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Licensed Product
Licensed Product contract clause examples

Licensed Product” means a pharmaceutical product containing a Collaboration Molecule.

Licensed Product” shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 1.63 of the License Agreement.

Licensed Product ” means any Gene Therapy Product, including Combination Products, the researching, developing, making, using, importation, sale, offering for sale, or commercialization of which, (a) on a country-by-country basis, in the absence of the licenses granted to Licensee hereunder would infringe or reads on at least one pending or granted claim of the Penn Patent Rights in such country, or (b) incorporates or is based on the use of Penn Know-How, or (c) incorporates or is based on the use of Penn Materials (including any capsid). For clarity, any

Licensed Product ” means any AAV8 or another clade E AAV variant pharmaceutical product that expresses Solid’s MD5 nNOS binding domain form of microdystrophin. As used herein, “MD5” refers to a specific engineered 5-repeat microdystrophin protein that contains, from N- to C-terminus, the N-terminal actin binding domain, Hinge region 1 (HI), spectrin-like repeats Rl, R16, R17, R23, and R24, Hinge region 4 (H4), and the C-terminal dystroglycan binding domain of the human full-length dystrophin protein. The protein sequence of MD5 and the related dystrophin minigene are described in US 10,479,821 & WO2016/115543.

Licensed Product” means any pharmaceutical or biological preparation in final form containing a Licensed Compound, alone or in combination with one or more other active agents not Controlled by Calithera, offered for sale by prescription, over-the-counter or any other method.

Licensed Product” means [******] product that [******] a Licensed Antibody, [******].

Licensed Product” means any AR Mutant Product.

Licensed Product” means any and all products the manufacture, use, sale, offer for sale or import of which makes use of the Licensed Patents which would without the License infringe on Licensor’s rights in the Licensed Patents.

, discounts, or charge-backs actually paid or credited to any governmental agency (or branch of government) or to any Third Party payor, administrator, or contractee, including any Payor; and

Licensed Product” means any AR Mutant Product or NIK Product.

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