform LessorDuty to MitigateEach Loan or Letter of CreditEach Party the DrafterEach UEarly AccessEarly ExerciseEarly PossessionEarly RetirementEarly Retirement BenefitEarly TerminationEarly Termination FeeEarly Termination RightEarly UnwindEarned Applicable Performance UnitsEarnest MoneyEarning and Vesting of AwardsEarning of Performance Units and Performance SharesEarning of Performance Units/SharesEarning Performance AwardsEarning Restricted Stock UnitsEarningsEarnings StatementEasementsEBITDA Performance ComponentEconomic BenefitEEA Financial InstitutionEEA Financial InstitutionsEEA+ Controller and RepresentativeEffectEffect of AbatementsEffect of Administrator’s DecisionEffect of AgreementEffect of Agreement; Note to Continue in Full Force and EffectEffect of AmendmentEffect of Amendment and RestatementEffect of Amendment NoEffect of Amendment or TerminationEffect of AmendmentsEffect of AssignmentEffect of AwardsEffect of Benchmark Transition EventEffect of Board’s DecisionEffect of BreachEffect of Certain EventsEffect of Certain TransactionsEffect of Cessation of ServiceEffect of Change in ControlEffect of Change in Control on AwardsEffect of Change in Control on Nonemployee Director AwardsEffect of Change of ControlEffect of ConversionEffect of Corporate TransactionEffect of Death and Termination Due to DisabilityEffect of Death of ParticipantEffect of DefaultEffect of EntriesEffect of ExerciseEffect of ExpirationEffect of HeadingsEffect of Leaves of AbsenceEffect of Non-Assumption in a Change in ControlEffect of Other AgreementsEffect of PaymentEffect of PlanEffect of Plan Upon Other Compensation PlansEffect of Plan; ConstructionEffect of Pre-Closing TerminationEffect of Prior AgreementsEffect of RepealEffect of ResignationEffect of Resignation or RemovalEffect of RestatementEffect of Sale TransactionEffect of TerminationEffect of Termination of Continuous ServiceEffect of Termination of EmploymentEffect of Termination of ServiceEffect of Termination on AwardsEffect of Termination on Other PositionsEffect of Termination on SublicenseesEffect of Termination or ExpirationEffect of Termination or ReductionEffect of This AgreementEffect of This AmendmentEffect of This Amendment NoEffect of TransferEffect of WaiverEffect ofChange in ControlEffect on EmploymentEffect on Loan DocumentsEffect on Loan Documents; Ratification and ReaffirmationEffect on Options of Termination of Service for CauseEffect on Options of Termination of Service for DisabilityEffect on Other BenefitsEffect on Other Employee Benefit PlansEffect on Other PlansEffect on Other Plans and AgreementsEffect on Previous AgreementsEffect; Effective DateEffective DateEffective Date and AllocationsEffective Date and Approval of ShareholdersEffective Date and TermEffective Date and Term of PlanEffective Date ConditionsEffective Date of PlanEffective Date of Plan; Termination of PlanEffective Date of the PlanEffective Date; Amendment and RestatementEffective Date; TermEffective Date/TerminationEffective Period and TerminationEffective RegistrationEffective Registration StatementEffective TimeEffectivenessEffectiveness ConditionsEffectiveness of AgreementEffectiveness of AmendmentEffectiveness of AssignmentsEffectiveness of AwardEffectiveness of Commitment Increase by BorrowerEffectiveness of Facsimile Documents and SignaturesEffectiveness of IncreaseEffectiveness of Incremental AmendmentEffectiveness of Prior DocumentsEffectiveness of RedemptionEffectiveness of TerminationEffectiveness, Duration and Termination of AgreementEffectiveness; Conditions PrecedentEffectiveness; Governing LawEffects of AgreementEffects of TerminationEffects on Loan DocumentsEffortsEfforts to Obtain Stockholder ApprovalEfforts to ReletElectionElection IrrevocableElection to Receive Restricted Stock Unit Awards in Lieu of CompensationElection to Receive Restricted Stock Units in Lieu of CompensationElection to Withhold SharesElection UnderElections by the Borrower for Syndicated BorrowingsElective DeferralsElectricityElectronic ApprovalsElectronic Chattel PaperElectronic CommunicationElectronic CommunicationsElectronic Communications; Voice MailElectronic ContractElectronic DeliveryElectronic Delivery and AcceptanceElectronic Delivery and Acceptance of DocumentsElectronic Delivery and ParticipationElectronic Delivery of DocumentsElectronic DevicesElectronic ExecutionElectronic Execution and DeliveryElectronic Execution of AssignmentsElectronic Execution of Assignments and Certain Other DocumentsElectronic Execution of Certain Other DocumentsElectronic Execution of DocumentsElectronic Execution of Loan DocumentsElectronic Participation in PlanElectronic Signature and DeliveryElectronic SignaturesElectronic Signatures and RecordsElectronic Signatures; CounterpartsElectronic SystemsElectronic Transmissions and CounterpartsEligibilityEligibility and ParticipationEligibility for AwardsEligibility for Matching ContributionEligibility for Other ContributionsEligibility for ParticipationEligibility for SeveranceEligibility for Specific AwardsEligibility for Specific Stock AwardsEligibility of CollateralEligibility of ReceivablesEligibility to ParticipateEligibility to Receive BenefitsEligibility; Per-Participant LimitationsEligible Award RecipientsEligible Compensation; Payroll DeductionsEligible Contract ParticipantEligible EarningsEligible EmployeeEligible EmployeesEligible Independent ContractorEligible Inducement Award RecipientsEligible ParticipantsEligible ReceivablesEligible RecipientsEmail ConsentsEmergency GeneratorEmerging Growth Company StatusEminent DomainEmployeeEmployee AcknowledgementEmployee Benefit PlansEmployee Benefit ProgramsEmployee BenefitsEmployee Benefits and InsuranceEmployee ContributionsEmployee CooperationEmployee Covenant AgreementEmployee Data PrivacyEmployee LoansEmployee MattersEmployee Nondisclosure and Developments AgreementEmployee ParticipationEmployee RelationsEmployee RepresentationEmployee RepresentationsEmployee Stock Purchase PlanEmployee’s Disability or DeathEmployee’s Release of the CompanyEmployee’s RepresentationsEmployeesEmployees and ConsultantsEmployees, Consultants and ContractorsEmployerEmployer and Plan Identification NumbersEmployer ContributionsEmployer CreditsEmployer Discretionary ContributionEmployer InformationEmployer’s LiabilityEmploymentEmployment AgreementEmployment AgreementsEmployment and DutiesEmployment at WillEmployment by SuccessorEmployment ChangesEmployment Commencement DateEmployment DutiesEmployment EligibilityEmployment LocationEmployment MattersEmployment of Administrative Agent and CounselEmployment of ExecutiveEmployment or Other RelationshipEmployment or ServiceEmployment PeriodEmployment PoliciesEmployment RelationshipEmployment RequirementEmployment Requirement; ForfeitureEmployment RightsEmployment StatusEmployment Status and DutiesEmployment TaxesEmployment TermEmployment TerminationEmployment Termination; ConsiderationEmployment Termination; Death; DisabilityEmployment, DutiesEmployment, Duties and AgreementsEmployment; DutiesEmployment; Titles; ReportingEncumbranceEncumbrancesEnd of EmploymentEnd of Employment and Service as a DirectorEnd of Fiscal Years; Fiscal QuartersEnd of Term ChargeEnding Date for Plan’s Fiscal YearEnergy ConservationEnergy Performance Disclosure InformationEnforce Your RightsEnforceabilityEnforceability in JurisdictionsEnforceability of AgreementEnforceability of AgreementsEnforceability of AmendmentEnforceability of Loan DocumentsEnforceability; SeverabilityEnforceable ObligationsEnforcementEnforcement ActionsEnforcement and Binding EffectEnforcement and SeverabilityEnforcement CostsEnforcement ExpensesEnforcement Expenses; IndemnificationEnforcement of CovenantsEnforcement of Intellectual Property RightsEnforcement of Intellectual Property Rights and AssistanceEnforcement of Product TrademarksEnforcement of RightsEnforcement of Rights and RemediesEnforcement RightEnforcement RightsEngagementEngagement of ServicesEnglish LanguageEnglish Language ConsentEnrollmentEntire AgreementEntire Agreement and AmendmentEntire Agreement and AmendmentsEntire Agreement and Binding EffectEntire Agreement and HeadingsEntire Agreement and ModificationEntire Agreement of the Parties; AmendmentsEntire Agreement; AmendmentEntire Agreement; Amendment and WaiverEntire Agreement; Amendment; SeverabilityEntire Agreement; Amendment; WaiverEntire Agreement; AmendmentsEntire Agreement; Amendments and WaiversEntire Agreement; Amendments; No WaiverEntire Agreement; AssignmentEntire Agreement; CounterpartsEntire Agreement; Enforcement of RightsEntire Agreement; Governing LawEntire Agreement; ModificationEntire Agreement; Modification and WaiverEntire Agreement; ModificationsEntire Agreement; Other AgreementsEntire Agreement; SeverabilityEntire Agreement; Superseding Effect; No Duplicative BenefitsEntire Agreement/AmendmentEntire AgreementGoverning LawEntire AmendmentEntire PlanEntire Termination PaymentEntire UnderstandingEntiretyEntirety and AmendmentsEntityEntity NamesEntity StatusEntry and InspectionEntry by LandlordEnvironmentalEnvironmental AssessmentEnvironmental Assessments in GeneralEnvironmental ClaimsEnvironmental ComplianceEnvironmental ConditionEnvironmental ConditionsEnvironmental DisclosureEnvironmental EventsEnvironmental IndemnificationEnvironmental IndemnityEnvironmental InsuranceEnvironmental MattersEnvironmental NoticeEnvironmental NoticesEnvironmental ReportEnvironmental ReportsEnvironmental Reports and AuditsEnvironmental Reports; Clean-UpEqual and Ratable BenefitEqual Rights and PrivilegesEqual TreatmentEqual Treatment of PurchasersEquals or Exceeds MaximumEquipmentEquitable AdjustmentEquitable ModificationEquitable ReliefEquitable RemediesEquitable RemedyEquityEquity AccelerationEquity AwardEquity AwardsEquity CapitalizationEquity CompensationEquity GrantEquity GrantsEquity IncentiveEquity Incentive AwardsEquity Incentive CompensationEquity Incentive GrantsEquity Incentive PlanEquity IncentivesEquity InterestsEquity Interests and Personal PropertyEquity InvestmentEquity IssuanceEquity ParticipationEquity PlansEquity RestructuringEquity RetainerEquity RightsEquity SecuritiesEquity VestingErisaERISA ComplianceERISA EventERISA EventsERISA MattersERISA NoticesERISA Notices and RequestsERISA StatusErroneous ApplicationErroneous Financial InformationErroneous PaymentsErrors and OmissionsEscalationEscrowEscrow AgentEscrow AgreementEscrow of SharesEscrow; Pledge of SharesESG AmendmentEstablishmentEstablishment and PurposeEstablishment of AccountsEstablishment of Fiscal Year Applicable Performance Target and AwardsEstablishment of Imaging SystemEstablishment of JSCEstablishment of Performance Period, Performance Goals and Performance Award FormulaEstablishment of PlanEstablishment of Stock Unit AccountEstablishment of the AccountsEstablishment of TrustEstoppelEstoppel CertificateEstoppel Certificate or Subordination AgreementEstoppel CertificatesEstoppel; Term LoanEstoppelsEthical Business PracticesEurocurrency LoansEurodollar LoansEurodollar Rate LoansEV Charging StationsEvent of ConflictEvent of DefaultEvents of DefaultEvents of Default and Facility Amortization EventEvents of Default Other Than Bankruptcy, Insolvency or Reorganization ProceedingsEvents of Default; AccelerationEvents of TerminationEvidence of AuthorityEvidence of CoverageEvidence of DebtEvidence of GrantEvidence of InsuranceEvidence of Insurance and Notice of ChangesEvidence of PaymentEvidence of PaymentsEvidencing StockEvoke's Representations and WarrantiesExaminationExaminationsExceptionException for Amounts Covered by Insurance and Other SourcesException for Ownership of Shares in Public CompaniesException to AssignmentsException to Right of IndemnificationExceptionsExceptions to Assignment of Intellectual PropertyExceptions to ConfidentialityExceptions to General ReleaseExceptions to Requirement for ConsentExceptions to the General RuleExcess AvailabilityExcess Brokerage CommissionsExcess Cash FlowExcess CostsExcess Parachute PaymentExcess Parachute PaymentsExcess Parachute Payments and LimitationsExcess Share LimitationExcess SharesExcess TI CostsExchangeExchange Control InformationExchange ListingExchange of Class B Non-Voting Common StockExchange of InformationExchange Offer RegistrationExchange or Replacement of WarrantsExchange ProceduresExchange ProgramExchange RateExchange Rate; Manner and Place of PaymentExchange Rates; Currency EquivalentsExchange Rates; Currency Equivalents GenerallyExcluded Accounts;Excluded Accounts; AndExcluded AssetsExcluded ClaimsExcluded CollateralExcluded InformationExcluded Inventions and Other InventionsExcluded LiabilitiesExcluded PropertyExclusionExclusion and DebarmentExclusion of ClaimExclusion of Immaterial SubsidiariesExclusionsExclusions From General ReleaseExclusions From IndemnificationExclusive DiscretionExclusive Dispute Resolution MechanismExclusive EmploymentExclusive JurisdictionExclusive Jurisdiction and VenueExclusive License GrantExclusive RemediesExclusive RemedyExclusive ServiceExclusive ServicesExclusive Severance BenefitExclusive Severance BenefitsExclusive Use AreasExclusivityExclusivity CovenantExclusivity of Salary and BenefitsExclusivity of Termination BenefitsExculpationExculpation of LiabilityExculpatory ProvisionsExecuted AmendmentExecuted CounterpartsExecuted Credit DocumentsExecuted Loan DocumentsExecutionExecution and CounterpartsExecution and DeliveryExecution and Delivery of NotesExecution and Delivery; EnforceabilityExecution in CounterpartsExecution of Additional DocumentsExecution of AgreementExecution of AmendmentsExecution of Credit Agreement and Credit DocumentsExecution of Credit Agreement; Loan DocumentsExecution of DocumentsExecution of Lease; No Option or OfferExecution of Receipts and ReleasesExecution of Release of ClaimsExecution of Separation AgreementExecution of Supplemental InstrumentsExecution/AcceptanceExecutiveExecutive AcknowledgementExecutive MedicalExecutive OfficersExecutive RepresentationExecutive RepresentationsExecutive ResolutionExecutive SuccessorsExecutive to Return PropertyExecutive’s AcknowledgementExecutive’s Commencement of EmploymentExecutive’s CompensationExecutive’s CooperationExecutive’s DeathExecutive’s ReleaseExecutive’s Release of the CompanyExecutive’s RepresentationsExecutive’s SuccessorsExecutive’s Warranty and IndemnityExecutive’sDisabilityExempt OfferingExemptionExemption From RegistrationExemption From Registration; No Disqualification EventExemptionsExemptions fromLiabilityExercisabilityExercisability and TermExercisability and Term of OptionsExercisability of OptionExercisability ScheduleExercisability; Rights of a ShareholderExercisability; Rights of a StockholderExerciseExercise and Payment of a SARExercise by AnotherExercise DateExercise for CashExercise of OptionExercise of Option and Purchase of SharesExercise of OptionsExercise of Options and Issue of SharesExercise of Repurchase RightExercise of Right to TerminateExercise of RightsExercise of SARsExercise of Stock Appreciation RightExercise of WarrantExercise or Purchase PriceExercise or Strike PriceExercise PeriodExercise Period and Expiration DateExercise Period Following Termination of ServiceExercise Period Upon Death or DisabilityExercise PriceExercise Price and Other TermsExercise Price of a Non-Qualified Stock OptionExercise Price of an Incentive Stock OptionExercise Price of Stock Appreciation RightsExercise Prior to Vesting (Early ExerciseExercise ProcedureExercise ProceduresExercise Restriction for Non-Exempt EmployeesExercise ScheduleExercise/PledgeExercise/SaleExercising the OptionExhaustion of Administrative RemediesExhaustion of RemediesExhibitsExhibits IncorporatedExhibits Incorporated by Reference; ConflictsExhibits/SchedulesExistenceExistence and Good StandingExistence and PowerExistence of Plans and AwardsExistence, Qualification and PowerExistence; Compliance With LawExisting AgreementsExisting Credit AgreementExisting Credit Agreement SupersededExisting DefinitionsExisting IndebtednessExisting Indebtedness of the Loan PartiesExisting Letters of CreditExisting ObligationsExisting PremisesExit FeeExit InterviewExit ObligationsExiting LendersExpansion Effective DateExpansion ImprovementsExpansion in the BuildingExpansion OptionExpansion PremisesExpansion Premises Commencement DateExpansion SpaceExpansion TermExpense AdvancesExpense AllowanceExpense ReimbursementExpense ReimbursementsExpensesExpenses and FeesExpenses and InterestExpenses and Legal FeesExpenses and RecoveriesExpenses and ReimbursementsExpenses Incurred by Landlord Upon Tenant RequestsExpenses of LenderExpenses of RegistrationExpenses of the PlanExpenses; IndemnificationExpenses; Indemnity; Damage WaiverExpenses; TravelExperienceExperience of PurchaserExperience of Such PurchaserExperience of the BuyerExperience of the PurchaserExperience, Financial Capability and SuitabilityExpirationExpiration DateExpiration of AgreementExpiration of OptionExpiration of Option TermAutomatic Exercise of In-the-Money OptionsExpiration of SARsExpiration of Stock Appreciation RightsExpiration of TermExpiration of the Term, for Cause, or Without Good ReasonExpiration of Valid ClaimsExpiration or Termination of This AgreementExpiry of OptionExpiry of OptionsExpiry of Performance Share AwardExpiry of Share Appreciation RightsExportExport ClauseExport ComplianceExport ControlExport Control RegulationsExport ControlsExport RestrictionsExpress Authority RequiredExpress Negligence RuleExtended TermExtended Term LoansExtensionExtension AmendmentExtension FeeExtension if Exercise Prevented by LawExtension of Exercise PeriodExtension of Lease TermExtension of Maturity DateExtension of PeriodsExtension of Restriction PeriodExtension of Revolving Credit Termination DateExtension of TermExtension of Term LoansExtension of Termination DateExtension of the Tenant Improvements Allowance Disbursement DeadlineExtension OptionExtension OptionsExtension or AmendmentExtension or Amendment of ContractsExtension or Amendment of Pool ReceivablesExtension or Amendment of ReceivablesExtension RequestExtension RightExtension RightsExtension TermExtension to AffiliatesExtension; WaiverExtensions of CreditExtensions of Term Loans and Revolving