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Laser-Targeted Legal Services for Rapid Client Acquisition and Increased Profits

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What if you chose the client instead of waiting for a client to choose you? What if you could take the work you’ve already done and sell it again with little effort? What if you could sell it a dozen times over?

Fixed-price legal work is one way to get off the billable-hour treadmill, but it can be daunting for small firms with limited resources. What products do you create? How do you advertise and deliver them? What technology infrastructure do you need?

Start with what you’ve got. Take a look at your hard drive, and look at the documents you’ve previously created. Which ones deal with common scenarios? Which do you repeatedly revisit and re-use for new clients?

Turn these documents into templates, and then describe the ideal client for each document – which is likely just the description of the original client you created it for.

“This is a will for a married couple in their early 30s with two children, a single home, two-incomes, some retirement accounts, and no other significant assets.”

Great – now you’ve got a target customer and the product you’ll deliver. What can you charge to deliver exactly this document for a new client? What’s a price that reflects the value, but also catches the attention of a couple that knows they need a will but has been putting it off because it seems like a potentially expensive project they don’t have the money for right now?

Price transparency matters

Most people don’t shop in stores without posted prices or order the ‘market price’ items off the menu – or even eat in restaurants with market price menu items. But this is how most legal services are offered.

Even if your hourly rate is on your website, potential clients have no idea how many hours a matter will require – and neither do you, without more information. But that uncertainty keeps many potential clients out of the market – or sends them searching for a template on the Internet.

But if you have the specific output for a specific client profile already complete, you can make an offer at a specific price. And with a client profile, you can focus your marketing: mail a certain neighborhood, advertise to a certain profile, or even reach out directly to specific people.

The most valuable offer you can make is one that fits the customer exactly.

And when it doesn’t quite fit? When the customer says, “That’s me, but I’ve got this one difference…”?

Then you’ve got a new client with billable hours to add onto your fixed-price offering. Your pre-prepared legal templates aren’t all you offer – they’re the accessible, understandable, discoverable legal products that initiate long-term relationships; they serve as a starting point for deeper, more personalized legal services over time.

Leveraging Technology and Targeted Marketing

Technology like AllDrafts helps you manage and customize your templates efficiently, so you can streamline your operations and reduce overhead costs. This efficiency allows you to offer competitive, transparent pricing that attracts more clients in a market that is often wary of the unpredictability of legal costs.

Transform your document library into a suite of pre-prepared, customizable templates. This is not just about maximizing the use of existing resources — it's about structuring your practice to meet modern clients' expectations for transparency, specificity, and efficiency.

By taking control of how you offer your services, you not only escape the billable-hour treadmill but also create a sustainable, profitable legal practice that stands out in today's competitive market. So, look at your hard drive not just as a storage device, but as a gold mine of opportunities waiting to be optimized and leveraged for your practice's growth and your clients' benefit.