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Grantor contract clause examples

Grantor Stock Issuer Class of Stock Certificated (Y/N) Stock Certificate No. Par Value No. of Pledged Stock % of Outstanding Stock of the Stock Issuer

Grantor” means the Borrower, each of the Subsidiary Guarantors and each other person that has executed and delivered or may from time to time hereafter execute and deliver a First Lien Debt Document or a Second Lien Debt Document as a “grantor” or “pledgor” or the equivalent thereof.

Grantor”: as defined in the preamble hereto.

Grantor” has the meaning set forth in the preamble.

Grantor” as defined in the Pledge and Security Agreement.

Grantor” shall mean Parent, each other Credit Party and any other direct or indirect Subsidiary of Parent that is now or hereafter becomes a party to any ABL Document or Term Note Document. All references in this Agreement to any Grantor shall include such Grantor as a debtor-in-possession and any receiver or trustee for such Grantor in any Proceeding.

Grantor” means the Company, each Subsidiary Guarantor that is a party hereto, and each Subsidiary Guarantor that is a Domestic Subsidiary that becomes a party to this Agreement after the Closing Date.

Grantor Limited Liability Company Certificated (Y/N) Certificate No. (if any) No. of Pledged Units % of Outstanding LLC Interests of the Limited Liability Company

Grantor Partnership Type of Partnership Interests (e.g., general or limited) Certificated (Y/N) Certificate No. (if any) % of Outstanding Partnership Interests of the Partnership

Grantor” has the meaning assigned to such term in the Security Agreement.

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