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FCC Consent. The LP owns and operates the radio stations (the “Stations”) set forth on [Schedule 1.4] attached hereto pursuant to the permits, licenses and authorizations issued by the Federal Communications Commission (the “FCC”) and set forth on [Schedule 1.4] (together with all renewals or modifications thereof between the date hereof and the Closing Date, the “FCC Licenses”). Within five (5) business days of the date of this Agreement, the Parties shall cause to be filed an application or applications with the FCC (collectively, the “FCC Application”) requesting the FCC’s consent to the transfer of control of the FCC Licenses contemplated by this Agreement, including a request for waiver to maintain the LP’s grandfathered ownership under the FCC’s multiple ownership rules. The Parties shall diligently prosecute the FCC Application and otherwise use their commercially reasonable efforts to obtain the FCC Consent as soon as possible, including the timely filing of oppositions to any petition to deny, informal objection or other objection to the FCC Application. Each Party shall use its commercially reasonable efforts to # cooperate in all respects with each other in connection with any filing or submission and in connection with any investigation or other inquiry by any Governmental Authority, including any proceeding initiated by a private party, # keep the other Party informed in all material respects of any material communications received by such Party from, or given by such Party to, the FCC or any other Governmental Authority and of any material communication received or given in connection with any proceeding by a private party relating to the FCC Application, and # permit the other Party to review any material non-confidential communication given by it to another Person, and consult with each other in advance of and be permitted to attend any meeting or conference with the FCC or any other Governmental Authority or, in connection with any proceeding by a private party, with any other Person, in each case regarding any of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement. The filing fees for the FCC Consent shall be paid for by the LP.

FCC Consent. The FCC Consent shall have been obtained without the imposition of any condition materially adverse to Emmis, as seller of the Purchased Interests, except those that are customary in the transfer of control of FCC licenses generally.

FCC Consent. The FCC Consent shall have been obtained without the imposition of any condition materially adverse to Sinclair, as buyer of the Purchased Interests (which shall not include any fine paid or payable by Emmis), except those that are customary in the transfer of control of FCC licenses generally.

No Holding Company owns any Broadcast License. [Schedule 5.21] accurately and completely lists, as of the Closing Date, for each Station, all Broadcast Licenses granted or assigned to the Covenant Entities, or under which the Covenant Entities have the right to operate such Station. The Broadcast Licenses listed in [Schedule 5.21] with respect to any Station include all material authorizations, licenses and permits issued by the FCC that are required or necessary for the operation of such Station, and the conduct of the business of the Covenant Entities with respect to such Station, as now conducted. On the Closing Date, the Broadcast Licenses listed in [Schedule 5.21] granted or assigned to the Covenant Entities are validly issued and in full force and effect without any material condition imposed by the FCC, except those applicable generally to stations of the type, nature, class or location of the Stations in question, and the Covenant Entities have fulfilled and performed in all material respects all of their material obligations under the terms and conditions of such Broadcast Licenses and the Communications Laws and have full power and authority to operate material Broadcast Licenses.

FCC Consent” means action by the FCC (including action by staff acting on delegated authority) granting its consent to the FCC Applications.

FCC Consent” means the action or actions by the FCC granting or approving the FCC Application.

As promptly as practicable after the date hereof, but in any event no later than five (5) Business Days after entry of the Sale Order, the Seller, the Buyer and their respective Affiliates, as applicable, shall file with the FCC the necessary applications requesting its consent to the Assignment of the Seller FCC Authorizations to the Buyer, as contemplated by this Agreement (the “FCC Applications”). The Seller and the Buyer shall, or shall cause their respective Affiliates to, cooperate in the preparation of such applications and will diligently take, or cooperate in the taking of, all necessary, desirable and proper steps, provide any additional information requested or required by the FCC and shall use reasonable best efforts to obtain promptly the FCC Consent. The Seller, on the one hand, and the Buyer, on the other hand, shall bear the cost of FCC filing fees relating to the FCC Applications equally. The Buyer and the Seller shall oppose any petitions to deny or other objections filed with respect to the FCC Applications to the extent such petition or objection relates to any such party; provided, however, that neither party shall have any obligation to participate in any evidentiary hearing designated by the FCC on any FCC Application filed with the FCC. Neither Seller nor Buyer shall, and each shall cause its Affiliates not to, take any action that would, or fail to take such action the failure of which to take would, reasonably be expected to have the effect of materially delaying the receipt of the FCC Consent. The parties agree that they will cooperate to amend the FCC Applications as may be necessary or required to obtain the timely grant of the FCC Consent. As may reasonably be necessary to facilitate the grant of the FCC Consent, in the event that in order to obtain the FCC Consent in an expeditious manner, it is necessary for the Buyer or any of its Affiliates to enter into a customary assignment, assumption, tolling, or other similar arrangement with the FCC to resolve any complaints with the FCC relating to the Stations, the Buyer shall enter, or cause its Affiliates, as applicable, to enter, into such a customary assignment, assumption, tolling or other arrangement with the FCC.

Secured Party's rights hereunder (and the rights of any receiver appointed by reason of the exercise of remedies hereunder) with respect to the FCC Authorizations and any Collateral subject to such FCC Authorizations, as applicable, are expressly subject to Communications Laws.

FCC Applications” means the application or applications that the Parties must file with the FCC requesting its consent to the assignment of the FCC Licenses from the applicable Emmis Subsidiaries to Mediaco as it is proposed to be owned subsequent to the Closing.

by the Seller or the Buyer, upon a final and non-appealable denial of the FCC Consent;

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