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Guarantors contract clause examples

Guarantors” means those Persons identified as a Guarantor on Schedule 6.13 and any other Subsidiary that executes a Guaranty; provided that any Guarantor that is sold or otherwise transferred to a Person other than the Borrower or a Restricted Subsidiary in a Disposition permitted by Section 9.05 or that is designated as an Unrestricted Subsidiary hereunder may be released from the Guaranty in accordance with Section 11.10 and thereafter such Person shall no longer be a “Guarantor” or a “Loan Party” for purposes of any Loan Document.

Guarantors means, collectively, each Subsidiary that is from time to time party to a Subsidiary Guaranty.

Guarantors: Canadian Facility Guarantors, U.S. Facility Guarantors, and each other Person who guarantees payment or performance of any Obligations.

Guarantors” is defined in the preamble.

Guarantors” means, collectively, Holdings, the Subsidiaries of Holdings listed on Schedule 6.12 and each other Subsidiary of Holdings that shall be required to execute and deliver a guaranty or guaranty supplement pursuant to Section 6.12.

Guarantors” means, collectively, the Initial Guarantors and any Additional Guarantors that become a party hereto.

Guarantors” shall mean (i) each Domestic Subsidiary of the Borrower as of the Effective Date (other than an Excluded Subsidiary), (ii) each Canadian Subsidiary and Dutch Subsidiary of the Borrower that issues a Guarantee of the Obligations after the Effective Date pursuant to Schedule 6.13(a) and (iii) each Subsidiary that issues a Guarantee of the Obligations after the Effective Date pursuant to Section 6.11 (which Section 6.11, for the avoidance of doubt, does not require that any Excluded Subsidiary provide such a Guarantee) or otherwise. For avoidance of doubt, the Borrower may cause any Restricted Subsidiary that is not (and is not required to be) a Guarantor to Guarantee the Obligations by causing such Restricted Subsidiary to execute a joinder to this Agreement in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent, and any such Restricted Subsidiary shall be treated as a Guarantor hereunder for all purposes (each such Subsidiary, an “Electing Guarantor”) and may also cause the Guaranty of any such Electing Guarantor, and any Liens securing such Guaranty, to be released upon providing written notice to

Guarantors”: Collectively, (a) Parent Guarantor and (b) any other Person who subsequently provides a Guaranty.

Guarantors” means, collectively, (a) each Domestic Subsidiary identified as a “Guarantor” on the signature pages hereto, (b) each Person that joins as a Guarantor pursuant to Section 7.12 or otherwise, (c) with respect to (i) Obligations under any Secured Hedge Agreement, (ii) Obligations under any Secured Cash Management Agreement and (iii) any Swap Obligation of a Specified Loan Party (determined before giving effect to Sections 4.01 and 4.08) under the Guaranty, the Borrower, and (d) the successors and permitted assigns of the foregoing.

Guarantors” means all Loan Guarantors and all non-Loan Parties who have delivered an Obligation Guaranty, and the term “Guarantor” means each or any one of them individually.

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