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Financial Covenants
Financial Covenants contract clause examples

“6.8 Financial Covenants. Borrower shall at all times (i) after consummation of any Permitted Acquisition and (ii) while any Advance is outstanding, maintain the following financial covenants:

Financial Covenants.

Financial Covenants” means the financial covenants set forth in Section 6.06.

Financial Covenants” has the meaning specified in Section 7.01.

Financial Covenants.

Financial Covenants. As long as the Revolver Commitment or Obligations are outstanding, Borrowers shall maintain a Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio, measured on a trailing twelve month basis, of at least [1.1]1.0 to 1.0 as of (a) the end of the last month immediately preceding the occurrence of any Trigger Period for which financial statements have most recently been delivered pursuant to Section 10.1.2 of this Agreement, and (b) the end of each month for which financial statements are delivered pursuant to Section 10.1.2 of this Agreement during any Trigger Period.

Financial Covenants.

Financial Covenants” shall have the meaning set forth in Section 7.3.

Financial Covenants. The Borrower shall be in compliance with the financial covenants contained in Section 7.11 on a pro forma basis as of the Restatement Date.

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