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Marketing Authorization
Marketing Authorization contract clause examples

Marketing. Seller will market in the United States the rare pediatric disease product for which the Priority Review Voucher was awarded for the 365-day period beginning on the date of the FDA approval of such rare pediatric disease product to the extent required, now or in the future, under applicable Legal Requirements or otherwise by any applicable Governmental Entity for the use or transfer of the Priority Review Voucher.

Marketing. At the request of any Holder, the Company shall use commercially reasonable efforts to assist such Holder in the marketing and sale of the Registrable Securities, including with respect to any Underwritten Offering, entering into customary agreements (including an underwriting agreement in customary form with customary indemnification provisions) and take such other actions as are reasonably required or advisable in order to expedite or facilitate the disposition of such Registrable Securities, including providing reasonable availability of appropriate members of senior management of the Company to provide customary due diligence assistance in connection with any such offering and to participate in customary “road show” presentations in connection with such offering in substantially the same manner as they would in an underwritten primary registered public offering by the Company of its Common Stock, after taking into account the reasonable business requirements of the Company in determining the scheduling and duration of any road show. In addition, the Company shall use commercially reasonable efforts to assist the Holders with respect to any potential private transfer of any Preferred Shares or Common Stock held by such Holders, including # entering into customary confidentiality agreements with any prospective transferees, # affording to the Holders and any prospective transferees and their respective counsel, accountants, lenders and other representatives, full access during normal business hours to the properties, books, contracts and records of the Company and # providing reasonable availability of appropriate members of senior management of the Company to provide customary due diligence assistance in connection with any such transfer; provided, however, that any such investigation shall be conducted in such a manner as not to interfere unreasonably with the Company’s business and operations.

Marketing. The JCC will agree upon a marketing strategy for the Product, including Product positioning, messaging, appearance and launch sequencing, consistent with the Global Branding Strategy. Marketing activities and responsibilities will be determined for each Party by the Lead Commercialization Party.

Marketing and Marketing Support. Raven shall conduct the marketing and selling of the AgEagle System in its own name and at its own expense. Raven will use commercially reasonable efforts to promote, market and sell the AgEagle System in the Territory, which efforts may include, without limitation, presentations, technical information, meetings, discussions and demonstrations. Raven may, in its sole and absolute discretion, design Raven branded marketing materials for the AgEagle System, including, brochures, webpages and other similar marketing materials, which Raven may, when reasonable, allow AgEagle an opportunity to review. AgEagle shall support Raven’s marketing activities, as necessary, including, but not limited to, providing to Raven, at no charge, physical products (i.e. AgEagle Systems, and any other such necessary products or components) solely for use as display or demonstration units at trade fairs and events, as reasonably requested by Raven. AgEagle also agrees to make its representatives available for work in Raven booths during trade fairs as reasonably requested by Raven. Original AgEagle branded marketing materials costs, including but not limited to video presentations, brochures and advertisements shall be at AgEagle’s expense. AgEagle further agrees to provide modifiable sales documents, literature, videos, training materials etc. at no cost to Raven for use by Raven, including use by any distributors, dealers, or other third parties appointment by Raven to market or sell the AgEagle System.

Marketing Authorization” means, with respect to a product, the Regulatory Approval required by Applicable Laws to sell such product in a country or region in the Territory. For purposes of clarity, # “Marketing Authorization” in the ​ means ​, # “Marketing Authorization” in the ​ means marketing authorization for such product granted ​, # “Marketing Authorization” in ​ means marketing authorization for such product granted by ​, and # with respect to each of the foregoing jurisdictions listed in the foregoing clauses # – (c), “Marketing Authorization” also means marketing authorization or approval through a process that does not exist as of the Effective Date but that satisfies the first sentence of this Section 1.106.

Marketing Plan. IMMEDICA will prepare an ​ updated marketing plan (“Marketing Plan”) according to IMMEDICA’s marketing planning process, ​.

KU shall use efforts to market and promote each Product throughout the Territory that are commercially reasonable given the market in which the relevant Product is marketed and the branded or generic status of the relevant Product. At the first meeting of the Joint Marketing Committee (as hereinafter defined) following the

Marketing Materials. [[EPIZYME:Organization]] hereby grants to EISAI an exclusive right and license, with the right to grant sublicenses (subject to [Section 5.1.2]), solely in the EISAI Territory, to reproduce, distribute, display, use, modify and exploit, directly or indirectly, all promotional materials used by [[EPIZYME:Organization]] in the promotion of Licensed Products in the [[EPIZYME:Organization]] Territory solely for purposes of exercising the rights and licenses granted in [Section 5.1.1(a)]; provided that: # neither EISAI nor any of its Affiliates or Sublicensees shall have any right or license to reproduce, distribute, display, use, modify or exploit any corporate name or logo of [[EPIZYME:Organization]] or its Affiliates on such materials; # EISAI shall solely bear all costs and expenses incurred in connection with exercising its rights under such license; and # EISAI shall be solely responsible for the compliance of all such promotional materials and their use by or on behalf of EISAI with Laws in the EISAI Territory.

Energy Marketing. Provide services and systems dedicated to energy marketing and trading of energy commodities, specifically the provision of all services related to emissions products, renewable energy products, environmental commodities (commodities derived from environmental attributes associated with qualifying types of generation that are required for compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws, as well as any voluntary additional reductions that the Company has elected to complete). Provide market, credit and operational risk management services and development of marketing and sales programs in physical and financial markets.

Marketing Materials. All marketing materials relating to the services or products sold or provided by each Seller;

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