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Confidential Information. Neither Party shall disclose to any third party nor use for any purpose outside of the scope of this Agreement any information which is not in the public domain and which was disclosed in connection with this Agreement: # by a Party or any of its Affiliates; or # any unaffiliated third party at the request of such disclosing Party (“Confidential Information”). The receiving Party may only provide the disclosing Party’s Confidential Information to its and its Affiliates’ directors, officers, employees, advisors, and consultants (“Representatives”) who are informed of the confidential nature of the Confidential Information and who are bound by obligations of confidentiality and non-use no less restrictive than those contained herein and provided that the receiving Party shall be responsible for any breach of this Agreement by its Representatives, which shall be considered a breach by the receiving Party. The obligations of confidentiality and non-use shall expire for Confidential Information which:

The Executive recognizes that his employment with the Company will involve contact with information of substantial value to the Company, which is not generally known to the public and which gives the Company an advantage over its competitors who do not know or use it, including, without limitation, techniques, designs, drawings, processes, inventions, developments, equipment, prototypes, sales and customer information and business and financial information relating to the business, products, practices and techniques of the Company (hereinafter referred to as “Confidential Information”). Confidential Information includes all information disclosed by the Company or its clients, and information learned by the Executive during the course of employment with the Company. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Confidential Information shall not be information which: # has entered the public domain through no action or failure to act of the Executive; # prior to disclosure hereunder was already lawfully in the Executive’s possession without any obligation of confidentiality; # subsequent to disclosure hereunder is obtained by the Executive on a non-confidential basis from a third party who has the right to disclose such information to the Executive; or # is ordered to be or otherwise required to be disclosed by the Executive by a court of law or other governmental body; provided, however, that the Company is notified of such order or requirement and given a reasonable opportunity to intervene.

Confidential Information. Executive agrees to maintain his obligations under the Company’s standard Proprietary Information and Inventions Agreement, attached hereto as Exhibit A, dated on even date herewith (the “Proprietary Information Agreement”).

Confidential Information. Holder acknowledges that he/she has access to highly confidential information of the Company and any Subsidiary that Holder provides services to or is provided confidential information about, including but not limited to, information concerning: finances, supply and service, marketing, customers (including lists), operations, business and financial plans and strategies, and product costs, sourcing and pricing (“Confidential Information”). The Holder agrees that during his/her employment and for three years following the end of Holder’s employment (for whatever reason), Holder will protect the Confidential Information and only use it for business-related reasons; however, trade secrets will always remain protected for as long as the information qualifies as a trade secret under applicable law. Nothing in this Agreement is intended to prohibit any activity by Holder which is protected by law. The obligations of this Agreement (including, but not limited to the confidentiality obligations) do not prohibit Holder from reporting any event that Holder reasonably and in good faith believes is a violation of law to the relevant law-enforcement agency (such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or Department of Labor), cooperating in an investigation conducted by such a government agency, or disclosing to such a government agency any Confidential Information

Confidential Information. The Executive understands and acknowledges that during the Employment Term, he will have access to and learn about Confidential Information, as defined below.

Confidential Information. Except to the extent expressly authorized by this Agreement or agreed in writing by the Parties, each Party agrees that, during the Term and for ​ years thereafter, the receiving Party and its Affiliates and Sublicensees and Third Party subcontractors will keep confidential and will not publish or otherwise disclose, and will not use for any purpose other than as expressly permitted in this Agreement, any information furnished to it or its Affiliates, Sublicensees or Third Party subcontractors by the other Party pursuant to this Agreement or information acquired or developed on such other Party’s behalf (collectively, “Confidential Information”). For the avoidance of doubt, as long as Ono retains license rights to any Lead Biclonics and/or Products hereunder, data and other information relating thereto shall be considered Ono’s Confidential Information. Each Party may use such Confidential Information of the other Party only to the extent required to accomplish the purposes of this Agreement or exercise its rights under the licenses granted to it under this Agreement. Each Party will use at least the same standard of care as it uses to protect proprietary or confidential information of its own, but in no event less than stringent as set forth in this Article 10. Each Party shall use reasonable efforts to ensure that its and its Affiliates’ and Sublicensees’ and Third Party subcontractors’ employees, agents, consultants, investors and other representatives comply with the Party’s obligations hereunder and do not disclose or make any unauthorized use of the Confidential Information, and that the terms of any subcontracts will be in all essential aspects consistent with the obligations and restrictions hereunder, including by providing a confidentiality term that is of equivalent duration or no less than what is reasonable to protect the Confidential Information to be disclosed or developed in the subcontractual arrangement. Each Party will promptly notify the other upon discovery of any unauthorized use or disclosure of the other Party’s Confidential Information. The Parties further acknowledge that each Party has disclosed to the other Party (or its Affiliates), prior to the Effective Date, certain Confidential Information pursuant to non-disclosure and/or material transfer agreements entered into between the Parties (or a Party’s Affiliates), that limit the disclosure and use of such information by the receiving Party. The Parties hereby agree that any such Confidential Information earlier disclosed by one Party to the other (or its Affiliates) under such earlier agreements will be deemed to be the Confidential Information of the disclosing Party and subject to all the terms of this Article 10 and Section 4.6, as well as the additional terms covering such information and materials (if any) under the earlier agreements.