Credit CommitmentsExtent of Liability; ContributionExtent of LiensExtent of ServiceExtent of ServicesExterior SignageExtraordinary CompensationExtraordinary DividendExtraordinary ReceiptExtraordinary ReceiptsFacilitation of AgreementFacilitiesFacility DocumentsFacility FeeFacility FeesFacility of PaymentFacsimile SignaturesFailure of AgreementsFailure or Indulgence Not WaiverFailure to CollectFailure to DeliverFailure to Determine ValuesFailure to ElectFailure to Elect; Events of DefaultFailure to Enforce Not a WaiverFailure to ExerciseFailure to Maintain InsuranceFailure to Make PaymentsFailure to Make Payments When DueFailure to Make Required PaymentsFailure to PayFailure to PerformFailure to Provide InsuranceFailure to Satisfy Conditions PrecedentFailure to SupplyFailure to Timely Clean-UpFailure to Timely DeliverFair Consideration; No Avoidance for Loan Asset PaymentsFair Market RentFair Market ValueFair Market Value LimitationFamily MemberFatcaFATCA DeductionFax or Other TransmissionFCC ConsentFDA DebarmentFederal RegulationsFederal Reserve RegulationsFee LetterFee LettersFees and CostsFees and ExpensesFees and Other ChargesFees Fully EarnedFees NonrefundableFees of the Independent AccountantFees, Costs and ExpensesFees, Expenses and InterestFees; ExpensesFidelity Bond/InsuranceFiduciary DutiesField ExaminationFiling a ClaimFiling of Agent Free Writing ProspectusesFiling of Current Report and Registration StatementFiling of Financing StatementsFiling of This AgreementFilingsFilings and RecordingsFilings Registrations and RecordingsFilings, Consents and ApprovalsFilings, Registrations and RecordingsFilings, Registrations, Recordings, Agreements, EtcFinal AgreementFinal AgreementsFinal and BindingFinal CompensationFinal ConditionFinal DeliveriesFinal Judgments or OrdersFinal PaycheckFinal PaymentFinal Payment DateFinal RetentionFinal Settlement StatementFinal Space PlanFinal Working DrawingsFinancial AbilityFinancial AccountsFinancial AdvisorsFinancial and Business SophisticationFinancial and Other InformationFinancial AssurancesFinancial ConditionFinancial Condition CertificateFinancial Condition CertificatesFinancial Condition CovenantsFinancial CounsellingFinancial CovenantFinancial CovenantsFinancial CureFinancial Definitions and CalculationsFinancial DisclosureFinancial IndebtednessFinancial InformationFinancial Information and ReportingFinancial Information of the CompaniesFinancial MattersFinancial PlanFinancial ProjectionsFinancial RecordsFinancial Records and AuditsFinancial ReportingFinancial ReportsFinancial ResponsibilityFinancial Statement Adjustments or RestatementsFinancial Statement RestatementFinancial StatementsFinancial Statements and Other InformationFinancial Statements and ProjectionsFinancial Statements of Unrestricted SubsidiariesFinancial Statements, ReportsFinancial Statements, Reports, CertificatesFinancial Statements; Financial ConditionFinancial Statements; No Material Adverse EffectFinancingFinancing DocumentFinancing DocumentsFinancing StatementsFinder’s FeeFinder’s FeesFinraFire StairsFirm OrdersFirptaFIRPTA CertificateFiscal YearFiscal Year and Accounting ChangesFiscal Year CompensationFitness CenterFixed Charge CoverageFixed Charge Coverage RatioFixed RentFixtures and EquipmentFlexible Time OffFlexible Time Off and BenefitsFlood InsuranceFloor Load--Heavy EquipmentFollowing Termination of ServiceFor Any ReasonFor CauseFor Cause by the CompanyFor ConvenienceFor Good ReasonFor Non-UFor UForbearance by Agents and LendersForce and EffectForce MajeureForced ConversionForecastForecastingForecastsForeign-Asset Control RegulationsForeign Asset/Account and Tax Reporting, Exchange ControlsForeign Asset/Account Reporting InformationForeign Asset/Account Reporting NotificationForeign Asset/Account Reporting Requirements and Exchange ControlsForeign Asset/Account, Exchange Control and Tax ReportingForeign Asset/Account, Exchange Control ReportingForeign Assets ControlForeign Award RecipientsForeign Corrupt PracticesForeign CurrencyForeign DispositionsForeign EmployeesForeign ExchangeForeign FilingsForeign GuarantorsForeign HoldersForeign ParticipantsForeign Pension PlansForeign PersonForeign PurchasersForeign SubsidiariesForeign Subsidiary AssetsForeign Subsidiary Voting RightsForfeited and Expired AwardsForfeitureForfeiture AllocationsForfeiture EventsForfeiture Following Termination of EmploymentForfeiture in Certain Circumstances (ClawbackForfeiture of AwardForfeiture of AwardsForfeiture of Founder SharesForfeiture of GrantForfeiture of OptionsForfeiture of Performance Share UnitsForfeiture of PRSUsForfeiture of Restricted SharesForfeiture of Unvested Restricted SharesForfeiture of Unvested RSUs Upon Cessation of ServiceForfeiture ProvisionsForfeiture RestrictionsForfeiture RiskForfeiture Upon Breach of Certain Other AgreementsForfeiture Upon Termination as a Service ProviderForfeiture Upon Termination of Continuous ServiceForfeiture Upon Termination of Status as a Service ProviderForfeiture, Clawback or RecoupmentForfeiture; Recovery of CompensationForfeiture/ClawbackForfeiture/RepurchaseForfeituresForgo CompensationForm and Time of Payment of Deferred Compensation AccountForm and Time of Settlement of Stock UnitsForm and Timing of PaymentForm and Timing of Payment of Performance Units and Performance SharesForm and Timing of Payment of Performance Units/SharesForm and Timing of Payment of Restricted Share UnitsForm and Timing of Payment Under Awards; DeferralsForm and Timing of SettlementForm and Timing of Severance BenefitsForm D; Blue Sky FilingsForm of AwardsForm of Benefit PaymentForm of ConsiderationForm of DistributionForm of ElectionForm of ExerciseForm of PaymentForm of Payment to ParticipantForm of PoliciesForm of SettlementForm of WarrantFormationFormation and CompositionFormation and QualificationFormation Documents; Borrower Basic DocumentsFormation of SubsidiariesFormation or Acquisition of SubsidiariesFormation; ExistenceFormer Employer InformationForms of Award AgreementsForms of Consideration AuthorizedForms of DistributionForumForward-Looking StatementsFractional SharesFractional Shares; Effect of ConversionFractional WarrantsFractionsFraud or Willful MisconductFree Writing ProspectusesFreedom to Approve Acquisitions, EtcFreestanding SARsFrequency of MeetingsFringe BenefitsFringe Benefits and PerquisitesFronting Fee and Documentary and Processing Charges Payable to Issuing BankFronting Fee and Documentary and Processing Charges Payable to L/C IssuerFronting Fee and Documentary and Processing Charges Payable to L/C IssuersFrustration of Closing ConditionsFTE Records and CalculationsFull and Accurate DisclosureFull and Complete AgreementFull BonusFull DisclosureFull FloorsFull Force and EffectFull Force and Effect During Notice PeriodFull Legal Name of Selling StockholderFull PaymentFull SettlementFull Time and Best EffortsFull-Time AttentionFull UnderstandingFully CompensatedFunction and Powers of the JSCFund LiabilityFundamental ChangesFundamental Changes; DispositionsFundamental TransactionFundamental TransactionsFunded Indebtedness to EBITDA RatioFundingFunding AccountFunding by LendersFunding by Lenders; Presumption by Administrative AgentFunding IndemnificationFunding LossesFunding Losses, EtcFunding Notice; Funds Disbursement InstructionsFunding of LoansFunding SourceFundings by LendersFunds From Operations of the Consolidated GroupFurloughs and LayoffsFurnish InformationFurnishing of InformationFurnishing of Information and Inspection of ReceivablesFurnishing of Information; Public InformationFurnitureFurther ActionFurther ActionsFurther AgreementsFurther AssistanceFurther Assistance; Power of AttorneyFurther AssuranceFurther AssurancesFurther Assurances and ProtectionsFurther Assurances; Power of AttorneyFurther DocumentationFurther InstrumentsFurther ReductionsFurther RepresentationsFurther Revenues and ExpensesFuture CooperationFuture Delivery and Execution of DocumentsFuture EmployersFuture EmploymentFuture Equity AwardsFuture SubsidiariesFuture Subsidiaries. CauseGenderGender and NumberGender and PluralsGender NeutralGender; NumberGeneralGeneral AdministrationGeneral AgreementGeneral AssetsGeneral Committee AuthorityGeneral Company PoliciesGeneral ComplianceGeneral ConsequencesGeneral CoveragesGeneral DescriptionGeneral DiligenceGeneral Eligibility RequirementsGeneral Fiduciary DutiesGeneral ImmunityGeneral IndemnificationGeneral Indemnification ProceduresGeneral IndemnityGeneral InformationGeneral Intangibles;General Interpretive PrinciplesGeneral Non-Compete Benefits Following TerminationGeneral Payment ProvisionsGeneral ProceduresGeneral ProhibitionGeneral ProvisionsGeneral PurposeGeneral RelationshipGeneral ReleaseGeneral Release and WaiverGeneral Release of ClaimsGeneral Release of Claims by EmployeeGeneral Release of Claims by ExecutiveGeneral Release of the CompanyGeneral RemediesGeneral Representations and WarrantiesGeneral RequirementGeneral RequirementsGeneral RestrictionsGeneral RuleGeneral RulesGeneral SolicitationGeneral StatementGeneral TermsGeneral VestingGeneral Vesting TermsGeneral WaiversGenerallyGeneratorGeneric CompetitionGeneric Drug or Biosimilar ProductGeneric EntryGeneric ProductsGerman Lender Status ConfirmationGerman Parallel DebtGerman Tax CreditGerman Tax Gross-UpGerman Tax IndemnityGlobal Branding StrategyGlobal Development PlanGlobal GuarantorsGlobal Safety DatabaseGoing ConcernGood and Marketable TitleGood FaithGood Faith DepositGood ReasonGood StandingGood Standing and Full Force and Effect CertificatesGood Standing CertificateGood Standing CertificatesGood Standing of the CompanyGood TitleGoodwillGovernanceGoverning DocumentGoverning DocumentsGoverning LawGoverning Law and Choice of ForumGoverning Law and Consent to JurisdictionGoverning Law and Dispute ResolutionGoverning Law and ForumGoverning Law and Forum SelectionGoverning Law and InterpretationGoverning Law and JurisdictionGoverning Law and Miscellaneous ProvisionsGoverning Law and SeverabilityGoverning Law and Submission to JurisdictionGoverning Law and Time; Waiver of Jury TrialGoverning Law and VenueGoverning Law ProvisionsGoverning Law, EtcGoverning Law, Jurisdiction and ForumGoverning Law, Jurisdiction and VenueGoverning Law; ArbitrationGoverning Law; Consent to JurisdictionGoverning Law; Consent to Jurisdiction; Waiver of Jury TrialGoverning Law; Consent to Personal JurisdictionGoverning Law; ConstructionGoverning Law; Dispute ResolutionGoverning Law; Exclusive JurisdictionGoverning Law; ForumGoverning Law; Forum Selection; Jury WaiverGoverning Law; InterpretationGoverning Law; Interpretation and Partial InvalidityGoverning Law; JurisdictionGoverning Law; Jurisdiction and VenueGoverning Law; Jurisdiction; EtcGoverning Law; Jurisdiction; Jury TrialGoverning Law; Jurisdiction; Venue; Jury-Trial Waiver; Fees and ExpensesGoverning Law; Jurisdiction; VenueJury Waiver; Binding ArbitrationGoverning Law; Jurisdiction; Waiver of Jury TrialGoverning Law; Jurisdiction; Waiver of Jury Trial; EtcGoverning Law; Non-Binding Mediation; JurisdictionGoverning Law; Resolution of DisputesGoverning Law; SeverabilityGoverning Law; Submission to JurisdictionGoverning Law; Submission to Jurisdiction; Selection of ForumGoverning Law; VenueGoverning Law; Venue; Jury Trial WaiverGoverning Law; Venue; SeverabilityGoverning Law; Waiver of Jury TrialGoverning Law; WAIVER of TRIAL by JURYGoverning Law/Dispute ResolutionGoverning Law/JurisdictionGoverning Law/VenueGoverning LawJurisdiction and VenueGoverning LawsGoverning Plan DocumentGovernment AgenciesGovernment and Economic Development ReportingGovernment and Other ConsentsGovernment ComplianceGovernment ConsentsGovernment ContractsGovernment CooperationGovernment FilingsGovernment or Third PartyGovernment ReceivablesGovernment RegulationGovernment ReservationGovernment RightsGovernmental AgenciesGovernmental and Third Party ApprovalsGovernmental and Third-Party AuthorizationGovernmental ApprovalGovernmental ApprovalsGovernmental Approvals; No ConflictsGovernmental AuthorityGovernmental AuthorizationGovernmental Authorization; Other ConsentsGovernmental AuthorizationsGovernmental Authorizations and ConsentsGovernmental Authorizations, EtcGovernmental ComplianceGovernmental ConsentGovernmental ConsentsGovernmental Consents and FilingsGovernmental NoticesGovernmental RegulationGovernmental RegulationsGovernmental ReviewGovernmental Service TerminationGracie Asset ManagementGrandfathered RetirementGrantGrant and ExerciseGrant and Exercise of Stock Appreciation RightsGrant and RestrictionsGrant and Terms of OptionGrant DateGrant Not an Employment or Service ContractGrant of AwardGrant of AwardsGrant of Cash-Based AwardsGrant of Company Reacquisition RightGrant of LicenseGrant of LiensGrant of OptionGrant of OptionsGrant of Other Stock-Based AwardsGrant of Performance-Based AwardsGrant of Performance-Based Restricted Stock UnitsGrant of Performance RSUsGrant of Performance Share UnitsGrant of Performance Stock UnitsGrant of Performance Units/SharesGrant of PSUsGrant of Restricted Share UnitsGrant of Restricted SharesGrant of Restricted StockGrant of Restricted Stock Unit AwardGrant of Restricted Stock Unit AwardsGrant of Restricted Stock UnitsGrant of RightsGrant of RSUsGrant of SARsGrant of SecurityGrant of Security InterestGrant of Shares of Restricted StockGrant of Stock Appreciation RightsGrant of Stock OptionGrant of Stock Options and Stock Appreciation RightsGrant of Stock UnitsGrant of the AwardGrant of the RSU AwardGrant of Time-Based AwardsGrant of UnitsGrant PriceGrant ScheduleGrant Subject to PlanGrant Subject to Plan ProvisionsGrant Subject to Terms of Plan and This AgreementGrant to ParticipantGrantee’s AcknowledgementsGranting of Options to Eligible IndividualsGrantors Remain LiableGrantsGrants to Non-Employee DirectorsGreen Cleaning/RecyclingGross Asset ValueGross Income AllocationGross-UpGround LeaseGuaranteeGuarantee Absolute and UnconditionalGuarantee and Collateral MattersGuarantee and Security AgreementGuaranteesGuarantiesGuaranties and Security DocumentsGuaranties, Collateral Documents and Other Loan DocumentsGuarantorGuarantyGuaranty MattersGuaranty UnconditionalHarmonious RelationsHazard InsuranceHazardous ActivitiesHazardous Material DefinedHazardous MaterialsHazardous Materials – Other Than WasteHazardous Materials Activities, EtcHazardous SubstancesHazardous WastesHeadingsHeadings and CaptionsHeadings and SectionsHeadings and SubheadingsHeadings DescriptiveHeadings for Reference OnlyHeadings; ConstructionHeadings; Construction; InterpretationHeadings; GenderHeadings; InterpretationHeadings; Nouns and Pronouns; Section ReferencesHeadings; Pronouns; Section References; English LanguageHealth BenefitsHealth Continuation CoverageHealth InsuranceHealth Insurance BenefitsHealthcare Continuation CoverageHealthcare PermitsHedge AgreementsHedgingHedging AgreementHedging AgreementsHeirs and SuccessorsHeirs, Successors and AssignsHereinHighland Capital and AffiliatesHistorical StatementsHistoryHolderHolder of Regulatory Approvals and Regulatory SubmissionsHolder’s Exercise LimitationsHolding CompaniesHolding OverHolding PeriodHoldoverHolidaysHousingHR Committeethe Human Resources Committee of the BoardHSR FilingI Have Read It Carefully;I Voluntarily Consent to Everything in It;Identical CounterpartsIdentifying of RecordsIf a UIf Insufficient Shares AvailableIf to Agent or PNC AtIf to BorrowerIf to EmployerIf to ExecutiveIf to LenderIf to Seller, ToIf to the CompanyIf to the Company ToIf to the Company, ToIf to the LendersIllegal ActivitiesIllegal or Unauthorized Payments; Political ContributionsIllegalityIllegality or Impracticability of LIBOR LoansIllegality; Increased Costs; Deposits Not AvailableImmaterial SubsidiariesImmigrationImpact of EventImpact on Other BenefitsImplementation of ChangesImposition of Other RequirementsImproper TransferImprovement AllowanceImprovementsImputed IncomeIn [Article 1In [Section 1In [Section 2In [Section 6In Connection With a Corporate TransactionIn GeneralIn Kind DividendsIn-License AgreementsIn the Licensed FieldIn the Retained FieldIn This AgreementInability to Determine Applicable Interest RateInability to Determine Interest RateInability to Determine RatesInability to Obtain AuthorityInability to Pay Debts; AttachmentInability to PerformIncapacity of RecipientIncentive and Bonus CompensationIncentive AwardsIncentive BonusIncentive CompensationIncentive Compensation (EquityIncentive PlanIncentive Stock OptionIncentive Stock Option LimitIncentive Stock Option LimitationsIncentive Stock OptionsIncentive, Savings and Retirement PlansIncome Tax LiabilityIncome Tax MattersIncome Tax WithholdingIncome TaxesInconsistenciesInconsistencyIncorporated DocumentsIncorporationIncorporation and Corporate PowerIncorporation and Good StandingIncorporation by ReferenceIncorporation by Reference, EtcIncorporation by Reference; Document ReceiptIncorporation by Reference; Plan DocumentIncorporation by Reference; Plan Document ReceiptIncorporation of Credit Agreement ProvisionsIncorporation of PlanIncorporation of Plan by ReferenceIncorporation of Policy for Recoupment of Incentive CompensationIncorporation of Provisions of the PlanIncorporation of RecitalsIncorporation of Recitals; DefinitionsIncorporation of Representations and Warranties From Credit AgreementIncorporation of Terms and Conditions of Credit AgreementIncorporation of Terms of PlanIncorporation of Terms of Transition AgreementIncorporation of the PlanIncorporation; Good StandingIncrease Effective Date and AllocationsIncrease in CommitmentIncrease in CommitmentsIncrease in Guaranteed Minimum InterestIncrease in Interest RateIncrease in PrincipalIncrease in Project's Property InsuranceIncrease of CommitmentIncreased CostsIncreased Costs GenerallyIncreasing LendersIncreasing Lenders and New LendersIncremental AmendmentIncremental and Refinancing FacilitiesIncremental CommitmentsIncremental Equivalent Debt;Incremental FacilitiesIncremental FacilityIncremental LendersIncremental Loan RequestIncremental LoansIncremental Term LoansIncumbencyIncumbency CertificateIndebtednessIndebtedness and Other ContractsIndebtedness Cross-DefaultIndebtedness of ExecutiveIndebtedness of