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Assessments contract clause examples

Assessments. Except as may be disclosed in the Title Commitments, Seller has no knowledge of and has received no notice concerning any existing or proposed special assessments or similar taxes, charges or assessments against the Properties.

Assessments. The Operator shall fix, levy, collect and enforce Assessments as described in Article 2.

Assessments. Seller has not received written notice of any special assessments to be levied against the Property other than those that may be disclosed in the Title Commitment.

Assessments. All assessments, general or special, shall be prorated as of the Closing, with Seller being responsible for any installments of assessments that are due and payable prior to the Closing and Buyer being responsible for any installments of assessments that are due and payable on or after the Closing.

Assessments, Liens. The Association, acting as Operator through its Board, shall have the power to levy and collect assessments pursuant to Article 2 and to perfect and enforce liens in accordance with the provisions of Article 2.

Assessments; Impositions. There are no special or other assessments for public improvements or otherwise now affecting any Property. There are no pending or, to any Borrower’s knowledge, proposed special or other assessments for public improvements or otherwise affecting any Property, nor are there, to any Borrower’s knowledge, any contemplated improvements to any Property that may result in such special or other assessments other than regular real estate tax assessments. There are no outstanding Impositions, and all Impositions that are due and payable have been paid in full. There are no tax abatements or exemptions affecting any Property. There are no license fees or similar charges required in respect to any filled land or in respect of any tideland, wetland or other bodies of water.

Separate Assessments. Landlord may, if Landlord deems it appropriate to do so, attempt to obtain separate assessments for Tenant's obligations pursuant to [Section 6.1] and, with respect to [Section 6.2], for such of the Real Estate Charges as are readily susceptible of separate assessment; and if Landlord does attempt to so obtain separate assessments, Tenant shall cooperate with Landlord's efforts. To the extent of a separate assessment, Tenant agrees to pay such assessment before it becomes delinquent and to keep the Premises free and clear from any liens or attachments; moreover, as to all periods of time during the Lease Term, this covenant of Tenant shall survive the termination of this Lease.

Taxes, Assessments. All taxes, governmental assessments, water, sewer, and municipal charges which previously became due and owing have been paid, or, where applicable law allows, an escrow of funds has been established in an amount sufficient to pay for such item that remains unpaid; except for any such charges for which such Seller and/or Servicer have, after due consideration, made a determination not to pay for, in accordance with their current practice and have been disclosed in writing to Buyer.

Taxes and Assessments. The Company shall punctually pay and discharge all material taxes, assessments, and other governmental charges or levies imposed upon it or upon its income or upon any of its properties; provided, that no such taxes, assessments or other governmental charges need be paid if they are being contested in good faith by the Company.

ASSOCIATION DUES/ASSESSMENTS. If the Property is subject to a property owners’ association, all dues, assessments, fines or other fees have been paid in full to ​ (name/contact information for association).

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