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The Last 2 Hours Reading a Contract are The Longest

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It feels like you’ve read the contract in front of you a thousand times. However, the meeting with your client is looming, and you know the importance of getting every aspect right. The last review is always the toughest because it’s your last chance to catch errors. So, you painstakingly begin the formatting review, ensuring the numbering and indentation are consistent and all brackets are resolved. Then, you move on, attempting to ensure that the language in each clause is accurate and that the defined terms are actually defined.

By the time you’ve finished your last review, your head hurts, your eyes sting, and you still don’t feel completely confident that you have resolved every issue. For the thousandth time, you wish computers offered more than spelling and grammar checks to help improve the tedious review process.

AllDrafts is a word processor designed specifically for contracts and it does its job well. It does the formatting for you, and as you type or paste, it maintains accurate cross-references and consistent numbering. The automatic formatting feature calls out cross-references, defined terms, and unresolved bracketed text. It also helps you address problematic clauses with a vast library of well-crafted clauses for any contract, or AI generated bullet-points or clause drafts.

The last two hours spent reviewing a contract feel like an eternity, but with AllDrafts, you can reclaim that time and use it for more productive tasks. Its comprehensive review features instill a sense of confidence that your client is receiving a contract that is professionally crafted and legally sound.

This article explains how AllDrafts helps with advanced contract reading and reviewing and how it can save you hours of tedious review. But first, let's discuss the main areas to review in a contract and how technology is helping legal professionals make their work easier.

The Major Areas to Review in a Contract

The final review of a contract ensures you have addressed all its elements. These final hours help you prevent misunderstandings, highlight areas that need improvement, uncover outdated or unclear provisions, and expose pitfalls that might increase legal risks.

Reading a contract is essential, and the following table outlines some key areas that AllDrafts can help you with to ascertain that you have a valid and enforceable contract and can serve as a powerful risk mitigation tool.

Accuracy and clarity of the terms: Reduces misunderstandings and results in less back and forth between the involved parties.

Validity: Ensures you comply with the contract laws at the state and national level

Rights and obligations: Ensuring this area is clear and concise can serve to prevent unintentional breaches of contract.

Protection of interest: Ensures interests are well-covered

Potentials for conflict: Ascertains sensitive clauses are well explained to avoid future disputes.

A properly reviewed contract guarantees that the entire document will benefit both parties. Consider adjusting any section to offer a more favorable document if it sounds unfair. With AllDrafts’ templates and substantial clause library, starting over on a contract is simple.

Using Technology for Contract Analysis and Automation

Technology has changed how legal professionals approach contract analysis and automation. These innovative solutions are packed with features designed to make your review process smoother and more efficient without compromising accuracy.

For instance, when you upload a contract, the software can instantly pinpoint key clauses, potential risks, and areas of concern. The advanced language processing and machine learning capabilities enable these tools to extract and categorize relevant information, saving you countless hours of manual work.

In addition to these incredible abilities, some features allow you to compare versions and track changes so you never miss a critical update. And if you are working on hundreds of pages, specialized clause libraries and smart search functions make it easy to navigate and locate specific provisions.

Other legal tools help improve your contract drafting process, such as the ability to review the statistics and readability analyses. With the click of a mouse, you can see a breakdown of the word and character count, the number of paragraphs, and the comprehension grade level. AllDrafts also provides a complexity and legalese score—helping you ensure your legal documents are effective and readable. This tool is used when drafting all your legal documents.

Save Two Productive Hours with AllDrafts

AllDrafts is a software designed particularly for contracts. It is cloud-based with a massive clause library, smart redaction, automatic formatting, and easy-to-use templates. It helps you achieve the following functions:

  • Documents are saved and automatically added to your personal clause library. You can find and paste them instantly.
  • When you copy in an existing contract you have the option to redact all the personal information – names, dates, monetary amounts, etc. – in a single step, with a line by line redline preview of the changes.
  • It tracks your revisions with a cloud-based collaboration, allowing you to see everyone's edits. You can also view the document history on a timeline.
  • Specialized filters can remove wordiness or irrelevant information—leaving you with a clear, concise contract template containing the needed information
  • It has navigation tools, side panel views, live link previews, and auto-highlighting to ensure you catch any errors and offer a fully proofed contract.

AllDrafts also has an integrated e-signature, enabling you to complete the entire contracting process without exporting and using another service to make the document official. Try it now for free.