Financing Subsidiaries;Indebtedness of ParticipantsIndebtedness Under the Loan Documents;Indebtedness Under This Agreement;Indemnifiable EventIndemnifiable PersonIndemnificationIndemnification AgreementIndemnification and ContributionIndemnification and InsuranceIndemnification and WaiverIndemnification by BorrowerIndemnification by BorrowersIndemnification by BuyerIndemnification by ClientIndemnification by CompanyIndemnification by CRISPRIndemnification by CustomerIndemnification by HoldersIndemnification by LendersIndemnification by LicenseeIndemnification by Loan PartiesIndemnification by OvidIndemnification by PurchaserIndemnification by SellerIndemnification by TakedaIndemnification by the BorrowerIndemnification by the BorrowersIndemnification by the CompanyIndemnification by the Credit PartiesIndemnification by the LendersIndemnification by the Loan PartiesIndemnification by the PurchasersIndemnification by the SellerIndemnification for Additional ExpensesIndemnification for Expenses in Enforcing RightsIndemnification for Expenses Incurred in Enforcing RightsIndemnification for Expenses of a Party Who Is Wholly or Partly SuccessfulIndemnification for Expenses of a WitnessIndemnification for Expenses; Attorney FeesIndemnification in Other SituationsIndemnification ObligationIndemnification of ExecutiveIndemnification of Expenses of Successful PartyIndemnification of LicenseeIndemnification of PurchaserIndemnification of PurchasersIndemnification of SellerIndemnification of the AgentIndemnification of the Plan Administrator and AssistantsIndemnification of the PurchaserIndemnification PaymentIndemnification PaymentsIndemnification ProcedureIndemnification ProceduresIndemnification; D&O InsuranceIndemnification; Liability InsuranceIndemnification/D&O InsuranceIndemnification/InsuranceIndemnificationsIndemnityIndemnity and ContributionIndemnity and ExpensesIndemnity in Certain EventsIndemnity in Proceedings by or in the Right of the CompanyIndemnity in Third-Party ProceedingsIndemnity of CommitteeIndemnity of IndemniteeIndemnity to the AgentIndentureIndependence of CovenantsIndependent AccountantsIndependent AnalysisIndependent ConsiderationIndependent Contracting PartiesIndependent ContractorIndependent Contractor RelationshipIndependent Contractor StatusIndependent ContractorsIndependent CounselIndependent CovenantsIndependent DevelopmentIndependent Development ActivitiesIndependent Development CostsIndependent DirectorIndependent Engineer ReportIndependent InvestigationIndependent Legal AdviceIndependent Legal CounselIndependent LiabilityIndependent ManagerIndependent Nature of Holders’ Obligations and RightsIndependent Nature of Investors’ Obligations and RightsIndependent Nature of Purchasers’ Obligations and RightsIndependent ObligationsIndependent PartiesIndependent Public AccountantIndependent Tax AdviceIndictmentIndirect TaxesIndividual CapacitiesIndividual Director LimitsIndividual Goals Performance ComponentIndividual LimitationsIndividual LimitsIndividual Performance Component=%Individual Target BonusesInducement RecaptureInducement Share Pool and Inducement Award RulesIndulgences, EtcIndustry Classification GroupsIneligible SecuritiesInflationInformationInformation and SophisticationInformation as to BorrowersInformation ConfidentialInformation Correct and CurrentInformation CovenantsInformation in Interest Election RequestsInformation Provided to TPG Capital BDInformation Regarding CollateralInformation RightsInformation SecurityInformation SharingInformation StatementInformation TechnologyInformed ExecutionInfringementInfringement and LitigationInfringement by Third PartiesInfringement Claims by Third PartiesInfringement of Third Party RightsInitial AdvanceInitial and Subsequent LoansInitial Appointment Equity GrantInitial AwardInitial AwardsInitial Borrowing Base and Quarterly Commitment ReductionsInitial ClaimInitial Deferral ElectionInitial DepositsInitial ElectionsInitial EligibilityInitial Equity GrantsInitial GrantInitial Grant for New DirectorsInitial GrantsInitial Lease TermInitial License PaymentInitial OptionsInitial PaymentInitial PeriodInitial Right to EnforceInitial Stock Option GrantInitial Technology TransferInitial TermInitial Term LoanInitial Term LoansInitial Term; Renewal TermsInitial Value of Performance Shares and Performance UnitsInitiation – Written RequestInitiation of ProceedingInjunctionInjunctive or Other Equity ReliefInjunctive ReliefInjunctive Relief for BreachInsider TradingInsider-Trading NotificationInsider Trading PolicyInsider Trading/Market AbuseInsolvencyInsolvency EventInsolvency EventsInsolvency Proceedings, EtcInsolvency; Voluntary ProceedingsInspectionInspection and AccessInspection by LandlordInspection by Regulatory AuthoritiesInspection of PremisesInspection of Property; Books and Records; DiscussionsInspection RightsInspection; ComplianceInspectionsInspections; AppraisalsInstallment PaymentsInstallmentsInstitutional Accredited InvestorInstructionsInstructions of Required LendersInstruments of AssignmentInsufficient FundsInsufficient SharesInsuranceInsurance and IndemnificationInsurance and Other MattersInsurance BenefitsInsurance CertificatesInsurance CoverageInsurance EndorsementsInsurance of Collateral; Condemnation ProceedsInsurance PoliciesInsurance PremiumsInsurance ProceedsInsurance ReportInsurance Report and CertificatesInsurance RequirementsInsurance; Indemnification; ExculpationInsured ClaimsInsuring PartyIntangible PropertyIntegrated AgreementIntegrationIntegration and Entire AgreementIntegration ClauseIntegration of Entire AgreementIntegration of TermsIntegration; AmendmentsIntegration; EffectivenessIntegration; SeverabilityIntellectual PropertyIntellectual Property ClaimsIntellectual Property DisputesIntellectual Property FilingsIntellectual Property ReportIntellectual Property RightsIntellectual Property Rights in Works of AuthorshipIntellectual Property Security AgreementsIntellectual Property, Inventions and PatentsIntellectual Property;Intellectual Property; Licenses, EtcIntended Characterization as a Purchase and SaleIntentIntentionally DeletedIntentionally OmittedIntentionally Omitted;Interactions With Regulatory AuthoritiesIntercompany Subordination AgreementIntercreditor AgreementIntercreditor AgreementsIntercreditor ArrangementsInterestInterest Account and Interest ComputationsInterest After DefaultInterest and FeesInterest and Fees Under Existing Credit AgreementInterest and Undrawn Fee ComputationsInterest CalculationInterest Calculation MethodInterest ComputationInterest Coverage RatioInterest Election RequestsInterest EquivalentsInterest Expense,Interest Expense;Interest for Account of Swing Line LenderInterest for Account of Swingline LenderInterest GenerallyInterest on Late PaymentsInterest on Swingline LoansInterest Payment and ComputationInterest Payment DatesInterest PaymentsInterest PeriodInterest PeriodsInterest RateInterest Rate Inadequate or UnfairInterest Rate LimitationInterest Rate Not AscertainableInterest Rate OptionsInterest RatesInterest Rates and Payment DatesInterest Rates; LIBOR NotificationInterest Reserve AccountInterest, Funding Losses, EtcInterim InterestInterim ReliefInternal Accounting and Disclosure ControlsInternal Accounting ControlsInternal ControlsInternal ResolutionInternal ReviewInternational Data TransfersInterpleaderInterpretationInterpretation and ConstructionInterpretation of AgreementInterpretation of PlanInterpretation, Amendment and EnforcementInterpretation; ConstructionInterpretation; Resolution of Disputes;InterpretationsInterpretive MattersInterruptionInterruption of ServicesInterruption of UseInterruption or Curtailment of UtilitiesInvalid ProvisionInvalid ProvisionsInvalidityInvalidity of Credit DocumentsInvalidity of Loan DocumentsInvalidity of ProvisionsInventionsInventions Agreement and AssignmentInventions and DiscoveriesInventions and PatentsInventions Assigned to the United StatesInventions CovenantInventions RetainedInventions Retained and LicensedInventoriesInventorshipInventoryInventory and EquipmentInventory; ReturnsInvestigationsInvestmentInvestment AssurancesInvestment CommitteeInvestment CompanyInvestment Company StatusInvestment DecisionInvestment ExperienceInvestment Experience and Accredited Investor StatusInvestment IntentInvestment of FundsInvestment OptionsInvestment PoliciesInvestment PurposeInvestment PurposesInvestment RepresentationInvestment RepresentationsInvestmentsInvestments and InterestsInvestments by a Financing Subsidiary; AndInvestments in Cash and Cash Equivalents;Investments in Cash Equivalents;Investor Representations and WarrantiesInvestor StatusInvestor’s Representations and WarrantiesInvoiceInvoicesInvoices and PaymentInvoicingInvoicing and PaymentInvoluntary Bankruptcy or Insolvency ProceedingsInvoluntary Bankruptcy ProceedingInvoluntary Bankruptcy, EtcInvoluntary Bankruptcy; Appointment of Receiver, EtcInvoluntary ProceedingsInvoluntary TerminationInvoluntary Termination Without Cause or Termination for Good ReasonIP LicensesIrrevocable ProxyIRS Form W-8ECI;ISP98 and UCPIssuanceIssuance and Sale of SharesIssuance FeeIssuance of CertificatesIssuance of Commitment SharesIssuance of Letters of CreditIssuance of SecuritiesIssuance of SharesIssuance of Shares of StockIssuance of Shares Upon ExerciseIssuance of Shares; Registration; Withholding TaxesIssuance of StockIssuance of the SecuritiesIssuance of the Securities; RegistrationIssuance of the SharesIssuance of the Shares; RegistrationIssuance or Delivery of SharesIssuances of SecuritiesIssuing BankIssuing Bank AgreementsIssuing Bank ReportsIssuing Bank Reports to the Administrative AgentIssuing LenderIssuing Lender FeesIT SystemsJoinderJoinder AgreementJoint and SeveralJoint and Several LiabilityJoint and Several ObligationsJoint AssessmentJoint Commercialization CommitteeJoint Development CommitteeJoint DraftingJoint EnterpriseJoint InventionsJoint LiabilityJoint Manufacturing CommitteeJoint OwnershipJoint Patent RightsJoint PatentsJoint Steering CommitteeJointly DraftedJPMorgan Chase Bank, NJSC MeetingsJSC ResponsibilitiesJudgmentJudgment CurrencyJudgmentsJudgments and AttachmentsJudgments; PenaltiesJudicial ReferenceJunior Financing DocumentationJurisdictionJurisdiction and VenueJurisdictionsJury Trial WaiverJury WaiverKeeping of BooksKeeping of Records and Books of AccountKeepwellKey Person InsuranceKnow Your Customer RequirementsKnowing and VoluntaryKnowing and Voluntary AgreementKnowledge; DiscretionKYC InformationL-C Not a Security DepositL/C Issuer and Swing Line LenderL/C Issuer and Swingline LenderL/C Issuer Reports to Administrative AgentL/C Issuer Reports to the Administrative AgentL/C Issuers and Swing Line LenderL/C ParticipationsLabor DisputesLabor MattersLabor RelationsLandlordLandlord and Storage AgreementsLandlord ConsentsLandlord DefaultLandlord DelayLandlord ExculpationLandlord IndemnityLandlord Obligations Upon TransferLandlord Provided ServicesLandlord Repair ObligationsLandlord Waivers; Bailee WaiversLandlord WorkLandlord’s Authorized RepresentativeLandlord's Books and RecordsLandlord's ConsentLandlord’s ConsentLandlord’s Consent RequiredLandlord's Consent to AlterationsLandlord’s Consent to AlterationsLandlord's CureLandlord’s CureLandlord’s DefaultLandlord’s General Conditions for Tenant’s Agents and Tenant Improvement WorkLandlord's InsuranceLandlord’s InsuranceLandlord’s LiabilityLandlord’s ObligationsLandlord's Option as to Subject SpaceLandlord’s Option as to Subject SpaceLandlord's Option to RepairLandlord’s Option to RepairLandlord's PropertyLandlord’s PropertyLandlord's RecordsLandlord's RemediesLandlord’s RemediesLandlord’s Remedies Not ExclusiveLandlord’s RepairsLandlord's RepresentativeLandlord’s RepresentativeLandlord's RepresentativesLandlord’s Self-Help; Fees and ExpensesLandlord’s Termination RightsLandlord's TitleLandlord’s TitleLandlord’s WorkLandlords’/Bailee’s/Processor’s WaiversLanguageLapse of RestrictionsLapsed AwardsLapsed, Returned AwardsLate ChargeLate ChargesLate FeeLate Fee; Default RateLate PaymentLate Payment RentLate PaymentsLaw GoverningLaws Affecting LIBOR Rate AvailabilityLaws and Governmental RegulationsLC Exposure DeterminationLC Facility FeesLeaseLease GrantLease in Full Force and EffectLease of PremisesLease TermLeased PremisesLeasesLeasing of PropertyLeave of AbsenceLeaves of AbsenceLeaves of Absence/TransferLEED CertificationLegal ActionLegal Action NoticeLegal and Equitable RemediesLegal ComplianceLegal ConstructionLegal CounselLegal Due DiligenceLegal ExpensesLegal FeesLegal Fees and ExpensesLegal OpinionLegal OpinionsLegal Opinions of CounselLegal Power and AuthorityLegal ProceedingsLegal RepresentationLegal Representation; Review of ReleaseLegal RequirementsLegal Tender of United StatesLEGAL02/42192141v2LegalityLegally BindingLegendLegend on CertificatesLegend RemovalLegending and Registration of Subject SecuritiesLegendsLenderLender ’S General PowersLender ’S Rights if There Is a DefaultLender Credit DecisionLender DirectionLender Elections to ExtendLender Elections to IncreaseLender MeetingsLender ReimbursementLender Statements; Survival of IndemnityLender’s General PowersLender’s Rights if There Is a DefaultLenders’ Evidence of DebtLenders’ ExpensesLenders’ Purchase of Participations in Letters of CreditLetter of CreditLetter of Credit AmountsLetter of Credit ApplicationLetter of Credit CommissionsLetter of Credit FeeLetter of Credit FeesLetter of Credit Fees, Interest RateLetter of Credit PaymentsLetter of Credit ReportsLetter-of-Credit RightsLetter of DirectionLetters of CreditLetters of Credit Issued for Account of SubsidiariesLetters of Credit Issued for SubsidiariesLetters of Credit Issued for Subsidiaries of the BorrowerLetters of Credit Outstanding Beyond the Commitment PeriodLettingLeverage RatioLiabilitiesLiabilityLiability for Acts and OmissionsLiability for Brokers’ FeesLiability for CollateralLiability InsuranceLiability, Casualty, Property, Terrorism and Business Interruption InsuranceLIBOR Loan ReservesLIBOR NotificationLIBOR Rate AdvancesLIBOR Successor RateLicenseLicense Execution FeeLicense FeeLicense GrantLicensed MarksLicensed TechnologyLicensee’s Enforcement RightsLicenseesLicensesLicenses and PermitsLicensor DisclaimersLien on Real EstateLien PriorityLien Releases; Care of CollateralLien SearchLien SearchesLiensLiens, EtcLiens; BondsLiens; PriorityLife InsuranceLimit of LiabilityLimit on Incentive Stock OptionsLimitationLimitation of ​Limitation of AmendmentLimitation of AuthorityLimitation of Consequential DamagesLimitation of DamagesLimitation of Landlord’s Liability for Damage or InjuryLimitation of LiabilityLimitation of Liability of the Adviser; IndemnificationLimitation of RightsLimitation of WaiversLimitation on AgreementsLimitation on BenefitsLimitation on DamagesLimitation on Fundamental ChangesLimitation on Grants to EmployeesLimitation on Grants to Non-Employee DirectorsLimitation on InterestLimitation on Landlord’s LiabilityLimitation on LiabilityLimitation on LiensLimitation on ObligationsLimitation on Overall Number of Shares Available for Delivery Under PlanLimitation on Participant’s RightsLimitation on PaymentsLimitation on RepricingLimitation on Responsibilities of AgentLimitation on Rights Conferred Under PlanLimitation on Rights; No Right to Future Grants; Extraordinary Item of CompensationLimitation on Short Sales and Hedging TransactionsLimitation on TransferLimitation on Variable Rate TransactionsLimitation on VestingLimitationsLimitations Applicable toPersonsLimitations in Connection With Future Grants of Registration RightsLimitations of LiabilityLimitations on AmountsLimitations on Amounts, Issuance and AmendmentLimitations on AuthorityLimitations on ClaimsLimitations on Eurodollar TranchesLimitations on ExerciseLimitations on IndemnityLimitations on InterestLimitations on Interest PeriodsLimitations on ISOsLimitations on LiabilityLimitations on Offering SizeLimitations on Rights of ParticipantsLimitations on the Employment of the AdviserLimitations on TransferLimitations on TransferabilityLimitations Upon Participant RightsLimited Condition AcquisitionsLimited Condition TransactionsLimited ConsentLimited EffectLimited LiabilityLimited TransferabilityLimited WaiverLimits on Transfer of AwardsLimits on Transferability; BeneficiariesLine of CreditLines of BusinessLinked AccountsLiquidated DamagesLiquidationLiquidations, Mergers, Consolidations, AcquisitionsLiquidityLiquidity TestListingListing and Maintenance RequirementsListing of Common StockListing of Placement SharesListing of Property for SaleListing/DTCLitigationLitigation and ProceedingsLitigation and Regulatory CooperationLitigation CooperationLoan AccountLoan AgreementLoan DocumentLoan Document UnenforceableLoan DocumentsLoan Documents GenerallyLoan Documents Otherwise Not Affected; ReaffirmationLoan FeeLoan ModificationLoan NoticeLoan PartiesLoan Servicing FeeLoansLoans and InvestmentsLocationLocation of Books and RecordsLocation of CollateralLocation of OfficesLocation of RecordsLock-UpLock-Up AgreementLock-Up AgreementsLock-Up PeriodLondon Interbank Offered Rate Benchmark Transition EventLong Term BonusLong Term ForecastLong Term IncentiveLong Term Incentive AwardsLong-Term Incentive CompensationLong-Term Incentive PlanLong-Term Incentive ProgramLoss Adjustment and SettlementLoss in Excess of Policy LimitsLoss of CollateralLoss, Theft, Destruction or Mutilation of WarrantLost or Mutilated NoteLost, Stolen or Mutilated NoteLump SumMaintaining Confidential InformationMaintenanceMaintenance and Repairs by LandlordMaintenance and Repairs by TenantMaintenance of AccountsMaintenance of Collateral AccountsMaintenance of Deposit AccountsMaintenance of Dominion AccountMaintenance of EquipmentMaintenance of ExistenceMaintenance of Existence; ComplianceMaintenance of InsuranceMaintenance of L-C by TenantMaintenance of ProfitabilityMaintenance of PropertiesMaintenance of Properties and LeasesMaintenance of Properties, EtcMaintenance of PropertyMaintenance of Property; InsuranceMaintenance of RatingsMaintenance of RecordsMaintenance of Records by LendersMaintenance of Records by the Administrative AgentMaintenance of Registers by Administrative AgentMaker’s