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Cash Dividends
Cash Dividends contract clause examples

Cash Dividends. Cash dividends received by the Agent on Shares allocated to Participants’ Plan accounts shall be used by the Agent to acquire additional Shares for such Participants by remitting the aggregate amount of such cash dividends to the Company to be added to the amount applied to the next acquisition of Shares from the Company pursuant to Section2.2.

Cash Dividends. If a cash dividend is paid on Shares during the period commencing on the Grant Date and ending on the date on which the Shares underlying the PSUs are distributed to the Participant pursuant to Section 3(d), then as of each dividend payment date, the Participant shall be credited with cash per PSU equal to the per Share amount of such dividend. Any amounts credited pursuant to the immediately preceding sentence shall be subject to the same applicable terms and conditions (including vesting, payment and forfeitability) as apply to the PSUs based on which the dividend equivalents were credited, and such amounts shall be paid in cash (without interest) at the same time as the PSUs to which they relate are settled.

Cash Dividends. Whenever any cash dividends are declared on the Stock, the Company will credit the Equity Sub-Account of each Participant on the date such dividend is paid with a number of additional Deferred Stock Units equal to the result of dividing # the product of # the total number of Deferred Stock Units credited to the Participant’s Sub-Account on the record date for such dividend and # the per share amount of such dividend by # the Fair Market Value of one share of Stock on the date such dividend is paid by the Company to the holders of

Cash Dividends and Cash Distributions. Subject to the other provisions of this Section 5.3, this Warrant shall at all times represent the Holder’s right to receive the same percentage of any cash dividends or cash distributions made by the Company that would have been received by the Holder if Holder had fully exercised this Warrant for the full amount of the unexercised Shares immediately prior to the close of business on the day immediately preceding the record date for such dividend. To that end, if the Company at any time or from time to time after the date hereof declares, orders, pays or makes a cash dividend or other cash distribution on or with respect to its shares of Common Stock, then, and in each such case, the Company shall reserve for, and hold for the benefit of, the Holder, a dollar amount equal to the amount (without interest) that the Holder would have received if it had fully exercised this Warrant for the full amount of the unexercised Shares immediately prior to the close of business on the day immediately preceding the record date for such dividend or other cash distribution, and the Holder shall be entitled to receive such amount in full upon the exercise of this Warrant. In lieu of receiving such cash payment, at its sole discretion, the Holder may choose to have the Warrant Price reduced by the amount of the cash, or value of the other securities or other property payable per share.

Dividends and Cash Awards. In the discretion of the Committee, any Award under the Plan may provide the Participant with # dividends or dividend equivalents payable (in cash or in the form of Awards under the Plan) currently or deferred with or without interest and # cash payments in lieu of or in addition to an Award.

Crediting of Deferred Cash Dividends. With respect to each of the RSUs, Grantee shall be credited on the records of the Company with Deferred Cash Dividends in an amount equal to the amount per share of any cash dividends declared by the Board on the outstanding Common Shares during the period beginning on the Date of Grant and

Dividends. Any dividends (whether paid in cash, stock or property except as set forth in Section 9) declared and paid by the Company with respect to shares of Restricted Stock (“Accrued Dividends”) shall be paid to the Participant only if and when such shares become free from the restrictions on transferability and forfeitability that apply to such shares. Each payment of Accrued Dividends will be made no later than the end of the calendar year in which the dividends are paid to stockholders of that class of stock or, if later, the 15th day of the third month following the lapsing of the restrictions on transferability and the forfeitability provisions applicable to the underlying shares of Restricted Stock.

Dividends. You shall receive no benefit or adjustment to your Award with respect to any cash dividend, stock dividend or other distribution that does not result from a Capitalization Adjustment; provided, however, that this sentence will not apply with respect to any shares of Common Stock that are delivered to you in connection with your Award after such shares have been delivered to you.

Dividends. A Restricted Stock Award Agreement may provide that any dividends paid on Restricted Stock will be subject to the same vesting and forfeiture restrictions as apply to the shares subject to the Restricted Stock Award to which they relate.

Dividends. You will receive no benefit or adjustment to your PSUs with respect to any cash dividend, stock dividend or other distribution, except as provided in the Plan with respect to adjustments made pursuant to Section 15.1 of the Plan.

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