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. Set forth on [Schedule 6.01(v)] is a complete and accurate list as of the Effective Date of all Material Contracts of each Loan Party, showing the parties and subject matter thereof and amendments and modifications thereto. Each such Material Contract # is in full force and effect and is binding upon and enforceable against each Loan Party that is a party thereto and, to the best knowledge of such Loan Party, all other parties thereto in accordance with its terms, # has not been otherwise amended or modified, and # is not in default due to the action of any Loan Party or, to the best knowledge of any Loan Party, any other party thereto.

Material Contracts. Any Material Contract shall have been terminated, provided that # no Event of Default with respect to the termination of a Transportation

The Data Room sets forth a correct and complete list of the following Contracts to which any Acquired Company is a party to or to which any of the assets any Acquired Company are bound (such contracts are, collectively, the “Material Contracts”):

Material Contracts. [Schedule 7.1(z)] is, as of the Agreement Date, a true, correct and complete listing of all Material Contracts. Each of the Borrower, the other Loan Parties and the other Subsidiaries that are parties to any Material Contract has performed and is in compliance with all of the terms of such Material Contract, and no material default or material event of default, or event or condition which with the giving of notice, the lapse of time, or both, would constitute such a default or event of default, exists with respect to any such Material Contract.

Material Contracts. After giving effect to the consummation of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement, except as described on [Schedule 4.12] of the Disclosure Letter, each Material Contract is a valid and binding obligation of the applicable Credit Party and, to the Knowledge of Borrower, each other party thereto, and is in full force and effect, and neither the applicable Credit Party nor, to the Knowledge of Borrower, any other party thereto is in material breach thereof or default thereunder, except where such breach or default (which default has not been cured or waived) could not reasonably be expected to give rise to any cancellation, termination or acceleration right of the applicable counterparty thereto or result in the invalidation thereof. No Credit Party or any of its Subsidiaries has received any written notice from any party thereto asserting or, to the Knowledge of Borrower threatening to assert, circumstances that could reasonably be expected to result in the cancellation, termination or invalidation of any Material Contract or the acceleration of such Credit Party’s or Subsidiary’s obligations thereunder.

Except as set forth in Section 3.15 of the Company Disclosure Schedule (specifying the appropriate paragraph), the Company is not a party to:

. [Schedule 6.1.19] lists as of the Closing Date all contracts relating to the business operations of each Loan Party and each Subsidiary of any Loan Party required to be filed by Item [[Identifier]] of Regulation S-K of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. All such material contracts are valid, binding and enforceable upon such Loan Party or Subsidiary and each of the other parties thereto in accordance with their respective terms. Holdings and its Subsidiaries are not in material default with respect to any such material contracts, nor do the Loan Parties have knowledge of any material default with respect to the other parties to such material contracts.

Material Contracts. Company is not a party to any Material Contracts other than the Subordinated Note.

Material Contracts. [Schedule 5.27] sets forth all Material Contracts of the Borrowers. All Material Contracts are in full force and effect and no material defaults currently exist thereunder.

Material Contracts. [Schedule 3.1(q)] sets forth a true and complete list of all Material Contracts for the Operating Acquired Companies, and, to Seller’s Knowledge, the Coyote Company. With regard to the Material Contracts for the Operating Acquired Companies:

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