ExistenceMaking and Settlement of AdvancesManagementManagement Advances;Management Advances; AndManagement AgreementManagement FeeManagement LettersManagement ReportsManagement RightsMandatoryMandatory Advancement of ExpensesMandatory ArbitrationMandatory ConversionMandatory CostsMandatory IndemnificationMandatory PaymentsMandatory PrepaymentMandatory Prepayment Upon an AccelerationMandatory PrepaymentsMandatory Prepayments During Amortization PeriodMandatory RegistrationManipulation of PriceManner and Repayment of AdvancesManner of ConstructionManner of ExerciseManner of Exercise of Committee AuthorityManner of Exercising OptionManner of PaymentManufacture and SupplyManufacturingManufacturing and Stability Testing CostsManufacturing ServicesManufacturing Technology TransferMargin RegulationsMargin Regulations; Investment Company ActMargin RulesMargin StockMarket ActivitiesMarket ListingMarket Stand-OffMarkingsMarshalingMarshaling; Payments Set AsideMarshalling; Payments Set AsideMatching ContributionsMatching Employer ContributionsMaterial Adverse ChangeMaterial Adverse EffectMaterial AgreementsMaterial BreachMaterial ChangesMaterial Changes; Undisclosed Events, Liabilities or DevelopmentsMaterial ContractsMaterial Licenses; Material Sharing ArrangementsMaterial Non-Public InformationMaterial OccurrencesMaterial Project DocumentsMaterialsMaturity and PaymentMaturity DateMaturity Date for Non-Extending LendersMaximum AdvancesMaximum Award PayableMaximum ChargesMaximum Consolidated Leverage RatioMaximum CreditMaximum InterestMaximum Leverage RatioMaximum LiabilityMaximum Number of Shares IssuableMaximum Number of Shares Issuable Pursuant to Incentive Stock OptionsMaximum RateMaximum Secured IndebtednessMaximum Secured Leverage RatioMaximum Secured Recourse IndebtednessMaximum Share DeliveryMaximum TermMaximum Total LeverageMaximum Total Leverage RatioMaximum Unsecured Leverage RatioMeaning of Certain TermsMeasurement of Performance GoalsMeasurement PriceMechanic's LiensMechanic’s LiensMechanics of ConversionMediationMedical Affairs PlanMedical BenefitsMedium of PaymentMeetingsMeetings and MinutesMeetings With Regulatory AuthoritiesMember of the Audit CommitteeMember of the Compensation CommitteeMember of the Nominating and Corporate Governance CommitteeMember of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee$4,000Member of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee$4,500Member of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee$5,000MembersMembershipMemorandum of LeaseMerce Apartments,Knoll Trail Drive, Dallas County, Dallas, TexasMerchantable InventoryMergerMerger or Asset SaleMerger or Change in ControlMerger or Sale of AssetsMerger, Amendments; EtcMerger, Consolidation, Acquisition and Sale of AssetsMerger/Sale of AssetsMergers and ConsolidationsMergers and Other TransactionsMergers or AcquisitionsMergers, Acquisitions, Sales, EtcMergers, EtcMethod and Place of PaymentMethod of ExerciseMethod of Exercise for Stock Appreciation Rights and Payment Upon ExerciseMethod of Exercise for Stock OptionsMethod of PaymentMethod of Payment of ContributionsMethodology for Reviewing and Comparing the Comparable TransactionsMethods of ExerciseMetricsMichael Schwartz, Chief Executive OfficerMilestone ConditionsMilestone EventsMilestone FeesMilestone PaymentsMilestonesMinimize InterferenceMinimum AmountMinimum Amount for LoansMinimum AmountsMinimum Amounts; Limitation on Number of BorrowingsMinimum Borrower Net WorthMinimum CashMinimum Consolidated Fixed Charge Coverage RatioMinimum Consolidated Net WorthMinimum Consolidated Tangible Net WorthMinimum EBITDAMinimum Extension RequirementMinimum Fixed Charge Coverage RatioMinimum Gain ChargebackMinimum Interest Coverage RatioMinimum LiquidityMinimum RevenueMinimum Share ReserveMinimum Shareholders’ EquityMinimum Tangible Net WorthMinimum Unencumbered Interest Coverage RatioMinimum Unsecured Interest Coverage RatioMinimum VestingMinimum Vesting RequirementMinimum Vesting RequirementsMinutesMiscellaneousMiscellaneous ChargesMiscellaneous ProvisionsMisconductMisrepresentationMisrepresentationsMisstatementsMitigationMitigation of LossMode of PaymentModificationModification and WaiverModification of LeaseModification of OptionsModification of PremisesModification or AmendmentsModification, Extension or RenewalModification, WaiverModification; Prior ClaimsModification; WaiverModificationsModifications and AmendmentsModifications and WaiversModifications of DebtModifications to the AgreementModifications to the Award AgreementModifications, Amendments or WaiversModifications; Entire Agreement; HeadingsModified Principal and Interest Payments During the Forbearance PeriodMonetary JudgmentsMoney LaunderingMoney Services BusinessMonthly Base RentMonthly Compliance CertificateMonthly DisbursementsMonthly Financial StatementsMonthly ReportMonthly ReportsMonument SignageMoral RightsMortality TablesMortgage ReleasesMortgagee LiabilityMortgagee ProtectionMortgagesMost Favored NationMulti-Tenant FloorsMultiple Administrative BodiesMultiple CounterpartsMutualMutual CovenantsMutual DraftingMutual Non-DisparagementMutual NondisparagementMutual RepresentationsMutual Representations and WarrantiesMutual Representations, Warranties and CovenantsMutual TerminationMutual Waiver of Jury TrialMutual Waiver of Jury Trial / Judicial ReferenceMutual WarrantiesName and Location; Fiscal YearName of PlanName; Location of Chief Executive OfficeNamed FiduciaryNamesNasdaq Corporate GovernanceNasdaq ListingNature of AwardNature of BusinessNature of DutiesNature of Employment/dutiesNature of GrantNature of Participation and Reimbursement ObligationsNature of PaymentsNature of Performance Share AwardsNature of Restricted Stock AwardsNature of Restricted Stock Unit AwardsNature of Restricted Stock UnitsNecessary Disclosure of Personal DataNegative CommitmentsNegative CovenantNegative CovenantsNegative PledgeNegative Pledge ClausesNegative PledgesNegotiationNegotiation; EscalationNet ExerciseNet LeaseNet Proceeds MaximizationNeutral ReferenceNew ContractsNew DefinitionNew DefinitionsNew LeaseNew Letters of CreditNew SubsidiariesNew Swing Line Loans/Letters of CreditNew Swing Loans and Letters of CreditNew Swingline Loans/Letters of CreditNew WarrantsNew York Law to GovernNewly Eligible ParticipantsNext Business DayNo Acceleration of PaymentsNo Acceptance of PremisesNo Accord and SatisfactionNo Acquired RightsNo ActionNo ActionsNo Actions, Claims, EtcNo Additional AgreementsNo Additional BenefitsNo AdmissionNo Admission of LiabilityNo Admission of WrongdoingNo AdmissionsNo Adverse ActionsNo Adverse InterestsNo Adverse Material ChangeNo Adverse Proceeding; TitleNo Adverse ProceedingsNo Adverse SelectionNo Advice Regarding AwardNo Advice Regarding GrantNo Advice Regarding ParticipationNo Advisory or Fiduciary ResponsibilityNo AgencyNo Agreement Until ExecutedNo Air RightsNo Amortization EventNo Applicable Registration or Other Similar RightsNo AssignmentNo Assignment by ExecutiveNo Assignment of BenefitsNo Assignment of ClaimsNo Assignment of Claims ReleasedNo Assignment or TransferNo Assignment to BorrowerNo Assignment to BorrowersNo Assignment to Certain PersonsNo Assignment to Natural PersonsNo AssignmentsNo Assignments to Certain PersonsNo Assignments to the Borrower or AffiliatesNo Assumption by SuccessorNo BankruptcyNo Beneficiary DesignationNo Benefit to Third PartiesNo BreachNo Breach of ContractNo Breach of Obligations to Prior EmployersNo Breach of Other ObligationsNo BreachesNo BrokerNo Broker or FinderNo Broker’s FeesNo BrokersNo Burdensome RestrictionsNo ChangeNo Change in At-Will EmploymentNo Change in ControlNo ClaimsNo Claims FiledNo Claims; Release; Covenant Not to SueNo Collateral, Netting or SetoffNo CondemnationNo ConflictNo Conflict of InterestNo Conflict; Required Filings and ConsentsNo Conflicting AgreementsNo Conflicting ObligationNo Conflicting ObligationsNo ConflictsNo ConsentsNo Consents RequiredNo Consequential DamagesNo Consequential or Punitive DamagesNo Consideration Absent Execution of This AgreementNo Constraint on Corporate ActionNo Contract of EmploymentNo Control; No Advisory or Fiduciary ResponsibilityNo CooperationNo Custodial ArrangementNo Damage to RoofNo DebarmentNo Deemed Waivers Remedies CumulativeNo Deemed Waivers; Remedies CumulativeNo DefaultNo Default CertificateNo Default FundingNo Default or Event of DefaultNo Default; Event of DefaultNo DefaultsNo Defaults or RestrictionsNo DefensesNo Defenses of BorrowerNo Designated BeneficiaryNo Disagreements With Accountants and LawyersNo DiscretionNo DiscriminationNo DisparagementNo DisqualificationNo Disqualification EventsNo DistributionNo DiversionNo Dividend EquivalentsNo DuplicationNo Duplication of BenefitsNo Duplication of PaymentsNo Duplication of Severance BenefitsNo DutyNo Duty to MitigateNo Duty to Verify Insurance ComplianceNo Effect on EmploymentNo Effect on Employment or ServiceNo Effect on Future Employment CompensationNo Effect on Other BenefitsNo Effect on Retirement and Other Benefit PlansNo Effect on ServiceNo Employment ContractNo Employment ObligationNo Employment or Other RightsNo Employment or Other Service RightsNo Employment RightNo Employment RightsNo Employment/Service ContractNo Event of DefaultNo Existing DefaultNo ExtensionsNo Fiduciary DutyNo FilingsNo Financial Advisor, Placement Agent, Broker or FinderNo Fractional SharesNo Fractional Shares or ScripNo FraudNo Further AmendmentNo Further ApprovalNo Further ModificationNo Further Modification; ConflictNo Further ModificationsNo Further Negative PledgesNo Future EmploymentNo General SolicitationNo Government ObligorNo Government Recommendation or ApprovalNo Governmental Authority or Third Party ConsentsNo Governmental ConsentsNo Governmental LitigationNo Governmental ProhibitionNo Governmental ReviewNo Guarantee of Continued EmploymentNo Guarantee of Continued ServiceNo Guarantee of EmploymentNo Guarantee of InterestsNo Guarantee of Tax ConsequencesNo Harmful ActionsNo Impact on Other BenefitsNo ImpairmentNo Impairment of RightsNo Implied LicenseNo Implied LicensesNo Implied Licenses; Negative CovenantNo Implied Licenses; Retained RightsNo Implied RightsNo Implied WaiversNo Implied Waivers; Rights CumulativeNo Improper PracticesNo Improper Use of Information of Prior Employers and OthersNo Inconsistent ActionsNo Inconsistent AgreementsNo Inconsistent ObligationNo Inconsistent ObligationsNo InfringementNo InjunctionNo Injunction, EtcNo Integrated OfferingNo IntegrationNo InterferenceNo Investment CompanyNo Joint VentureNo Labor DisputeNo Labor DisputesNo Legal BarNo Legal ImpedimentsNo Legal, Tax, or Investment AdviceNo LiabilityNo Liability for Good Faith DeterminationsNo Liability for TaxesNo Liability of CompanyNo Liability With Respect to Tax Qualification or Adverse Tax TreatmentNo LicenseNo LiensNo Limit on Other Compensation ArrangementsNo Limitation of RightsNo LitigationNo Market ManipulationNo Material Actions or ProceedingsNo Material Adverse ChangeNo Material Adverse Change in BusinessNo Material Adverse Change in Financial StatementsNo Material Adverse EffectNo Material BreachNo Material DefaultsNo Material Deterioration in Financial Condition; Financial StatementsNo Material LitigationNo Material NoticesNo Mechanics’ LiensNo MergerNo MisconductNo MisstatementNo Misstatement or Material OmissionNo Misstatement or OmissionNo Misstatement or Omission in an Issuer Free Writing ProspectusNo MitigationNo Mitigation or OffsetNo Mitigation; No OffsetNo ModificationNo Monetary Payment RequiredNo NovationNo Novation or Mutual DepartureNo Novation; Entire AgreementNo ObligationNo Obligation to Continue as a DirectorNo Obligation to Continue EmploymentNo Obligation to Continue Service RelationshipNo Obligation to EmployNo Obligation to IncreaseNo Obligation to Minimize TaxesNo Obligation to Notify or Minimize TaxesNo OfferNo Offer to SellNo OffsetNo Offset; Independent Covenants; WaiverNo Oral AgreementNo Oral AgreementsNo Oral ModificationNo Oral Modification, Waiver, Cancellation or DischargeNo OrderNo Other AgreementsNo Other AmendmentNo Other AmendmentsNo Other BenefitsNo Other ChangesNo Other Changes; RatificationNo Other CompensationNo Other Compensation or BenefitsNo Other Duties, EtcNo Other ModificationsNo Other ObligationsNo Other PaymentsNo Other Payments or Benefits OwingNo Other PresumptionsNo Other RemediesNo Other RepresentationsNo Other Representations and WarrantiesNo Other Representations and Warranties; Non-RelianceNo Other Representations or WarrantiesNo Other RestrictionsNo Other RightsNo Other SeveranceNo Other Severance BenefitsNo Other WarrantiesNo OwnershipNo Ownership InterestNo PartnershipNo Partnership or Joint VentureNo Partnership, EtcNo Payments During Deferral PeriodNo Pending ActionNo Pending or Future LawsuitsNo Personal LiabilityNo Piggyback on RegistrationsNo Plan AssetsNo Preemptive RightsNo Preferential RightsNo PresumptionsNo Price Stabilization or ManipulationNo Prior AgreementsNo Prior EncumbrancesNo Prior Short SellingNo ProceedingNo ProceedingsNo Prohibited PersonsNo ProhibitionNo ProhibitionsNo Provider DefaultNo Public MarketNo Public Sale or DistributionNo PublicityNo Reason RequiredNo ReborrowingsNo RecordingNo RecourseNo Recourse Against OthersNo RegistrationNo Release of Tenant, Sharing of Excess RentsNo RelianceNo Reload OptionsNo Rent AbatementNo Representation of Adequate CoverageNo Representation RegardingComplianceNo RepresentationsNo Representations by Administrative Agent or LendersNo Representations by Agent or LendersNo RepricingNo Repricings, Exchanges or BuyoutsNo Requirement to Mitigate; SurvivalNo ReservationNo RestrictionsNo Restrictions on SubsidiariesNo Retention RightsNo Right of Continued EmploymentNo Right of Continued ServiceNo Right of OffsetNo Right to Continued EmploymentNo Right to Continued Employment or ServiceNo Right to Continued ServiceNo Right to Continued Service or to AwardsNo Right to Continued Service; No Rights as ShareholderNo Right to DamagesNo Right to EmploymentNo Right to Employment or Other StatusNo Right to Employment or ServicesNo Right to Future AwardsNo Right to Future Awards or EmploymentNo Rights as a Service ProviderNo Rights as a ShareholderNo Rights as a StockholderNo Rights as Employee, Director or ConsultantNo Rights as ShareholderNo Rights as Shareholder Until Vesting and Issuance of SharesNo Rights as StockholderNo Rights as Stockholder; CertificatesNo Rights of a ShareholderNo Rights of StockholdersNo Rights to AwardsNo Rights to Continued EmploymentNo Rights to EmploymentNo Set-OffNo Set-Off or MitigationNo Shareholder RightsNo Short SalesNo Short SellingNo SolicitationNo Solicitation of EmployeesNo StabilizationNo Stockholder RightsNo Stockholders RightsNo Stop OrdersNo Strict ConstructionNo Strict Construction; HeadingsNo SubrogationNo SuspensionNo Suspensions of Trading in Common Stock; ListingNo TerminationNo Termination EventNo Third-Party BeneficiariesNo Third Party BeneficiaryNo Third Party Beneficiary RightsNo Third Party Benefit or RightNo Third Party InfringementNo Third-Party RightsNo Third Party Rights or ObligationsNo TransferNo Trust Fund; Unfunded ObligationsNo Trust or Fund CreatedNo Undisclosed LiabilitiesNo Undisclosed RelationshipsNo Unlawful Contributions or Other PaymentsNo Unlawful PaymentsNo Valid ClaimNo ViolationNo Violation or DefaultNo ViolationsNo Violations of AgreementsNo Voluntary Adverse Action; CooperationNo WaiverNo Waiver by Course of Conduct; Cumulative RemediesNo Waiver by HolderNo Waiver of DefaultsNo Waiver of Defaults; WarrantiesNo Waiver of Rights, Powers and RemediesNo Waiver or NovationNo Waiver; Cumulative RemediesNo Waiver; Cumulative Remedies; EnforcementNo Waiver; Remedies CumulativeNo WaiversNo Waivers, Releases or AmendmentsNo WarrantiesNo WarrantyNominating and Corporate Governance CommitteeNon-AdmissionNon-Admission of LiabilityNon-AlienationNon-Alienation of BenefitsNon-AssignabilityNon-AssignmentNon-Assignment of ClaimsNon-AssumptionNon-Business DaysNon-Company BusinessNon-CompeteNon-Compete and Non-SolicitNon-Compete; Non-SolicitationNon-CompetitionNon-Competition and Non-SolicitationNon-Competition During EmploymentNon-Competition; Non-SolicitationNon-Competition; Non-Solicitation; Non-DisparagementNon-ConfidentialityNon-Conforming CommunicationsNon-Consenting LendersNon-ContraventionNon-Contravention of Existing Instruments; No Further Authorizations or Approvals RequiredNon-DisclosureNon-Disclosure of Confidential InformationNon-Disclosure of Trade SecretsNon-DisparagementNon-Disparagement CovenantNon-DisturbanceNon-Duplication of BenefitsNon-Employee Director AwardsNon-Employee Director CompensationNon-Employee Director Compensation LimitNon-Employee Directors’ AwardsNon-Exclusive RemedyNon-ExclusivityNon-Exclusivity of RightsNon-Exclusivity; Survival of Rights; Insurance; Primacy of Indemnification; SubrogationNon-Exclusivity; Survival of Rights; Insurance; SubrogationNon-Exclusivity; Survival of Rights; Insurance; Subrogation; Priority of ObligationsNon-Exempt EmployeesNon-InfringementNon-InterferenceNon-Member AttendanceNon-PaymentNon-PerformanceNon-Public InformationNon-Qualified Stock OptionNon-Qualifying TerminationNon-RecourseNon-Recruitment of Employees and Independent ContractorsNon-RelianceNon-Reliance on Administrative Agent and Other LendersNon-Reliance on Agent and Other LendersNon-Reliance on Agents and Other LendersNon-RenewalNon-SolicitNon-SolicitationNon-Solicitation CovenantNon-Solicitation CovenantsNon-Solicitation of CustomersNon-Solicitation of Customers and EmployeesNon-Solicitation of Customers and Other Business PartnersNon-Solicitation of Customers and SuppliersNon-Solicitation of EmployeesNon-Solicitation of Insight CustomersNon-Solicitation of Insight EmployeesNon-Solicitation of Protected CustomersNon-TransferabilityNon-Transferability of AwardNon-Transferability of AwardsNon-Transferability of InterestNon-Transferability of OptionNon-Transferability of RSUsNon-TransfersNon-UNon-Uniform DeterminationsNon-Uniform TreatmentNon-Use and Non-DisclosureNon-VitiationNon-WaiverNon-Waiver of RightsNon-Waiver of Substantive RightsNon‑Contravention; ConsentsNon‑PaymentNon‑Reliance