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Goodwill contract clause examples

Goodwill. All use of a Party’s Marks, and the goodwill from the Marks and the use of the Marks, will inure solely to the benefit of, and be on behalf of, the Mark’s owner. Trademark Licensee agrees that its use of Trademark Licensor’s Marks will not create in it, nor will it represent it has, any right, title, or interest in or to Trademark Licensor’s Marks other than the limited license expressly granted in this Section 4.8.

Goodwill. All rights in goodwill and the going concern value of the Business.

Goodwill. Any and all goodwill of Seller;

Goodwill. Subject to the provisions of Section 10.B.(ii)(l) above, during the term of this Agreement and thereafter, Employee will not disparage Employer or any of its Affiliates in any way which could adversely affect the goodwill, reputation and business relationships of Employer or any of its Affiliates with the public generally, or with any of their customers, suppliers or employees, and Employer will not disparage Employee. Employee understands and agrees that Employer shall be entitled to make any such public disclosures as are required by applicable law, rule or regulation regarding Employee, including termination of Employee’s employment with Employer, and that any public disclosures so made by Employer and other statements materially consistent with such public disclosures shall not be restricted in any manner by this Section 12.

Preservation of Goodwill. The Executive agrees that during the Restricted Period, the Executive will not make any statement or take any action that damages or harms or might damage or harm the goodwill or reputation of the Employer, its Affiliates or any Acquiror, unless such statement or action is required by law or permitted with the prior written consent of the other party.

(A) depreciation, # amortization (including amortization of goodwill, software and other intangible assets), # impairment Charges (including any bad debt expense) relating to goodwill and other assets and # any asset write-off or write-down;

the anticipated restatement of goodwill to # separately classify certain amounts as customer relationship intangible assets, # to reverse the effects of amortizing goodwill, and # adjust for any impairment charges not previously recorded under the private company standards.

all goodwill associated with the Business.

goodwill and other intangible impairment charges,

goodwill and other intangible impairment charges,

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