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Consent. Each of the undersigned Multicurrency Lenders and Loan Parties hereby acknowledges, consents and agrees to Interface Eurasia Holdings S.à r.l., a Luxembourg Société à responsabilité limitée organized and existing under the laws of Luxembourg, with registered office at 560 A, rue de Neudorf, L-2220, Luxembourg, registered with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register (Registre de Commerce et des Sociétés) under number B192108 (the “Designated Borrower”), becoming a Designated Borrower pursuant to Section 2.16 of the Credit Agreement.

Consent. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in any of the Loan Documents, the Lender consents to the consummation of the transactions set forth in the slide deck titled “Zynga Inc. International operating model realignment April 2020 DRAFT for discussion purposes only”. This consent is a one-time consent and shall be effective only in this specific instance.

Consent” means (a) actual consent given by a Lender from whom such consent is sought or (b) the passage of seven (7) Business Days from receipt of written notice to a Lender from the Administrative Agent of a proposed course of action to be followed by the Administrative Agent without such Lender’s giving the Administrative Agent written notice of that Lender’s objection to such course of action.

Consent” means any consent, approval, authorization, waiver, permit, exemption or order of, registration or filing with, or report or notice to, any Person, including any Governmental Authority.

"Consent" means any approval, consent, ratification, waiver, or other authorization of, notice to or registration, qualification, designation, declaration or filing with, any Person including, without limitation, any Customer or Governmental Authority.

Consent. The Credit Obligors hereby agree that the Credit Obligors will obtain Lender’s written consent prior to closing on a transaction to sell securities of Holdings to a third party other than Amgen Inc. or any employee of Holdings or Borrower during the four-month period commencing January 1, 2017 and ending April 30, 2017.

Consent. Receipt by the Administrative Agent of executed counterparts of this Consent properly executed by a Responsible Officer of each Borrower, each Guarantor, the Designated Borrower and by each Multicurrency Lender party hereto and, for purposes of effectiveness of the amendment to the Credit Agreement set forth in Section 2, receipt by the Administrative Agent of executed counterparts of this Consent from each Required Lender.

Consent. Each of the parties hereto hereby (i) consents to the execution, delivery and performance of the Sale Agreement Amendment, each Assignment Agreement and each of the other documents, instruments and agreements referenced in Section 6 of this Amendment and (ii) waives any notice requirement set forth in the Agreement or any other Transaction Document as a prerequisite or condition precedent to the effectiveness of any such document, instrument or agreement.

Consent. Lessee shall not make any Alterations or Utility Installations to the Premises without Lessor's prior written consent. Lessee may, however, make non-structural Alterations or Utility Installations to the interior of the Premises (excluding the roof) without such consent but upon notice to Lessor, as long as they are not visible from the outside, do not involve puncturing, relocating or removing the roof or any existing walls, will not affect the electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and/or life safety systems, do not trigger the requirement for additional modifications and/or improvements to the Premises resulting from Applicable Requirements, such as compliance with Title 24, and the cumulative cost thereof during this Lease as extended does not exceed a sum equal to 3 month's Base Rent in the aggregate or a sum equal to one month's Base Rent in any one year. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Lessee shall not make or permit any roof penetrations and/or install anything on the roof without the prior written approval of Lessor. Lessor may, as a precondition to granting such approval, require Lessee to utilize a contractor chosen and/or approved by Lessor. Any Alterations or Utility Installations that Lessee shall desire to make and which require the consent of the Lessor shall be presented to Lessor in written form with detailed plans. Consent shall be deemed conditioned upon Lessee's: (i) acquiring all applicable governmental permits, (ii) furnishing Lessor with copies of both the permits and the plans and specifications prior to commencement of the work, and (iii) compliance with all conditions of said permits and other Applicable Requirements in a prompt and expeditious manner. Any Alterations or Utility Installations shall be performed in a workmanlike manner with good and sufficient materials. If Lessor fails to approve or disapprove in writing the request within fifteen (15) days after Lessor's receipt of Lessee's written request (which disapproval may include a notice to Lessee that additional information must be submitted to Lessor as conditions of Lessor's consent as required by this subparagraph 7.3(b)), then Lessor shall be deemed to have approved such Alterations and/or Utility Installations as submitted by Lessee for Lessor's approval. Lessee shall promptly upon completion furnish Lessor with as-built plans and specifications. For work which costs an amount in excess of six months' one month's Base Rent (other than the initial Lessee Improvements as defined in the Addendum), Lessor may condition its consent upon Lessee providing a lien and completion bond in an amount equal to 150% of the estimated cost of such Alteration or Utility Installation and/or upon Lessee's posting an additional Security Deposit with Lessor.

Consent” means the consent or approval of a proposed action by a Member given in accordance with Article XIV.

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