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Earnings contract clause examples

Earnings. A Member's Account shall be credited (or debited) annually based upon the greater of the following as of December 31 of each year, to be applied January 1 through December 31 of the subsequent year:

Each Participant’s Accounts will be adjusted for investment return, on a daily basis, in accordance with the following provisions of this Section 4.2:

Earnings. All amounts earned with respect to the Escrow Fund (whether interest or otherwise) shall become a part of the Escrow Fund and shall be held under the same terms as the Escrow Deposit initially delivered to the Escrow Agent hereunder. Amounts earned with respect to the Escrow Fund shall be paid at the time of any disbursement hereunder to the party receiving such disbursement in accordance with the applicable provision of Section 4(a).

Earnings: subject to Section 2.31,

Earnings: subject to Section 2.28,

Earnings” means, in relation to a Vessel, all moneys whatsoever which are now, or later become, payable (actually or contingently) to the Guarantor owning that Vessel or the Security Trustee and which arise out of the use or operation of that Vessel, including (but not limited to):

Earnings: compensation as defined under the Base U.S. Savings Plan in respect of periods in which the executive is a Member of the Personal Care DC SERP.

Earnings. Earnings means a positive or negative adjustment to the value of an Account, based upon the allocation of the Account by the Participant among deemed investment options in accordance with Article VIII.

Earnings: subject to Section 2.28,

Earnings. Each Participant’s Account shall be adjusted upward or downward, on a weekly (or as otherwise determined by the Administrator) basis to reflect the investment return that would have been realized had such amounts been invested in one or more investments selected by the Participant from among the assumed investment alternatives designated by the Administrator for use under the Plan. Until otherwise determined by the Administrator in its sole discretion, the investment alternatives shall be the same as those available under the Baxter International Inc. and Subsidiaries Deferred Compensation Plan (including any limitations on amounts that may be invested in or allocated or reallocated to any particular investment alternative), and Accounts for which no election is made shall be invested in the Stable Income Fund. Prior to the first day of each calendar quarter (or at such other intervals as may be

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