on Administrative Agent and Other LendersNon‑TransferabilityNonalienation of BenefitsNonassignabilityNonassignability of Stock Appreciation RightsNoncompeteNoncompetitionNoncompetition and NonsolicitationNoncompetition CovenantNoncomplianceNoncontraventionNondisclosureNondisclosure and Non-Appropriation of InformationNondisclosure of Confidential InformationNondisclosure of Lease TermsNondisparagementNonexclusivityNonexclusivity of the PlanNoninterferenceNonpaymentNonrecourse DeductionsNonsolicitationNonsolicitation of EmployeesNonstatutory Stock OptionNontransferabilityNontransferability of AwardNontransferability of AwardsNontransferability of Cash-Based Awards and Other Stock-Based AwardsNontransferability of OptionNontransferability of OptionsNontransferability of Restricted Stock Award RightsNontransferability of the AwardNontransferableNonuse and NondisclosureNonwaiverNonwaiver and ExpensesNormal Retirement BenefitNormal VestingNorthstar Real Estate Investment Trust, IncNot a Contract of EmploymentNot a Contract of Service RelationshipNot a Regulated EntityNot an EmployeeNot an Employment AgreementNot an Ineligible IssuerNot an Investment CompanyNot ArbitratorNot Binding Until ExecutedNot Employment ContractNot Salary, Pensionable Earnings or Base PayNot TransferableNote Provisions ControlNotesNotes as RequestedNotes;Nothing in This [SectionNothing in This [Section 2NoticeNotice AddressNotice AddressesNotice and CooperationNotice and CureNotice and Cure OpportunityNotice and Cure Opportunity in Certain CircumstancesNotice and PaymentNotice and ReportsNotice by IndemniteeNotice by the Administrative Agent to the LendersNotice by the BorrowerNotice of AdjustmentsNotice of and Conditions to Post-Retirement VestingNotice of ArbitrationNotice of BorrowingNotice of Borrowing and DisbursementNotice of BreachNotice of CancellationNotice of Certain EventsNotice of Certain Other EventsNotice of Change in Control or Control EventNotice of ClaimNotice of ClaimsNotice of Commission Stop OrdersNotice of Completion; Copy of Record Set of PlansNotice of DecisionNotice of Decision on AppealNotice of DefaultNotice of Default, Litigation and Material Adverse EffectNotice of DefaultsNotice of DenialNotice of Denial of ClaimNotice of DispositionNotice of Disposition of SharesNotice of Disqualification EventsNotice of Disqualifying Disposition of ISO SharesNotice of ElectionsNotice of Events of Termination or Unmatured Events of TerminationNotice of ExerciseNotice of IssuanceNotice of Issuance, Amendment, Extension, Reinstatement or RenewalNotice of Issuance, Amendment, Extension; Certain ConditionsNotice of Issuance, Amendment, Renewal or ExtensionNotice of Issuance, Amendment, Renewal, Extension; Certain ConditionsNotice of LeaseNotice of LitigationNotice of Litigation and JudgmentsNotice of Loans and Credit EventsNotice of Material EventsNotice of Other SalesNotice of PrepaymentNotice of Regulatory ActionNotice of Suits, Adverse EventsNotice of Swingline Loans by the BorrowerNotice of Takings and CasualtyNotice of TerminationNotice of Voluntary Termination or ReductionNotice PeriodsNotice RequiredNotice RequirementsNotice to Agents and ObligorsNotice to Allow Exercise by HolderNotice to InsurersNotice to Other PersonsNotice to ParticipantsNotice to the LendersNotice; Manner of PaymentNotice; PaymentNoticesNotices GenerallyNotices of Litigation and DefaultNotices of Material EventsNotices to LandlordNotices to Residents of the European Economic AreaNotices, EtcNotices; Standards for Decisions and DeterminationsNotificationNotification and Defense of ClaimNotification by Administrative AgentNotification by Administrative Agent; Additional LendersNotification by Administrative Agent; Additional Revolving Credit LendersNotification by Administrative Agent; Additional Term LendersNotification of Certain MattersNotification of ClaimsNotification of Claims Against Unencumbered AssetsNotification of Event of DefaultNotification of LendersNotification of Materials or Documents From Other EmployersNotification of New EmployerNotification of Other Post-Employment ObligationsNotification of Threatened ActionNotification Regarding DispositionNotification RequirementNotification to New EmployerNotification to Subsequent EmployerNotification Upon Sale of SharesNotifications and Other Indemnification ProceduresNotwithstanding [SectionNotwithstanding [Section 2Notwithstanding [Section 4Notwithstanding [Section 5Notwithstanding [Section 6Notwithstanding [Section 7Notwithstanding [Section 8Notwithstanding [Sections 2NumberNumber and GenderNumber of SharesNumber of Shares and Exercise PriceNumber of Shares AvailableNumbers of DocumentsNutrisystem, IncNVCR’s ResponsibilitiesO.m. World of Medicine Usa, IncObjectionObjectionable NameObligation to Cash CollateralizeObligation to Keep Company InformedObligation to Provide NoticesObligationsObligations AbsoluteObligations IndependentObligations Joint and SeveralObligations of ConfidentialityObligations of LendersObligations of Lenders SeveralObligations of the CompanyObligations of the InvestorObligations on TerminationObligations to Third PartiesObligations UnconditionalObligor's Right to CureOccurrence of DefaultOdors and ExhaustOFAC; Sanctions; Anti-Corruption Laws; Anti-Money Laundering LawsOff Balance Sheet ArrangementsOffer to Prepay NotesOfferingOffering Materials Furnished to CowenOffering PeriodsOfferingsOffice of Foreign Assets ControlOfficer's CertificateOfficer’s CertificateOfficer’s Certificate, Resolutions, Organizational DocumentsOfficer’s CertificatesOfficers CertificateOfficers’ CertificateOfficial LanguageOffsetOn Change in Control DateOn-Site ExpectationsOn the Amendment NoOne-Time Equity GrantOne-Time PaymentOngoing Clinical TrialOngoing Clinical TrialsOngoing OperationsOngoing Technology Update and Transfer ObligationsOperating AccountsOperating CostsOperating Expense PaymentsOperating ExpensesOperating, Depository and Investment AccountsOperationOperation of PropertyOperationsOpinion of CounselOpinion of Counsel to the BorrowerOpinionsOpinions of CounselOptionOption AgreementOption ExercisabilityOption ExerciseOption Exercise PriceOption Expiration DateOption GrantOption Not a Service ContractOption or SAR RepricingOption PriceOption RentOption RightOption RightsOption TermOption to ExtendOption to RenewOption VestingOptionalOptional ConversionOptional PrepaymentOptional PrepaymentsOptional RedemptionOptional Reduction of Revolving Credit CommitmentOptionees Not StockholdersOptionsOrder of ReductionOrdersOrdinary Course of BusinessOrganic DocumentsOrganizationOrganization and AuthorityOrganization and Corporate PowerOrganization and Good StandingOrganization and PowerOrganization and QualificationOrganization and Requisite AuthorityOrganization Documents, Resolutions, EtcOrganization, AuthorityOrganization, Good Standing and QualificationOrganization, Good Standing, EtcOrganization, Standing and PowerOrganization; AuthorityOrganization; Good StandingOrganization; PowerOrganization; Power; QualificationOrganization; PowersOrganizational DocumentsOrganizational StatusOriginal PremisesOriginal Terms UnmodifiedOrigination FeeOtherOther ActivitiesOther AdjustmentsOther Adjustments Pursuant to the Equity DefinitionsOther AdministrationOther AgreementsOther Agreements SupersededOther AssetsOther AwardsOther Benefit and Compensation ProgramsOther BenefitsOther BusinessOther Changes in Time of PaymentOther Collateral CovenantsOther CommitteesOther Compensation and BenefitsOther Compensation ArrangementsOther Compensation Arrangements; No Employment RightsOther Compensation or BenefitsOther ConditionsOther ConsentsOther ContributionsOther CovenantsOther Covered PersonsOther DefaultsOther Defaults Under Credit DocumentsOther Defaults Under Loan DocumentsOther Definitional ProvisionsOther DeliveriesOther DisclosuresOther DocumentsOther Employee BenefitsOther Enforcement ActionsOther EventsOther Extension TransactionsOther FeesOther Fees and Out of Pocket CostsOther Fees, Costs, Charges and ExpensesOther Financial InformationOther Forms of PaymentOther IndebtednessOther InformationOther InfringementOther InsuranceOther Insurance RequirementsOther Interpretive ProvisionsOther InventionsOther Items Not Included in AllocationOther JurisdictionsOther LiabilitiesOther LiensOther Loan DocumentsOther MaterialsOther MattersOther ObligationsOther Payment DefaultOther Permitted Indebtedness;Other Pertinent ProvisionsOther PlansOther ProceedingsOther PropertyOther ProvisionsOther Registration RightsOther Regulatory Permits/requirementsOther RemediesOther ReportsOther Reports and FilingsOther RequirementsOther Resignations From EmploymentOther RestrictionsOther RightsOther Rights and BenefitsOther SecurityOther StatementsOther Stock AwardsOther Stock-Based AwardsOther TaxesOther TerminationOther Termination EventsOther Termination of EmploymentOther Termination of ServiceOther TerminationsOther Terminations of EmploymentOther TermsOther Terms and ConditionsOther TransactionsOther UsagesOutplacement AssistanceOutplacement ServicesOutside ActivitiesOutside Director Award LimitationsOutside Director AwardsOutside the CNS Clearing ProcessOutstanding Letters of CreditOver-Allowance AmountOveradvancesOverall Number of Shares Available for DeliveryOverdue PaymentsOverstandard Tenant UseOverviewOverview; DiligenceOwn AccountOwnershipOwnership and Location of CollateralOwnership Change Event, Non-Cash Dividends, Distributions and AdjustmentsOwnership of Corporate NamesOwnership of InventionsOwnership of Physical PropertyOwnership of Product TrademarksOwnership of PropertyOwnership of Property; InvestmentsOwnership of Property; LiensOwnership of Property; Liens; InvestmentsOwnership of SubsidiariesOwnership of TechnologyOwnership of Work ProductPackagingPackaging and LabelingPaid Time OffPaperless AdministrationParachute PaymentParachute Payment LimitationParachute PaymentsParagraph HeadingsPari PassuParkingPart YearsPartial ExercisePartial IndemnificationPartial IndemnityPartial InvalidityPartial or No Exercise of the Over-Allotment OptionPartial RedemptionPartial Redemption OrderPartial TerminationParticipantParticipant AcceptanceParticipant AccountsParticipant AcknowledgmentParticipant Bound by PlanParticipant ContributionsParticipant RegisterParticipant RepresentationsParticipant UndertakingParticipant Undertaking; AcceptanceParticipant’s AcknowledgementsParticipant’s AcknowledgmentsParticipant’s RepresentationsParticipant’s Responsibility; Company’s Obligation to Deliver CertificatesParticipantsParticipationParticipation in Benefit PlansParticipation in Employee Benefit PlansParticipation in Future FinancingParticipation in Letters of CreditParticipation in PlansParticipation in Swing LoansParticipation in the PlanParticipation Outside of the United StatesParticipationsParticipations by Lenders in Swingline LoansPartiesParties and DateParties BoundParties in InterestPartner Minimum Gain ChargebackPartner Nonrecourse DeductionsPassive Foreign Investment CompanyPatent and Copyright RegistrationsPatent and Copyright RightsPatent and Trademark DisputesPatent ChallengePatent CoordinatorsPatent CostsPatent DisputesPatent ExpensesPatent ExtensionsPatent FilingsPatent ListingsPatent MarkingPatent MarkingsPatent ProsecutionPatent Prosecution and MaintenancePatent Term ExtensionPatent Term Extension and Supplementary Protection CertificatePatent Term ExtensionsPatents Licensed From Third PartiesPatents, Trademarks, Copyrights and LicensesPatents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Licenses, EtcPay-Off LetterPayable PracticesPaymentPayment AdjustmentsPayment at ClosingPayment by CounterpartyPayment by GranteePayment by Landlord; InterestPayment by TenantPayment DatePayment Dates and ReportsPayment DefaultPayment DefaultsPayment for AwardsPayment for Awards in Lieu of ExercisePayment for ConsentsPayment for ImprovementsPayment for Purchase SharesPayment for Share PurchasesPayment for TI CostsPayment in Settlement of Performance AwardsPayment in SharesPayment in StockPayment InstructionsPayment MechanicsPayment MethodPayment Method and Currency ConversionPayment ObligationsPayment Obligations AbsolutePayment of Accrued ObligationsPayment of AwardPayment of AwardsPayment of Exercise PricePayment of ExpensesPayment of Expenses and TaxesPayment of Extension FeePayment of FeesPayment of Fees and ExpensesPayment of Fees, EtcPayment of Indebtedness and Leasehold ObligationsPayment of InterestPayment of Lender ExpensesPayment of Liabilities, Including Taxes, EtcPayment of ObligationsPayment of Operating CostsPayment of Other ObligationsPayment of Other TaxesPayment of Other Taxes by BorrowerPayment of Other Taxes by BorrowersPayment of Other Taxes by Loan PartiesPayment of Other Taxes by the BorrowerPayment of Other Taxes by the BorrowersPayment of Other Taxes by the Borrowers and Other Loan PartiesPayment of Other Taxes by the CompanyPayment of Other Taxes by the Credit PartiesPayment of Other Taxes by the Loan PartiesPayment of Performance-Based AwardsPayment of Post-Closing AdjustmentsPayment of PrincipalPayment of Principal and InterestPayment of PRSUsPayment of Purchase PricePayment of RentPayment of RetainersPayment of Salary and Receipt of All BenefitsPayment of SAR AmountPayment of Stock Appreciation Right AmountPayment of TaxPayment of TaxesPayment of Taxes and ClaimsPayment of Taxes, EtcPayment of the Employer’s LiabilityPayment on Maturity DatePayment OptionsPayment ProceduresPayment SchedulePayment Set AsidePayment TermsPayment TimingPayment Under ProtestPayment Upon ExercisePayment Upon Exercise of SARPayment; Interest ComputationPayment; ReportsPaymentsPayments and BenefitsPayments and DeferralsPayments and ReportsPayments by AssignorPayments by Borrower; Presumptions by Administrative AgentPayments by Borrowers; Presumptions by Administrative AgentPayments by the BorrowerPayments by the Borrower; Presumptions by Administrative AgentPayments by the CompanyPayments Directly to Swing Line LenderPayments Directly to Swingline LenderPayments Following DisabilityPayments Free of TaxesPayments Free of Taxes; Obligation to Withhold; Payments on Account of TaxesPayments Free of Taxes; Obligation to Withhold; Tax PaymentPayments Free of WithholdingPayments From BorrowerPayments GenerallyPayments Generally; Administrative Agent’s ClawbackPayments in the Event of Forfeitures; Fractional SharesPayments MadePayments on Receivables, Collection AccountsPayments Prior to Exercise of RemediesPayments Set AsidePayments Subsequent to Exercise of RemediesPayments to AssignorPayments to Be Free and ClearPayments to LendersPayments to Specified EmployeesPayments to Third PartiesPayments Under Loan DocumentsPayments Upon TerminationPayments; FeesPayoff LettersPayroll DeductionsPending ActionsPending LitigationPension BenefitsPension Plan, Benefit Plans and PerquisitesPension PlansPensionsPental Acquisition DocumentsPerfectionPerfection and Priority of LiensPerfection CertificatePerfection of Security InterestPerfection or Registration of Interest in Foreign SharesPerformancePerformance and Compliance With CollateralPerformance AwardsPerformance-Based AwardsPerformance-Based CompensationPerformance-Based LTIP UnitsPerformance-Based VestingPerformance BonusPerformance Bonus; Long-Term Incentive Equity AwardsPerformance BonusesPerformance by AffiliatesPerformance Cash AwardsPerformance ConditionsPerformance CriteriaPerformance GoalPerformance GoalsPerformance Goals and ObjectivesPerformance MeasuresPerformance Objectives and Other TermsPerformance of AgreementsPerformance of Borrowers’ ObligationsPerformance of CovenantsPerformance of Executive’s DutiesPerformance of ObligationsPerformance of ServicesPerformance PeriodPerformance RequirementPerformance SharesPerformance StandardPerformance StandardsPerformance Stock AwardsPerformance TargetsPerformance UnitsPerformance WarrantyPeriod of LimitationsPeriodic ReportsPermissible ConsiderationPermitsPermitted AcquisitionsPermitted Acquisitions;Permitted Acquisitions; AndPermitted AssignmentsPermitted Contingent Obligations;Permitted DebtPermitted DisclosurePermitted DisclosuresPermitted Encumbrances;Permitted Free Writing ProspectusesPermitted Hedging Agreements and Bank Product Obligations;Permitted Intercompany Investments;Permitted Investments;Permitted LiensPermitted Liens;Permitted Participants; EffectPermitted PrepaymentPermitted Prepayment of Term LoanPermitted Prepayment of Term LoansPermitted Purchase Money Debt;Permitted SBIC Guarantees;Permitted TransfersPermitted Transfers;Permitted UsePermitted Use and DisclosuresPermitted UsesPerquisitesPerquisites and Reimbursement of ExpensesPersonPerson Eligible to ExercisePersonal DataPersonal InformationPersonal OptionPersonal PropertyPersonal Property CollateralPersonal Property TaxesPersonnelPersonnel ObligationsPersons EligiblePersons Eligible for AwardsPhantom UnitsPharma CoPharmacovigilancePharmacovigilance AgreementPhotographs and RecordingsPiggy-Back RegistrationsPiggyback Registration WithdrawalPiggyback RightsPipes, Ducts and ConduitsPlace of ClosingPlace of EmploymentPlace of PerformancePlacement AgentPlacementsPlacing a Creation OrderPlacing a Redemption OrderPlan AdministrationPlan AdministratorPlan Administrator DutiesPlan AmendmentPlan AssetsPlan ControlsPlan GovernsPlan IncorporatedPlan MergerPlan ParticipationPlan ProvisionsPlan ReservePlan Sponsor and AdministratorPlan TermPlan TerminationPlan TerminationsPlan UnfundedPlan YearPlansPlans and Benefit ArrangementsPlans and ConstructionPlans and SpecificationsPlatformPledge AgreementPledge AgreementsPledge of CollateralPledge of CreditPledge of SecuritiesPledge of Stock or Other Ownership InterestPledged CollateralPledged Equity InterestsPledged Equity Interests; Stock Powers; Pledged NotesPledged Stock and Pledged NotesPledged Stock; Stock Powers; Pledged NotesPoliciesPolicies and ProceduresPolicy Subject to Amendment, Modification and TerminationPositionPosition and DutiesPosition and ResponsibilitiesPosition and TitlePosition, Duties and ResponsibilitiesPositions and DutiesPossessionPossession of CollateralPossession of Intellectual PropertyPossession of Licenses and