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Initial Closing Date
Initial Closing Date contract clause examples

Initial Closing Date: as to the AG&M Loan Agreement, September 3, 2014 and as to the L.A.R.K. Loan Agreement, June 23, 2015.

Initial Closing Date” has the meaning set forth in Section 7.1.

Initial Closing Date. The date and time of the Initial Closing (the "Initial Closing Date") shall be 10:00 a.m., New York City time, on the date hereof (or such other date and time as is mutually agreed to by the Company and the Investor) after notification of satisfaction (or waiver) of the conditions to the Initial Closing set forth in Sections 5(a) and 6(a)

"Initial Closing Date" means November 8, 2019 or such other Business Day thereafter as may be agreed upon by the Company and the Original Subscriber (such date also being the Issue Date of the first issue of Class A Promissory Certificates).

Initial Closing Date” means October 11, 2012.

Initial Closing Date; Property Closing Date; Acquisition Advances; Construction Advances.

Initial Loan Closing Date” shall mean the date upon which the Initial Loan is made to the Company.

Initial Closing Date” means the date set forth on Schedule 1.4(c) attached hereto.

Initial Closing Date” is defined in Section 4.1.

Initial Closing Date” means the Trading Day on which the Investor Purchase Agreement has been executed and delivered by the applicable parties thereto and all conditions precedent to (i) each Holder’s obligations to pay the Subscription Amount and (ii) the Company’s obligations to deliver the Series C Preferred Stock and the Warrants have been satisfied or waived.

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