Confidential Information. “Confidential Information” means, collectively, all information (whether written or oral, or in electronic or other form, and whether furnished before, on or after the date of this Agreement) concerning, or relating in any way, directly or indirectly, to the other party (“Disclosing Party”), the License Agreement or the Purchased Assets, including any Royalty Reports, notices, requests, correspondence or other information furnished pursuant to this Agreement and any other reports, data, information, materials, notices, correspondence or documents of any kind relating in any way, directly or indirectly, to the Purchased Assets. Notwithstanding the foregoing, “Confidential Information” shall not include the existence or terms of this Agreement, or any information that # was known by Receiving Party at the time such information was disclosed to Receiving Party, its Affiliates or its or its Affiliates’ Representatives in accordance herewith or in accordance with the Confidentiality Agreement, as evidenced by its written records; # was or becomes generally available to the public or part of the public domain (other than as a result of a disclosure by Receiving Party, its Affiliates or its or its Affiliates’ Representatives in violation of this Agreement or the Confidentiality Agreement) prior to any disclosure of such information by Receiving Party, its Affiliates or its or its Affiliates’ Representatives; # becomes known to Receiving Party on a non-confidential basis from a source other than Disclosing Party and its Representatives (and without any breach of this Agreement or the Confidentiality Agreement by Receiving Party, its Affiliates or its or its Affiliates’ Representatives); provided, that such source, to the knowledge of Receiving Party, had the right to disclose such information to Receiving Party (without breaching any legal, contractual or fiduciary obligation to Disclosing Party); or # is or has been independently developed by Receiving Party, its Affiliates or its or its Affiliates’ Representatives without use of or reference to the Confidential Information (as evidenced by contemporaneous written records).

Executive recognizes and acknowledges that the knowledge of the business activities and plans for business activities of the Company and its affiliates, as it may exist from time to time, is a valuable, confidential, proprietary, and unique asset of the business of the Company. Executive will not, during or after the term of his employment, disclose any knowledge of the past, present, planned or considered business activities of the Company or affiliates thereof to any person, firm, corporation, or other entity for any reason or purpose whatsoever. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Executive may disclose any knowledge of principles, concepts or ideas which are not solely and exclusively derived from the business plans and activities of the Company, and

Confidential Information. Executive, during the Term, may have access to and become familiar with confidential information, secrets and proprietary information concerning the business and affairs of the Company, its controlled subsidiaries and other controlled entities, including business strategies, pricing information, and other confidential and/or proprietary information (collectively, “Confidential Information”). Confidential Information shall not include any information that is or becomes generally available to the public other than as a result of Executive’s improper or unauthorized disclosure of such information in violation of this Agreement. As to such Confidential Information, Executive agrees during the Term and following the termination of this Agreement, he will not, directly or indirectly, without the prior written consent of the Company # disclose or permit the disclosure of any such Confidential Information, or # use, reproduce or distribute, or make or permit any use, reproduction or distribution of, directly or indirectly, any such Confidential Information, except for any disclosure, use, reproduction or distribution that is required in the course of the Executive’s employment with the Company.

Confidential Information. I will hold in confidence and use only for the benefit of the Company during the term of my employment and for five years after the termination of my employment all Confidential Information of the Company, its Affiliates, and all Confidential Information of companies or persons other than the Company given to the Company under an agreement prohibiting its disclosure. “Confidential Information” refers to valuable technical or business information that is not known by the public. By way of example, Confidential Information may include information relating to: inventions or products, including unannounced products; research and development activities; requirements and specifications of specific customers and potential customers; nonpublic financial information; and quotations or proposals given to customers.

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