PermitsPost-ClosingPost-Closing ActionsPost-Closing AdjustmentPost-Closing CovenantPost-Closing CovenantsPost-Closing DeliverablesPost-Closing DeliveriesPost-Closing MattersPost-Closing ObligationsPost-Closing RequirementsPost-Default AllocationPost-Default RatePost-Employment Health CoveragePost-Termination Covenants by ExecutivePost-Termination ObligationsPost-Termination PeriodPowerPower and AuthorityPower and Authority; Due AuthorizationPower and Authority; Due Authorization; Execution and DeliveryPower of AttorneyPower; Authorization; Enforceable ObligationsPower; Due Authorization; Binding AgreementPowersPowers of AdministratorPowers of BoardPowers of the AdministratorPowers of the CommitteePRACTICE FUSION and Pharma CoPreconditions of EffectivenessPreemptive RightsPreliminary InjunctionsPremisesPremium; Interest; Application of PrepaymentsPreparation of the Financial StatementsPrepaymentPrepayment FeePrepayment of IndebtednessPrepayment PremiumPrepaymentsPrepayments, Amendments, Etc. of Permitted Subordinated IndebtednessPrepayments, EtcPreservation of CollateralPreservation of Company ExistencePreservation of Corporate ExistencePreservation of ExistencePreservation of Existence, EtcPreservation of RightsPreservation of Security InterestPress ReleasePress ReleasesPresumption by the Administrative AgentPresumptions and Effect of Certain ProceedingsPresumptions of PaymentPrevailing PartyPricePricesPricingPricing BasisPrincipalPrincipal and Interest PaymentsPrincipal Location of ServicesPrincipal OfficePrincipal PaymentsPrincipal Place of EmploymentPrior AgreementPrior AgreementsPrior Conduct of Proposed TransfereePrior ConsentPrior EmploymentPrior InventionsPrior ObligationsPrior UnderstandingsPriorityPriority of Security InterestPrivacyPrivate PlacementPrivate Placement; No Registration; Restricted LegendsPrivate Side DesignationPrivate Side Information ContactsPrivate, Negotiated TransactionPrivileged CommunicationsPro Forma BasisPro Forma Financial StatementsPro-Forma ProjectionsPro Forma TreatmentPro-Rata AwardsPro Rata BonusPro Rata DistributionsPro Rata SharesPro Rata TreatmentPro Rata Treatment and PaymentsPro-Rated BonusPro‑Forma ProjectionsProcedural RulesProcedureProcedure for AcceptanceProcedure for BorrowingProcedure for Exercise; Rights as a ShareholderProcedure for Exercise; Rights as a StockholderProcedure for Issuance of Letter of CreditProcedure for Notification and Application for IndemnificationProcedure for OfferProcedure for Revolving Loan BorrowingProcedure for Term Loan BorrowingProcedure Upon Application for IndemnificationProceduresProcedures and Presumptions for Determination of Entitlement to IndemnificationProcedures for BorrowingProceedingProceedingsProceedings and DocumentsProceedings by or in the Right of the CompanyProceedings Other Than Proceedings by or in the Right of the CompanyProceedsProceeds of CollateralProceeds of SaleProcessProcess AgentProcess InformationProduct ClaimsProduct LiabilityProduct MarksProduct RecallsProduct Rejection for Finished Product Specification FailureProduct ReturnsProduct TrademarksProductsProfessional FeesProfessional Membership FeesProfit Before Tax;Progress ReportsProhibited ActionsProhibited ActivitiesProhibited IndemnificationProhibited Persons and TransactionsProhibited Signage and Other ItemsProhibited TransactionsProhibited TransfersProhibited UsesProhibitionProhibition Against RecordingProhibition Against RepricingProhibition of Acceleration of PaymentsProhibition of Short Sales and Hedging TransactionsProhibition on Assignment by the CompanyProhibition on RepricingProhibition/Compliance/IndemnityProhibitionsProjectProject DocumentsProject ManagementProject ManagerProject or Building Name and SignageProject or Building Name, Address and SignageProjected Operating BudgetProjectionsPromise Not to SuePromise to PayPromissory NotePromissory NotesPromotional MaterialsPronounsPropertiesPropertyProperty and Liability InsuranceProperty DamageProperty GenerallyProperty InsuranceProperty Insurance SubrogationProperty of TenantProperty of the CompanyProperty Operating ExpensesProperty RecordsProportionate AmountsProprietary InformationProprietary Information AgreementProprietary Information and ConfidentialityProprietary Information and Inventions AgreementProprietary Information ObligationsProprietary RightsProrationProrationsProsecutionProsecution and EnforcementProsecution and MaintenanceProspectusProtected ActivityProtected Activity Not ProhibitedProtected CommunicationsProtected DisclosuresProtected Disclosures and Other Protected ActionProtected Disclosures and Other Protected ActionsProtected PeriodProtected RightsProtectionProtection and MarkingProtection of CollateralProtection of Confidential InformationProtection of InformationProtection of Intellectual Property RightsProtection to Confidential Information; Restrictive CovenantsProtective AdvancesProtective PaymentsProtective ProvisionsProvision of InformationProvisions Applicable to Both Trade Secrets and Confidential and Proprietary InformationProvisions for Foreign ParticipantsProvisions of Plan ControlProvisions of the PlanProvisions Related to Extended Revolving Credit CommitmentsProvisions Related to Extending Revolving Credit CommitmentsProvisions Relating to Special Rights and DutiesProxiesProxyPRSUs Not TransferrablePrudent Actions by Plan FiduciariesPTO Filing; Copyright Office FilingPublic AnnouncementPublic AnnouncementsPublic DisclosurePublic InformationPublicationPublicationsPublications and Public StatementsPublicityPunchlistPurchasePurchase and SalePurchase and Sale of SecuritiesPurchase and Sale of the Private Placement WarrantsPurchase DocumentPurchase Entirely for Own AccountPurchase for InvestmentPurchase for Own AccountPurchase of Common StockPurchase of NotePurchase of SharesPurchase OrdersPurchase PeriodPurchase PricePurchase Price AllocationPurchase Price FloorPurchase Price for OptionsPurchase RecordsPurchase RightsPurchased AssetsPurchased InterestsPurchaser StatusPurchaser’s Closing StatementPurchaser’s Obligations at the ClosingPurchaser’s Representations and WarrantiesPurposePurpose and IntentPurpose of PlanPurpose of the PlanPurposes of the PlanPursuant to [Section 1Pursuant to [Section 2Pursuant to [Section 6Pursuant to [Section 7Pursuant to Amendment NoQualificationQualification of Incentive Stock OptionsQualificationsQualified CashQualified Income OffsetQualifying TerminationQualityQuality AgreementQuality AssuranceQuality Control and Quality AssuranceQuality of TitleQuarterly Compliance StatementQuarterly Financial StatementsQuarterly FinancialsQuarterly ReportsQuestionnaires and Undertaking and DirectionQuestionsQuiet EnjoymentQuiet PossessionQuorumQuoted InvestmentsR. Donnelley & Sons CompanyRabbi TrustRaindance Apartments,NWnd Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, OklahomaRankingRatable SharingRate of InterestRatesRates and Payment of InterestRatificationRatification and Affirmation; Representations and WarrantiesRatification of Perfection CertificateRatification of the AgreementRatification; ConflictsRatificationsRating LetterRaw MaterialsRay Drake, PresidentRe-Allocation of Revolving Credit CommitmentsReaffirmationReaffirmation CertificateReaffirmation of Collateral Document Obligations; Receipt of ModificationReaffirmation of Collateral DocumentsReaffirmation of Loan Documents and LiensReaffirmation of ObligationsReaffirmation of Representations and WarrantiesReaffirmation of Security InterestReaffirmation of Security InterestsReaffirmation of the Loan PartiesReaffirmationsReal and Personal PropertyReal EstateReal Estate BrokersReal Estate CommissionsReal Estate TaxesReal PropertyReal Property CollateralReal Property TaxesReallocation of Applicable Percentages to Reduce Fronting ExposureReallocation of Applicable Revolving Credit Percentages to Reduce Fronting ExposureReallocation of Applicable Revolving Percentages to Reduce Fronting ExposureReallocation of Participations and LoansReallocation of Participations to Reduce Fronting ExposureReallocation of Participations; Cash Collateralization and RepaymentReallocation of PaymentsReallocation of Pro Rata Share to Reduce Fronting ExposureReallocation of Pro Rata Share; AmendmentsReasonable AssistanceReasonable Best EffortsReasonable Business Expenses and SupportReasonable CareReasonable EffortsReasonable RestrictionsReasonablenessReasonableness of CovenantsReasonableness of RestrictionsRecalled ProductRecallsRecalls, Market Withdrawals or Corrective ActionsRecalls, Suspensions or WithdrawalsRecapitalizationRecapitalization or ReorganizationReceipt of BenefitsReceipt of ConfirmationReceipt of Contributions by TrusteeReceipt of FundsReceivable FileReceivablesReceivables; Deposit Accounts and Securities AccountsReceiver or TrusteeRecipients of GrantsRecitalsRecitals Incorporated HereinRecitals; Capitalized TermsRecitals; ConstructionRecitals; TermsReclassification, Exchange, Combinations or SubstitutionRecognition of Company’s RightsRecognition of Company’s Rights; NondisclosureReconciliationRecord DateRecord HolderRecord KeepingRecord RetentionRecordationRecordation Into RegisterRecordingRecording and FilingRecordkeepingRecordsRecords and Audit RightsRecords and AuditsRecords and InformationRecords and NoticeRecords and Reports of InventoryRecords and Schedules of AccountsRecords of PurchasesRecords; AuditRecords; AuditsRecords; ConfidentialityRecoupmentRecoupment PolicyRecoupment/ClawbackRecoveriesRecoveryRecovery of Erroneous PaymentsRecovery of PaymentsRecyclingRedelivery of DocumentationRedevelopment of ProjectReduced SalaryReduction of Certain PaymentsReduction of Non-Extending Lenders’ CommitmentReduction of PaymentsReduction of Piggyback RegistrationReduction of Underwritten OfferingReemploymentRef00038830.0Reference to AgreementReference to and Effect on the Credit AgreementReference to Credit AgreementReference to Loan AgreementReference to the Effect on the Credit AgreementReference to the Effect on the Financing DocumentsReferencesReferences in Loan DocumentsReferences to Transaction DocumentsReferences Within Existing Loan AgreementReferences Within Loan and Security AgreementRefinancingRefinancing of Swing Line LoansRefinancing of Swingline LoansReformationRefunding of Letters of Credit With Revolving LoansRefunding of Swing LoansRefundsRefusal to TransferRegisterRegistrationRegistration ​Registration and AuthorityRegistration ExpensesRegistration ProceduresRegistration RightsRegistration Rights AgreementRegistration StatementRegistration Statement AmendmentsRegistration Statement and ProspectusRegistration Statement EffectiveRegulated ActivitiesRegulation D OfferingRegulation MRegulation M ComplianceRegulation URegulatoryRegulatory ActivitiesRegulatory ApprovalRegulatory ApprovalsRegulatory AssistanceRegulatory Audits and InspectionRegulatory AuthorityRegulatory ComplianceRegulatory CooperationRegulatory CostsRegulatory DisruptionRegulatory Enforcement ActionsRegulatory FilingsRegulatory InspectionsRegulatory MaterialsRegulatory Materials; DataRegulatory MattersRegulatory MeetingsRegulatory PermitsRegulatory RequirementsRegulatory ResponsibilitiesRegulatory SubmissionsReimbursementReimbursement by LendersReimbursement for Past ExpensesReimbursement Obligation of the BorrowerReimbursement ObligationsReimbursement of Business ExpensesReimbursement of ExpensesReimbursement of Legal FeesReimbursement or Cancellation of Certain AwardsReimbursement; ParticipationsReimbursementsReinstatementREIT QualificationREIT StatusRejecting or Suspending Creation OrdersRejecting or Suspending Redemption OrdersRejectionRelated AgreementsRelated DefinitionsRelated ObligationsRelated Party TransactionsRelation to Other BenefitsRelation to PlanRelationshipRelationship of PartiesRelationship of the PartiesRelationship to Existing Confidentiality AgreementRelationship to Other BenefitsRelationship With LendersRelationships With the CompanyReleaseRelease AgreementRelease by BorrowerRelease by ExecutiveRelease ConditionRelease for ServicingRelease of All ClaimsRelease of ClaimsRelease of Claims AgreementRelease of CollateralRelease of GuarantorsRelease of LiensRelease of MortgagesRelease of Unknown ClaimsRelease Prior to Payment of BenefitsRelease RequirementRelease Upon Certain EventsRelease; Set-OffReleased ClaimsReleased PartiesReleasesReleases of Hazardous MaterialsRelevant FactorsRelianceReliance by Administrative AgentReliance by Administrative Agent and LendersReliance by Administrative Agent, L/C Issuer and LendersReliance by Administrative Agent, L/C Issuers and LendersReliance by AgentReliance by Agent, L/C Issuer and LendersReliance by AgentsReliance by Agents and LendersReliance by LenderReliance by the Administrative AgentReliance on Documents; CounselReliance on ExemptionsReliefRelocationRelocation AssistanceRelocation BenefitsRelocation ExpensesRemaining InventoriesRemaining TermsRemedial ActionsRemediesRemedies CumulativeRemedies Cumulative; No WaiverRemedies for BreachRemedies for Employee’s BreachRemedies Not ExclusiveRemedies of IndemniteeRemedies Upon an Event of DefaultRemedies Upon BreachRemedies Upon DefaultRemedies Upon Event of DefaultRemedies, Characterizations, Other Obligations, Breaches and Injunctive ReliefRemedies, Other Obligations, Breaches and Injunctive ReliefRemedyRemedy for BreachRemedy for Improper DraftsRemittances GenerallyRemovalRemoval of LegendsRemoval of RestrictionsRemoval of Tenant Property by TenantRemunerationRenewalRenewal OptionRenewal TermRenewalsRent AbatementRent DefinedRent RollRentable Square Feet of PremisesReorganizationReorganizationsRepair and MaintenanceRepair of Damage to Premises by LandlordRepairsRepaymentRepayment of BonusRepayment of Excess AdvancesRepayment of LoansRepayment of Participation AdvancesRepayment of ParticipationsRepayment of Swingline LoansRepayment of Term LoansRepayment/ForfeitureReplacementReplacement and Resignation of an Issuing BankReplacement of an Issuing BankReplacement of Certain LendersReplacement of LendersReplacement of Non-Consenting LenderReplacement of Non‑Consenting LenderReplacement of SecuritiesReplacement of SharesReplacement of the Issuing BankReplacement of the L/C IssuerReplacement of WarrantReplacement ProjectReplacing Future BenchmarksReplacing USD LIBORReportable Uses Require ConsentReportingReporting ComplianceReporting ObligationsReporting PeriodsReporting RequirementsReporting StatusReporting Structure/ResponsibilitiesReportsReports AccurateReports and Disclosure Under the Securities ActsReports to Government EntitiesREPORTS UNDER the EXCHANGE ACTReports; Other InformationReports; PaymentsRepresentationRepresentation and Agreements of ExecutiveRepresentation and WarrantiesRepresentation by CounselRepresentation by Legal CounselRepresentation by the HolderRepresentation CertificateRepresentation Dates; CertificateRepresentation of AuthorityRepresentation/Arbitration Rights and ProceduresRepresentationsRepresentations and Agreements to Survive DeliveryRepresentations and CovenantsRepresentations and Covenants of the AgentRepresentations and Indemnities of Broker RelationshipsRepresentations and WarrantiesRepresentations and Warranties GenerallyRepresentations and Warranties of Both PartiesRepresentations and Warranties of BuyerRepresentations and Warranties of Credit PartiesRepresentations and Warranties of Each PartyRepresentations and Warranties of HolderRepresentations and Warranties of InvestorRepresentations and Warranties of LendersRepresentations and Warranties of NVCRRepresentations and Warranties of PurchaserRepresentations and Warranties of SellerRepresentations and Warranties of the BorrowerRepresentations and Warranties of the CompanyRepresentations and Warranties of the Credit PartiesRepresentations and Warranties of the InvestorRepresentations and Warranties of the InvestorsRepresentations and Warranties of the Loan PartiesRepresentations and Warranties of the PartiesRepresentations and Warranties of the PurchaserRepresentations and Warranties of the PurchasersRepresentations and Warranties of ZaiRepresentations and Warranties; CovenantsRepresentations and Warranties; No DefaultRepresentations and Warranties; No Event of DefaultRepresentations and Warranties; Reaffirmation of Security InterestRepresentations and Warranties/No DefaultRepresentations of AssigneeRepresentations of ExecutiveRepresentations of PurchaserRepresentations of the CompanyRepresentations of the ExecutiveRepresentations TrueRepresentations, Warranties and Acknowledgments of BorrowerRepresentations, Warranties and CovenantsRepresentations, Warranties and Covenants of the CompanyRepresentations, Warranties and Covenants of the PurchaserRepresentations, Warranties and Covenants of the SubscriberRepresentations, Warranties of Each PartyRepresentations; Events of DefaultRepricingRepricing ProhibitedRepurchase NoticesRepurchase OptionRepurchase or Forfeiture of Restricted StockRepurchase PriceRepurchase RightsRequest for a ReviewRequest for Credit ExtensionRequest for ExtensionRequest for IncreaseRequest for Letter of CreditRequest for RegistrationRequests for BorrowingRequests for ExtensionRequests for Increase by BorrowerRequired ConsentsRequired Delay in Payment to Specified Employee Pursuant to Separation From ServiceRequired DisclosureRequired DisclosuresRequired Filings Relating to Placement of Placement SharesRequired ReleaseRequired TermsRequired WithholdingRequirementsRequirements for Participation in Underwritten OfferingsRequirements of InsuranceRequirements of LawRequirements of Tenant's AgentsRequirements of Tenant’s AgentsResale RestrictionsRescission and Withdrawal RightRescission RightsResearch CostsResearch FundingResearch LicenseResearch PlanResearch RecordsResearch TermReservationReservation of Common StockReservation of RightsReservation of SharesReservation of Stock Issuable Upon ConversionReservationsReservesReserves on Eurocurrency Rate LoansReserves on Eurodollar Rate LoansReserves on LIBOR Rate LoansResidenceResidencyResignationResignation and CooperationResignation and Replacement of Swingline LenderResignation for Good ReasonResignation From PositionsResignation From the Company for Good ReasonResignation From