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Margin contract clause examples

Margin” initially means three and one-half percentage points (3.50%) (350 basis points) and will be effective until such time as the aggregate principal balance of all Loans and unfunded Commitment amounts under the Credit Agreement is (a) $20,000,000 or less, at which time the Margin will be reduced to three and one-quarter percentage points (3.25%) (325 basis points), or (b) $15,000,000 or less, at which time the Margin will be further reduced to three percentage points (3.00%) (300 basis points). Each reduction in the Margin will become effective upon Borrower’s delivery to Agent of annual audited financial statements along with a written certification that the aggregate principal balance of the Loans and unfunded Commitments required for such reduction has been achieved.

Margin” has the meaning assigned to the term in the Pricing Side Letter.

"Margin" means two point five per cent per annum (2.5%) provided that, if the Borrower breaches any of the financial covenants set out in Schedule 4, the Margin shall be increased by 2% from the rate otherwise prevailing for so long as such breach continues.

"Margin" means 4.65% per annum.

Margin” is defined in the Note, if applicable.

Margin” means the Tranche A Margin or the Tranche B Margin.

Margin: Two Hundred Seventy-Five (275) basis points.

Margin” means, for the Series 2017-VF1 Notes, 2.50% per annum.

Margin” means 2.95% per annum.

Margin” means, for the Series 2018-FT1 Term Notes, 2.35% per annum.

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