About AllDrafts

Your work matters.

Contracts connect us and make the world a better place.
Contracts are what enable the exchange of products, ideas, and money.
Contracts set expectations, outline responsibilities, and anticipate potential problems.
A great contract is clear, fair, and rarely litigated.
When everyone understands and agrees, it’s the ultimate win-win.

AllDrafts helps you draft better contracts, faster.

When it’s easier to draft, to edit, to collaborate, to analyze, and to sign, it’s done faster.
Faster means less friction. Less friction means clients are more likely to use a contract than to skip it, more likely to get the contract terms they need, and more likely to understand it.

Enjoy what you do.

AllDrafts takes over the tedious mechanics of contract drafting – indents, formatting, copying and pasting, revision tracking, comments, document sharing, etc. – so you can focus on the content.
Your client hired you to think, not to wrestle with a word processor.
When your tools are easy and save you time, everything is easier.

Earn more while serving better.

Too many businesses don’t use contracts everywhere they should.
Too many people don’t even have a will.
Everyone benefits from great legal documents, but too often the process is slow, intimidating, and expensive.
There are potential clients who aren’t engaging any help, and your existing clients are likely not using your services as much as they should.
AllDrafts’ easy templates and integrated intake questionnaires help you offer counsel and documents with less friction and less wasted time for both of you.
You can offer more legal services to your clients even as you reduce the difficulty of document drafting, allowing you to focus on providing the best counsel to your clients.

The AllDrafts Origin Story

There once was a software executive who was frustrated with legal documents. A new Microsoft Word file for each revision; too many PDF redlines; too tedious to send comments and get changes. Attorneys who weren’t set up for e-signature; too many trips to a notary; too many times it was easier to skip the contract that would have been wise, just because it was a hassle.
Had no one heard of the cloud?
The software executive loved the attorneys’ counsel, but hated working with them on documents.
When the executive needed a will, they used an online template.
And then that software executive talked to an attorney in a small firm who was also frustrated with documents. The attorney resented all the time spent formatting things, reading and writing emails with questions and answers and comments, cleaning up copy and paste errors, and how hard it was to automate even simple documents when you don’t have an IT team.
And then another attorney in a larger firm explained that when the document management got too messy they just put a footnote in the Microsoft Word document that said “Clean this up” and sent it to the Word Processing Department.
And so AllDrafts was born.
Our mission is to equip everyone with the power and protection of great contracts and great counsel by helping lawyers draft better contracts faster.
Because easier doesn’t just save you time and money, it helps you engage and serve more clients in more ways.