Draft better contracts faster with AllDrafts.

AllDrafts is a cloud-based editor designed specifically for contracts. With automatic formatting, a massive clause library, smart redaction, and insanely easy templates, it’s a welcome change from Word.

Integrated AI can draft an outline or clause or simplify a complex paragraph. You are in control.

And AllDrafts generates clean Word and PDF files from any draft.

Designed for lawyers who draft

AllDrafts is easy to use, but it’s not for everyone. This is a tool that streamlines drafting contracts, from client need to signed agreement. AllDrafts is for lawyers who live in the documents.

Automatic Formatting

AllDrafts knows contracts. It automatically recognizes and formats defined terms, headings, subheadings, and more. Disclaimer: AllDrafts does not read your mind—it just feels like it.

AI that Knows Its Place

Just kidding—AI doesn’t know anything; AI can’t think. AllDrafts knows that you’re the brains behind this document, and it uses AI to reduce your typing, improve searching, and do the busy-work.

Error Prevention Built-in

No more embarrassing errors from copy and paste. AllDrafts redacts documents, your clause library, and even pasted text. Defined terms (and those that aren’t) are called out, as well as every fact that needs review.

AllDrafts does one thing, and does it well. It has deep knowledge of the format and conventions of contracts and it generates beautiful, clean documents for digital sharing and signature as well as export to PDF or Microsoft Word.

Clean Documents.

You can draft, collaborate, comment, revise, share, sign, and notarize all online with AllDrafts.

  • But if you do need a PDF or Microsoft Word document, AllDrafts can export a clean, styled document with no history or hidden-text.
  • Edit a contract in AllDrafts instantly (no sign-in required)
  • Open this contract as a PDF
  • Download this contract as a Microsoft Word document

You can edit a contract right now and use the File menu to Export to PDF or Word. Or use these links to see the exported files.

Your work is hard. Your tools should be easy.

AllDrafts is easy for lawyers because it’s designed for just one thing: helping you draft contracts. It’s also licensed easily: subscribe to create documents. Then freely share documents with others for comment, edit, and signature.

  • One lawyer, one license
  • No limitations on number of documents or templates
  • Share with anyone
  • No account required to view, comment, or sign
  • Your data is yours; it’s easy to export your documents
Find and paste

Your documents automatically become your clause library. Find it fast and paste it with automatic redaction of facts, personal information, and cross-references from the source document.

Insert clauses from a database of public documents.
Revision tracking

View a log of every change to your document, and generate a redline against any version with just a click. Cloud-based collaboration means everyone’s edits are in one place.

  • View document history on a timeline
  • Click to view any early version
  • Generate a redline between any two versions
  • Audit log of document viewing, editing, and sharing
A contract redlined with document history shown on the side.
Only the relevant

Filter an entire document to just the paragraphs containing a defined term.

You'll never miss a reference.

Automated intake

Redact personal information to turn any contract into a template.

  • AI will label the fields and write intake questions you can easily edit.

  • Share a questionnaire with individuals, or publicly.

  • When a form is submitted you get a new document ready for review and edits.

Relocation Contract Public Questionnaire
Integrated e-signature

Document signing is built-in. No need to export to PDF or pay for another service.

Signing PDF as Employee
AI assist

AI can draft a contract outline for you, complete with a fill-in-the-blanks preamble and e-signature block.

  • You can have it draft clauses, or draft bullet points you edit before it drafts the clause.

  • If you want to stick with human-written clauses, the AI can use the reviewed list of bullet points as a guide to search your clause database for existing clauses that address those points.

  • AllDrafts uses AI as a smart assistant that enhances, but can't replace, your work as a lawyer.

Easy notarization blocks

Insert a correctly formatted notarization block for any state and form.

AllDrafts Notary Block Modal