the Company With Good ReasonResignation From the Company Without Good ReasonResignation of Administrative AgentResignation of Administrative Agent, Swing Line Lender, L/C Issuers and Collateral AgentResignation of All Other PositionsResignation or Removal of the Issuing BankResignation Without Good ReasonResignation; Successor AgentResignationsResolution by Executive OfficersResolution of Disputed ItemsResolution of DisputesResolutionsResolutions; OpinionResource Capital CorpResponse to SubpoenasResponsibilitiesResponsibilities of the JSCResponsibilityResponsibility for TaxesResponsible Officer CertificateRestaurantRestorationRestricted ActivitiesRestricted Foreign Subsidiary Voting RightsRestricted InvestmentsRestricted Junior PaymentsRestricted PaymentsRestricted Period and VestingRestricted SecuritiesRestricted StockRestricted Stock AgreementRestricted Stock and Restricted Stock UnitsRestricted Stock AwardRestricted Stock AwardsRestricted Stock Purchase AgreementRestricted Stock UnitRestricted Stock Unit AgreementRestricted Stock Unit AwardsRestricted Stock UnitsRestricted Stock Units Not TransferableRestrictionRestriction on Disclosure and Use of Confidential InformationRestriction on Redemption and Cash DividendsRestriction on TransferRestriction PeriodRestrictionsRestrictions and ConditionsRestrictions During Period of RestrictionRestrictions on ExerciseRestrictions on Grant of the Award and Issuance of SharesRestrictions on Issuance of SharesRestrictions on Payment of Certain DebtRestrictions on Registration RightsRestrictions on ResaleRestrictions on SharesRestrictions on TransferRestrictions on Transfer and PledgeRestrictions on Transfer of AwardRestrictions on Transfer of SharesRestrictions on Transfer; Shell CompanyRestrictions on TransferabilityRestrictions on Use and DisclosureRestrictive AgreementsRestrictive CovenantRestrictive Covenant Acknowledgments; ReasonablenessRestrictive Covenant AgreementRestrictive CovenantsRestrictive Covenants AgreementRestrictive LegendRestrictive LegendsRetain Appropriate Consultants to Review and Investigate the Condition of the PremisesRetained RightsRetention BonusRetention of RightsRetirementRetirement and Investment PlansRetirement and Welfare PlansRetirement BenefitsRetirement PlansRetirement; Involuntary Termination Without CauseReturn of CapitalReturn of Company PropertyReturn of Confidential InformationReturn of DocumentsReturn of InformationReturn of MaterialsReturn of PaymentsReturn of PropertyReturn of Restricted Stock to CompanyReturn of Security Deposit or Letter of CreditReturn of the Company PropertyReturn of the Company’s PropertyReturn or Destruction of Confidential InformationReturning Company DocumentsReturnsReturns of Inventory; Affixed EquipmentReversion of RightsReversion of Shares to the Share ReserveReview and ConsultationReview PeriodReview ProcedureReviewing PartyRevisionsRevival of Secured ObligationsRevocationRevocation PeriodRevocation Period and Effective DateRevolving AdvancesRevolving BorrowingsRevolving CommitmentRevolving CommitmentsRevolving Credit BorrowingsRevolving Credit CommitmentsRevolving Credit ExposureRevolving Credit Facility FeesRevolving Credit LoanRevolving Credit LoansRevolving LoanRevolving LoansRevolving OutstandingsRIC Diversification RequirementsRight of ContributionRight of First OfferRight of First RefusalRight of NegotiationRight of OffsetRight of ReferenceRight of RepurchaseRight of Set-OffRight of SetoffRight to AssignRight to ContestRight to ConvertRight to ExerciseRight to ExpandRight to ExtendRight to Extend TermRight to InspectRight to LeaseRight to OffsetRight to Participate in DefenseRight to PaymentRight to PrepayRight to Realize on Collateral and Enforce GuarantyRight to Receive PaymentRight to SetoffRight to SublicenseRight to TerminateRight to Terminate EmploymentRights and AppurtenancesRights and Obligations Upon TerminationRights and RemediesRights and Remedies CumulativeRights and Remedies of Lender; No WaiverRights and Remedies Upon BreachRights as a LenderRights as a ShareholderRights as a StockholderRights as a Stockholder, Director, Employee or ConsultantRights as Employee, Consultant or DirectorRights as ShareholderRights as Shareholder; Dividend EquivalentsRights as StockholderRights as Stockholder; Dividend EquivalentsRights as StockholdersRights Conditioned on ComplianceRights CumulativeRights in BankruptcyRights LimitedRights Not TransferableRights of a Shareholder of the CompanyRights of a StockholderRights of ContributionRights of Holder Upon DefaultRights of LendersRights of OthersRights of ParticipantRights of ParticipantsRights of the Secured PartiesRights of Third PartiesRights on DefaultRights on Termination of EmploymentRights PersonalRights Related to OptionsRights Retained by the PartiesRights to PurchaseRights Upon BankruptcyRights Upon TerminationRights Upon Termination of EmploymentRights Upon Termination of Service as a DirectorRisk of LossRole of L/C IssuerRole of L/C IssuersRolling ForecastRollover ContributionsRollovers to Other Qualified PlansRoof EquipmentRoundingRoyaltiesRoyalty Adjustment for Generic CompetitionRoyalty FloorRoyalty Payment ReportsRoyalty PaymentsRoyalty Payments and ReportsRoyalty RateRoyalty RatesRoyalty ReportingRoyalty ReportsRoyalty Reports and PaymentsRoyalty StackingRoyalty TermRSUs Not TransferableRulesRules and ProceduresRules and RegulationsRules for Maternity or Paternity Leaves of AbsenceRules of ConstructionRules of InterpretationS. Bank National AssociationS. Bank National Association,S. Bank National Association, ​S. BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, as a LenderS. Department of Health & Human ServicesS. Tax Compliance CertificateS. Tax Compliance CertificatesS. Well – Profrac Licensing AgreementSafeguardsSafety and Regulatory AuditsSafety StockSalarySalary and BonusSalary and Pro-Rata Bonus PaymentSalary ContinuanceSalary ContinuationSalary PaymentSalary SeveranceSale and Leaseback TransactionsSale CharacterizationSale of AssetsSale of CollateralSale of Placement SharesSale of Placement Shares by CowenSale of SecuritiesSalesSales and LeasebacksSales During Pre-Settlement PeriodSales Milestone PaymentsSales MilestonesSales Outside the U.SSales ReportsSales Taxes and VATSales, Liens, EtcSamplesSanctionsSanctions and Anti-Terrorism, Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Corruption ComplianceSanctions ConcernsSAR AgreementSarbanes-OxleySarbanes-Oxley; Internal Accounting ControlsSarbanes‑OxleySavings ClauseScheduleSchedule of ReceivablesScheduled Repayments; Mandatory Prepayments; Optional PrepaymentsScheduled TerminationSchedulesSchedules and Documents Relating to AccountsScientific PublicationScopeScope of AgreementScope of AmendmentScope of CovenantsScope of Disclosure RestrictionsScope of EmploymentScope of LiabilityScope of ReleaseScope of Restricted ActivitiesScope of RestrictionsSearchesSEC Documents, Financial StatementsSEC Documents; Financial StatementsSEC FilingsSEC Filings and Other DisclosuresSEC NoticesSEC ProvisionsSEC ReportingSEC ReportsSEC Reports; Financial StatementsSecondary Market TransactionsSecretary’s CertificateSecretary’s Certificate and Good Standing CertificatesSecretary’s CertificatesSection ​Section HeadingsSection Headings; ConstructionSection ReferencesSecured Cash Management Agreements and Secured Hedge AgreementsSecured NoteSecured ObligationsSecured Party Appointed Attorney-in-FactSecured Party's DutiesSecured Promissory NotesSecurities Contract; Swap AgreementSecurities FilingsSecurities Law and Other Regulatory ComplianceSecurities Law ComplianceSecurities MattersSecurities RepresentationsSecuritizationSecuritySecurity and AccessSecurity DepositSecurity DepositsSecurity DocumentsSecurity for Secured ObligationsSecurity InterestSecurity Interest AbsoluteSecurity Interest in the CollateralSecurity Interest, EtcSecurity InterestsSecurity MeasuresSegregation of Transferred AmountsSelection of ArbitratorSelection of ArchitectSelection of Architect/Construction DrawingsSelection of CounselSelection of Interest Rate OptionsSelection of MaterialsSelection of Materials, EtcSelection of ParticipantsSelection of UnderwritersSelection ProceduresSellerSeller DefaultSeller Taxes; AndSeller’s Closing DeliveriesSeller’s Closing StatementSeller’s ObligationsSeller’s Obligations at the ClosingSeller’s Representations and WarrantiesSeller’s Tax StatusSenioritySeparabilitySeparate ExistenceSeparate PaymentsSeparationSeparation Agreement and Release of ClaimsSeparation BenefitsSeparation DateSeparation for Any Other ReasonSeparation From EmploymentSeparation From ServiceSeparation From Service; Required Delay in Payment to Specified EmployeeSeparation of EmploymentSeparation PaySerial​ServiceService AgreementsService-Based Vesting ConditionsService ContractsService Managers and Chief RepresentativesService of ProcessServicesServices of ConsultantServices RenderedServices to the CompanyServicingServicing FeeSet-OffSet Off RightsSetoffSettlementSettlement Date BasisSettlement in SharesSettlement of AwardSettlement of AwardsSettlement of ClaimsSettlement of Placement SharesSettlement of Restricted Stock Unit AwardsSettlement of Restricted Stock UnitsSettlement of RSUsSettlement of Third Party ClaimsSettlement of UnitsSettlement ProceduresSettlementsSeverabilitySeverability and ConstructionSeverability and Modification of CovenantsSeverability and ReformationSeverability of CovenantsSeverability of Interest, Primary and Non-ContributorySeverability of ProvisionsSeverability; Blue PencilSeverability; Entire AgreementSeverability; No WaiverSeverability; WaiverSeveranceSeverance AmountSeverance BenefitSeverance BenefitsSeverance PaySeverance Pay and BenefitsSeverance PaymentSeverance PaymentsSeverance Payments and Benefits; Salary and BenefitsSeverance Payments Upon Covered Termination During a Change in Control PeriodSeverance Payments Upon Covered Termination Outside a Change in Control PeriodSeverance Payments; Salary and BenefitsSeverance Upon Involuntary TerminationShare AdjustmentsShare CertificatesShare CountingShare RecyclingShare ReserveShare WithholdingShared Conference FacilitiesShareholder and SEC DocumentsShareholder ApprovalShareholder RightsShareholder Rights PlanSharesShares AvailableShares Available for Subsequent IssuanceShares IssuableShares Not Available for Subsequent IssuanceShares Subject to the PlanSharing AgreementsSharing of PaymentsSharing of Payments by LendersSharing of Payments, EtcShelf RegistrationShell Company StatusShippingShortagesShortages and Price DisputesSign-on BonusSignageSignature in CounterpartsSignaturesSigning BonusSignsSigns, Response Plans, EtcSigns; Exterior AppearanceSingle DocumentSole AgreementSole Separation BenefitSolicitationSolicitation of ConsultantsSolicitation of EmployeesSolvencySolvency CertificateSolvency, Payment of DebtsSolvency; No Litigation, Violation, Indebtedness or Default; ERISA ComplianceSource of FundsSource of PaymentsSource of SharesSovereign ImmunitySpecial Cash Payments in Lieu of COBRA PremiumsSpecial ConditionsSpecial CoveragesSpecial DefinitionsSpecial Provisions for Acquisition Transaction AnnouncementsSpecial Provisions for Merger TransactionsSpecial Provisions Relating to EuroSpecial Purpose EntitySpecial Purpose Funding VehiclesSpecial Purposes VehiclesSpecial RulesSpecial WarrantySpecial, Indirect and Other LossesSpecific CovenantsSpecific EnforcementSpecific PerformanceSpecific Performance, EtcSpecific Release of ADEA ClaimsSpecific ResponsibilitiesSpecificationsSpecified EmployeeSpecified Employee DelaySpecified EmployeesSpecified ExecutiveStability TestingStaggered SettlementStand-Alone and Tandem AwardsStand-Alone, Additional, Tandem, and Substitute AwardsStandard Company BenefitsStandard of CareStandard of ConductStandard of Consent to TransferStandard of PerformanceStandard Tenant ServicesStandardsStandards of Conduct; NoncompetitionStandards of Financial StatementsStandards of PerformanceStandby Letters of Credit FeesStandstillStart DateState-Specific ProvisionsStatement of AccountStatement of Actual Direct Expenses and Payment by TenantStatement of Estimated Direct ExpensesStatement of IntentStatementsStatistical and Market DataStatistical and Market-Related DataStatusStatus as Business Development CompanyStatus of Claims in BankruptcyStatus of LenderStatus of LendersStatus of Lenders; Tax DocumentationStatus of PlanStatus of the Stock OptionStatus; CureStay of AccelerationSteering CommitteeStep-in RightStockStock Appreciation RightStock Appreciation Right AgreementStock Appreciation Right TermStock Appreciation Right VestingStock Appreciation RightsStock AwardsStock Bonus AwardsStock CertificatesStock DistributedStock Dividends and SplitsStock Dividends and Stock SplitsStock Dividends, Splits, EtcStock Exchange ListingStock Grants and Stock Unit AwardsStock IssuableStock OfferedStock OptionStock Option AgreementStock Option GrantStock Option PlansStock OptionsStock Options and SARsStock Ownership & RetentionStock Ownership GuidelinesStock PaymentStock PaymentsStock Plan Administration Service ProvidersStock Subject to the PlanStock Tender ExerciseStock Transfer TaxesStock Unit AgreementStock UnitsStock Vesting Upon TerminationStock WithholdingStockholder ApprovalStockholder RightsStop TradeStop-Transfer NoticesStop Transfer OrdersStorageStorage TanksStraddle PeriodStrict ConstructionStrike PriceStructureSubcommitteesSubcontractingSubcontractorsSubcontractsSubdivisionSubdivision or Consolidation of SharesSubject to [SectionSubject to [Section 2Subject to [Section 3Subject to [Section 4Subject to [Section 5Subject to [Section 6Subject to [Section 7Subject to [Section 8Subject to [Section 9Subject to [Sections 2Subject to [Sections 7Subject to PlanSubject to the PlanSubleaseSublease/Transfer RestrictionsSubleases of TenantSublicense FeesSublicense RequirementsSublicense RightsSublicense TermsSublicensesSublicensingSublicensing RightsSubmission of LeaseSubmission to JurisdictionSubmission to Jurisdiction; Waiver of Jury TrialSubmission to Jurisdiction; WaiversSubordinateSubordinated DebtSubordinated Debt;Subordinated Indebtedness;Subordinated NotesSubordinationSubordination of Intercompany IndebtednessSubordination of Permitted Subordinated DebtSubrogationSubrogation of Rights Vis-a-Vis Third Party ContractorsSubscriber’s Representations, Warranties and AgreementsSubscriptionSubsequent AwardsSubsequent ElectionsSubsequent Equity SalesSubsequent Rights OfferingsSubsidiariesSubsidiaries and AffiliatesSubsidiaries, Joint Ventures, Partnerships and Equity InvestmentsSubsidiaries; Equity InterestsSubsidiaries; Equity Interests; Loan PartiesSubsidiaries; InvestmentsSubsidiarySubsidiary DocumentsSubsidiary GuarantorsSubstantial CompletionSubstitute AwardsSubstitutionSuccess on the Merits or OtherwiseSuccession and AssignmentSuccessorSuccessor Administrative AgentSuccessor AgentSuccessor and AssignsSuccessor LIBOR Rate IndexSuccessor to and Continuation of Prior PlanSuccessor to CompanySuccessor to the ExecutiveSuccessorsSuccessors and AssignsSuccessors and Assigns GenerallySuccessors and Assigns; AssignmentSuccessors and Assigns; Assignments and ParticipationsSuccessors and Assigns; No Third-Party BeneficiariesSuccessors and Assigns; Participations and AssignmentsSuccessors and Assigns; Participations; New LendersSuccessors in InterestSuccessors; Binding AgreementSuccessors/AssignsSufficiency of ConsiderationSufficient Number of Shares RegisteredSuicide or MisstatementSuits and ProceedingsSunesis Core TechnologySupplemental HVACSupplemental ReleaseSupplemental Release Effective DateSupply AgreementSupply AgreementsSupply of ProductSupply PriceSurety ObligationsSurrenderSurrender of PossessionSurrender of PremisesSurrender of StockSurrender; RestorationSurveySurvivabilitySurvivalSurvival and Assignment by the CompanySurvival in All CasesSurvival of AgreementsSurvival of Certain ProvisionsSurvival of CovenantsSurvival of ObligationsSurvival of ProvisionsSurvival of RepresentationsSurvival of Representations and WarrantiesSurvival of Representations, Warranties and AgreementsSurvival of RightsSurvival of WarrantiesSurviving ProvisionsSurvivorshipSuspension of SalesSuspension of Sales; Adverse DisclosureSustainability CoordinatorSwap AgreementsSwapsSwing Line ExposureSwing Line FacilitySwing Line LoansSwing LoansSwingline CommitmentSwingline Committed AmountSwingline LoansTaking for Temporary UseTandem SARsTangible Net WorthTangible Personal PropertyTargetTarget BonusTax AdviceTax and Other Withholding ObligationsTax ConsequencesTax ConsolidationTax ConsultationTax CooperationTax-Deferred ExchangeTax DisclosureTax DocumentationTax FormsTax IndemnificationTax IndemnificationsTax InformationTax IssuesTax LiabilityTax Liability and WithholdingTax MattersTax RefundsTax RequirementsTax ReturnsTax Returns and PaymentsTax Returns and Payments; Pension ContributionsTax Sharing AgreementsTax StatusTax TreatmentTax Treatment of Indemnification PaymentsTax Treatment of Indemnity PaymentsTax Treatment; [SectionATax WithholdingTax Withholding and IndemnificationTax Withholding ArrangementsTax Withholding for Participants Domiciled in UTax Withholding in GeneralTax Withholding; Issuance of Uncertificated Shares for Participants Domiciled Outside the UTaxable ReimbursementsTaxationTaxesTaxes and AssessmentsTaxes and Employee BenefitsTaxes and IndemnificationTaxes and Other Charges for Which Tenant Is Directly ResponsibleTaxes and Regulatory CostsTaxes and WithholdingTaxes and WithholdingsTaxes on IncomeTaxes; DividendsTaxes; Increased CostsTaxes; PensionsTaxpayer Identification NumberTaxpayer Identification Number; Other Identifying InformationTechnical and Conforming ModificationsTechnical PublicationTechnology CommitteeTechnology TransferTelephonic NoticesTemporary TakingTenant AccessTenant AllowanceTenant DefaultTenant DepositsTenant Estoppel CertificateTenant FundsTenant Hazardous MaterialsTenant Improvement AllowanceTenant Improvement Allowance ItemsTenant ImprovementsTenant Improvements AllowanceTenant Improvements DefinedTenant LiabilityTenant ParkingTenant Payment of Utilities CostsTenant Provided Services and UtilitiesTenant Repair ObligationsTenant Representation and WarrantyTenant RepresentativeTenant’s Access RightsTenant's AgentsTenant’s AgentsTenant’s Authorized RepresentativeTenant's Compliance With Landlord's Property InsuranceTenant’s Compliance With Landlord’s Property InsuranceTenant’s DefaultTenant’s IndemnificationTenant's InsuranceTenant’s InsuranceTenant's Lease DefaultTenant’s Lease DefaultTenant’s ObligationsTenant’s Obligations Upon SurrenderTenant’s Pro Rata ShareTenant's ReimbursementTenant’s Remedies/Limitation of LiabilityTenant’s RepairsTenant's RepresentativeTenant’s RepresentativeTenant's Right to Make RepairsTenant’s Right to Request ChangesTenant’s ShareTenant's SignageTenant’s Space PlansTenant’s Termination RightTenant’s WaiverTenant’s WorkTerm a LoanTerm and ExpirationTerm and TerminationTerm B LoanTerm BorrowingTerm CommitmentsTerm LoanTerm Loan ATerm Loan AdvancesTerm Loan CommitmentsTerm Loan DocumentsTerm Loan Interest RateTerm Loan PaymentsTerm Loan RecordsTerm LoansTerm of AgreementTerm of AwardsTerm of Consulting RelationshipTerm of EmploymentTerm of Employment and Severance BenefitsTerm of Employment and TerminationTerm of EngagementTerm of OptionTerm of PlanTerm of Plan; Effective DateTerm of Plan/governing LawTerm of the AgreementTerm of the PlanTerm SOFR Transition EventTerm; TerminationTerminable at WillTerminationTermination and AmendmentTermination as a Result of Executive’s Death or DisabilityTermination as DirectorTermination BenefitTermination BenefitsTermination by BorrowersTermination by CompanyTermination by Company for CauseTermination by Company Without Cause or by Executive for Good ReasonTermination by ConsultantTermination by Death or DisabilityTermination by Either PartyTermination by EmployeeTermination by Employee With Good ReasonTermination by Employee Without Good ReasonTermination by EmployerTermination by Employer for CauseTermination by Employer Without CauseTermination by ExecutiveTermination by Executive for Good ReasonTermination by Executive With Good ReasonTermination by Executive With Good Reason Unrelated to a Change of ControlTermination by Executive Without Good ReasonTermination by LendersTermination by LicenseeTermination by LicensorTermination by Mutual AgreementTermination by Reason of DeathTermination by Reason of DisabilityTermination by Reason of RetirementTermination by the CompanyTermination by the Company for CauseTermination by the Company Other Than for CauseTermination by the Company Without CauseTermination by the Employer for CauseTermination by the Employer Without Cause or by Executive for Good ReasonTermination by the ExecutiveTermination by the Executive for Good ReasonTermination by the Executive Without Good ReasonTermination by Zai for ConvenienceTermination DateTermination Due to DeathTermination Due to Death or DisabilityTermination Due to DisabilityTermination Due to Job EliminationTermination EventTermination EventsTermination FeeTermination Following a Change in ControlTermination Following Change in ControlTermination for Any ReasonTermination for BankruptcyTermination for BreachTermination for CauseTermination for Cause by the CompanyTermination for Cause or Without Good ReasonTermination for ConvenienceTermination for Death or DisabilityTermination for Diligence FailureTermination for DisabilityTermination for Good ReasonTermination for InsolvencyTermination for Material BreachTermination for Other ReasonsTermination for Patent ChallengeTermination GenerallyTermination in Connection With a Change of ControlTermination Not Sole RemedyTermination Notice and ProcedureTermination of AgreementTermination of an Issuing BankTermination of BenefitsTermination of CommitmentsTermination of Consulting PeriodTermination of Continuous ServiceTermination of Defaulting LenderTermination of Defaulting Lender CommitmentTermination of EmploymentTermination of Employment and Severance BenefitsTermination of Employment Due to Death or DisabilityTermination of Employment of Employee DirectorsTermination of Employment or Consulting RelationshipTermination of Employment or ServiceTermination of Employment or Service as a DirectorTermination of Employment; Effect of TerminationTermination of LeaseTermination of LicensesTermination of Management AgreementTermination of OptionTermination of Participant’s Continuous ServiceTermination of ParticipationTermination of Period of Restriction for First Category SharesTermination of Period of Restriction Second Category SharesTermination of Period of Restriction Upon Certain Terminations of EmploymentTermination of PlanTermination of Previous AgreementsTermination of Registration RightsTermination of Relationship as a Service ProviderTermination of Relationship With the CompanyTermination of RequirementTermination of Right to Tenant's SignageTermination of Rights as ShareholderTermination of Rights as StockholderTermination of ServiceTermination of Service (Except by DeathTermination of Service for Certain Qualified RetirementsTermination of Service for Death or DisabilityTermination of Service of Employee DirectorsTermination of Service RelationshipTermination of StatusTermination of the OptionTermination of the PlanTermination of Unexercisable OptionsTermination OptionTermination or AmendmentTermination or Reduction of CommitmentsTermination or Reduction of Revolving CommitmentsTermination or Reduction of Revolving Credit CommitmentsTermination PaymentTermination PaymentsTermination PeriodTermination Press ReleasesTermination Prior to Maturity Date; SurvivalTermination Prior to Term Loan Maturity Date; SurvivalTermination ProceduresTermination RightTermination RightsTermination Upon DeathTermination Upon Death or DisabilityTermination Upon DisabilityTermination Without CauseTermination Without Cause by the CompanyTermination Without Cause or for Good ReasonTermination Without Cause or Upon Good ReasonTermination Without Good ReasonTermination; MergerTermination; Payment of Accrued Base SalaryTermination; ReinstatementTermination; RepaymentTerminologyTermsTerms and ConditionsTerms and Conditions Applicable to Assignment and SublettingTerms and Conditions for All Restricted Stock AwardsTerms and Conditions of OptionsTerms and Conditions of Stock Appreciation RightsTerms and Conditions of Stock GrantsTerms Defined in Loan AgreementTerms Defined in Loan and Security AgreementTerms GenerallyTerms of AgreementTerms of EmploymentTerms of New Loans and CommitmentsTerms of Performance AwardsTerms of Restricted Stock AwardsTerms of RSUsTerms of SARsTerms of Stock Bonus AwardsTerms of the Private Placement WarrantsTerms of This AgreementTerms; CaptionsTerritory Development PlanTestingTesting of ValuesThe AccountsThe Accrued Amounts;The Accrued Obligations;The Accrued Obligations; AndThe Bayview Club Apartment Homes,Bayview Club Drive, Indianapolis, IndianaThe Building and the ProjectThe ClosingThe CommitteeThe CompanyThe Company’s RightsThe Company’s SuccessorsThe ContractorThe Contractor; Landlord's Project ManagerThe Letter of Credit CommitmentThe LoanThe LoansThe NoteThe Other ImprovementsThe PlanThe PlatformThe Platform Is Providedas Isandas AvailableThe PremisesThe Revolving Credit BorrowingsThe Revolving Credit LoansThe Sales AgreementThe SecuritiesThe Swing LineThe SwinglineThe TermThe Term BorrowingThe Term LoansThe TrusteeThe UThereafter, to the General PartnerThird PartiesThird Parties’ RightsThird Party AgreementsThird-Party Agreements and InformationThird-Party Agreements and RightsThird-Party BeneficiariesThird Party BeneficiaryThird Party ClaimsThird-Party ConfidentialityThird-Party ContractorsThird-Party ContractsThird-Party InformationThird Party InfringementThird-Party Intellectual PropertyThird Party LicensesThird Party ObligationsThird Party Patent RightsThird Party PaymentsThird Party ProceedingsThird Party RightsThird‑Party BeneficiariesThis [SectionThis [Section 2This ‎[Section 2This [Section 3This [Section 4This AgreementThis AmendmentThis Amendment NoThresholdThrough the CNS Clearing ProcessTI AllowanceTicking FeeTildelingstidspunktTime and Conditions of ExerciseTime and Form of PaymentTime and Manner of ExerciseTime and Method of ExerciseTime and Place of ExerciseTime-Based LTIP UnitsTime-Based VestingTime CommitmentTime DeadlinesTime for Consideration; Effective DateTime LimitsTime of AllocationTime of DistributionTime of EssenceTime of Granting AwardsTime of PaymentTime of the EssenceTime of the Essence in This Tenant Work LetterTime of the Essence in This Work LetterTime Off and HolidaysTimes of DayTimes of Day; Business DaysTimes of Day; RatesTimingTiming and Form of PaymentTiming of Administrator ResponseTiming of DistributionsTiming of PaymentTiming of Payment or PerformanceTiming of PaymentsTiming of Payments by the CompanyTiming of ReleaseTiming of Release of ClaimsTitleTitle Adjustments; Dispute ResolutionTitle and DutiesTitle CommitmentTitle Credit AmountsTitle Credit NoticeTitle Defect AmountsTitle Defect NoticeTitle GenerallyTitle InsuranceTitle PolicyTitle to AssetsTitle to Intellectual PropertyTitle to PropertiesTitle to Properties; LiensTitle to Properties; Priority of LiensTitle to PropertyTitle to Real and Personal PropertyTitle to SecuritiesTitle to SharesTitle; EncumbrancesTitle/ResponsibilitiesTitlesTitles and HeadingsTitles and SubtitlesTo the Company AtTollingTolling ExpirationTotal DestructionTotal Leverage RatioTotal Net Leverage RatioTotal PaymentsTotal TakingTotal Unencumbered Asset Value​Trade RelationsTrade SecretsTrade Secrets and Confidential Information/Company PropertyTrade Secrets; Whistleblower ProtectionsTrademark LicenseTrademarksTrading Policy RestrictionsTrainingTransaction CostsTransaction DocumentsTransaction InformationTransaction With AffiliatesTransactionsTransactions With AffiliatesTransactions With Affiliates and EmployeesTransferTransfer AgentTransfer Agent InstructionsTransfer and AssignmentTransfer and EncumbranceTransfer GenerallyTransfer of AssetsTransfer of ClaimsTransfer of Company PropertyTransfer of Landlord's InterestTransfer of Landlord’s InterestTransfer of Letter of CreditTransfer of LoanTransfer of MaterialsTransfer of Personal DataTransfer of Plan AssetsTransfer of Registration RightsTransfer of SharesTransfer of This Note or Securities Issuable on Conversion HereofTransfer or ResaleTransfer or SaleTransfer PremiumTransfer PriceTransfer RestrictionTransfer RestrictionsTransfer TaxesTransferabilityTransferability of AwardsTransferability of OptionTransferability of OptionsTransferability of Options and SARsTransferor’s UTransfersTransfers and Other LiensTransitionTransition AssistanceTransition OpportunityTransition PeriodTransition ServicesTranslationsTransmission Line EquipmentTransportation ManagementTrash RemovalTravel ExpensesTreatment of Certain InformationTreatment of Certain Information; ConfidentialityTreatment of Certain Information; No Fiduciary Duty; No ConflictsTreatment of Certain RefundsTreatment of ClassesTreatment of Confidential InformationTreatment of DividendsTreatment of Each Installment as a Separate PaymentTreatment of Prepayment Charge and End of Term ChargeTrial by Jury WaiverTriggering EventTriple Net LeaseTrue and Complete DisclosureTrue and Correct InformationTrue SaleTrustTrust Account WaiverTrust WaiverType of Borrowing ​Type of LoansType of OptionType of SharesTypes of AwardsTypes of LoansTypes of Performance AwardsTypes of Performance Awards AuthorizedTypes of Restricted Stock Awards AuthorizedU.K. Tax Gross-UpU.S. Patent and Trademark Office Entity Size StatusUCC Financing Statement NoUCC Financing StatementsUltimate Net LossUltimate Parent; Parent and SPVUmbrella or Excess Liability InsuranceUnascertainableUnauthorized DisclosureUnavailability of Tenor of BenchmarkUnclaimed BenefitsUnconditional LiabilityUnder [Section 5Underground Storage Tanks& Aboveground Storage Tanks (AstsUnderground TanksUnderlying InstrumentsUnderlying Repurchase DocumentsUnderstanding of CovenantsUnderstandings or ArrangementsUnderwriter AgreementsUnderwriting GuidelinesUnderwritten OfferingUndisclosed LiabilitiesUnemployment CompensationUnencumbered Asset Adjusted NOI​Unencumbered Assets SummaryUnencumbered PropertiesUnforeseeable EmergencyUnfunded ArrangementUnfunded ObligationUnfunded PlanUnfunded StatusUnfunded Status of AwardsUnfunded Status of Awards; Creation of TrustsUnfunded Status of the PlanUnimproved Land, # Construction in Process,Unit AwardsUnited StatesorUUniversal Health Services, Inc., as Performance Guarantor; AndUnknown ClaimsUnlawful IndemnificationUnlimited Piggyback Registration RightsUnquoted Investments- External ReviewUnreleased ClaimsUnrestricted Cash and Cash EquivalentsUnsecured General CreditorUnsecured ObligationUnsecured ObligationsUnsecured PromiseUnused Commitment FeeUnused FeeUnused Line FeeUpdated SchedulesUpdatesUpdates to Certain SchedulesUpfront FeeUpfront FeesUpfront PaymentUpon the Amendment NoUsageUse of CollateralUse of CreditUse of FundsUse of InformationUse of Loan ProceedsUse of NameUse of NamesUse of Net Equivalent Lease Rates for Comparable TransactionsUse of Other MattersUse of ProceedsUse of Proceeds From Sales of Common StockUse of PronounsUse of Voice, Image and LikenessUsuryUsury Savings ClauseUtilitiesUtilities, ServicesUtility Billing InformationUtility ChargesVacationVacation and HolidaysVacation and Sick LeaveVacation, Holidays and Sick LeaveVacation; Paid Time-OffVacationsValid IssuanceValid Issuance of SharesValid LiensValidityValidity and EnforceabilityValidity; EnforcementValidity; SeverabilityValuationValuation DateValuation Dispute ResolutionValueValue Added TaxValue GivenValue of Cash-Based and Other Stock-Based AwardsValue of Performance Units/SharesVariable Interest EntityVariable Rate TransactionVariances From Operating BudgetVariation of PronounsVehicle ParkingVenueVerification of DataVestingVesting and DeliveryVesting and ForfeitureVesting and Forfeiture of Restricted Stock UnitsVesting and Lapse of RestrictionsVesting and PaymentVesting and Restrictions on TransferVesting and SettlementVesting ConditionsVesting Criteria and Other TermsVesting DateVesting DefinitionsVesting GenerallyVesting of AwardVesting of Awards Granted to Non-Employee DirectorsVesting of OptionsVesting of Performance Share UnitsVesting of Restricted SharesVesting of Restricted StockVesting of Restricted Stock AwardsVesting of Restricted Stock UnitsVesting of RSUsVesting of UnitsVesting ScheduleVesting Upon Change in ControlVesting Upon Disability or DeathVesting Upon RetirementVesting, Exercisability and SettlementVesting; Change in ControlVesting; ForfeitureViolationsVisitation RightsVoluntarilyVoluntariness and Consequences of Consent Denial or WithdrawalVoluntariness and Consequences of Denial/Withdrawal of ConsentVoluntaryVoluntary AgreementVoluntary AssentVoluntary Bankruptcy or Insolvency ProceedingsVoluntary Bankruptcy ProceedingVoluntary Bankruptcy, EtcVoluntary Bankruptcy; Appointment of Receiver, EtcVoluntary Commitment ReductionsVoluntary ConversionVoluntary ExecutionVoluntary Execution of AgreementVoluntary Nature of AgreementVoluntary or Mutual TerminationVoluntary PrepaymentVoluntary PrepaymentsVoluntary ProceedingsVoluntary ReductionsVoluntary ResignationVoluntary Resignation; Termination by Primerica for CauseVoluntary Resignation; Termination for CauseVoluntary TerminationVoluntary Termination or ReductionVotingVoting AgreementVoting and Dividend RightsVoting and DividendsVoting and Tender of SharesVoting RightsVoting Rights and DividendsVoting Rights; Dividend Equivalent Rights and DistributionsVoting Rights; Dividends and DistributionsVoting SecuritiesWaiting Period and Exercise DatesWaiverWaiver and AmendmentWaiver and AmendmentsWaiver and ModificationWaiver and Non-Exclusion of RemediesWaiver and ReleaseWaiver of Age Discrimination ClaimsWaiver of BreachWaiver of Certain ReliefWaiver of ClaimsWaiver of Claims to Trust AccountWaiver of ComplianceWaiver of ConflictsWaiver of Consequential Damages, EtcWaiver of DamagesWaiver of DefaultWaiver of ImmunityWaiver of Jury TrialWaiver of Jury Trial, EtcWaiver of Liability and IndemnificationWaiver of Liquidation Distributions; Redemption RightsWaiver of NoticeWaiver of Redemption by TenantWaiver of Redemption, Statutory Notice and Grace PeriodsWaiver of Right to Jury TrialWaiver of Right to Trial by JuryWaiver of Rule of ConstructionWaiver of Statutory ProvisionsWaiver of SubrogationWaiver of Subrogation; Mutual ReleaseWaiver of Trial by JuryWaiver of Unknown ClaimsWaiver of VenueWaiver or AmendmentWaiver; AmendmentWaiver; Amendment; ModificationWaiver; AmendmentsWaiver; ModificationWaiversWaivers and AmendmentsWaivers and ConsentsWaivers and ExtensionsWaivers by BorrowersWaivers of Jury TrialWalk-Through and PunchlistWarrantWarrant AgreementWarrant Agreement and Registration Rights AgreementWarrant RegisterWarrant SharesWarrantiesWarrantyWarranty DisclaimerWaterWater SensorsWelfare Benefit PlansWelfare BenefitsWhen Federal Law AppliesWhere a UWhistleblower NoticeWhistleblower ProtectionWhistleblower Protections and Trade SecretsWhistleblower ProvisionWhole AgreementWhole SharesWind-DownWind Down and TransitionWire FeesWithdrawalWithdrawal RightWithdrawals From Regular or Rollover AccountsWithholdingWithholding and TaxesWithholding ArrangementsWithholding for TaxesWithholding GenerallyWithholding in or Directed Sale of SharesWithholding in SharesWithholding ObligationsWithholding of TaxWithholding of TaxesWithholding of Taxes and Other Employee DeductionsWithholding RequirementsWithholding RightsWithholding TaxWithholding TaxesWithholding Taxes and Stock WithholdingWithholding Taxes; Gross-Up; Payments Free of TaxesWithholding; Payroll TaxesWithholding; Tax EffectWithholdingsWithout CauseWithout Cause or by Executive for Good ReasonWithout Cause or for Good ReasonWithout Cause, Upon NoticeWithout Good ReasonWork for HireWork Made for Hire; AssignmentWork PermitWork ProductWorkers’ Compensation and Employer’s Liability InsuranceWorkers’ Compensation InsuranceWorking DrawingsWorking GroupsWorksWorks for HireYears of ServiceYield ProtectionYou;YourYour Acknowledgments and AffirmationsYour RepresentationsYour SuccessorsZoning

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