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Future Advances contract clause examples

Future Advances. To the extent any Future Advance is required to be made pursuant to the Purchased Asset Documents with respect to any Purchased Asset, Seller shall be required to fund such Future Advance in accordance with such Purchased Asset Documents (except upon Purchaser’s ultimate sale or retention, as applicable, of such Purchased asset in accordance with Article 14(b)(ii)(D). in which case the obligation will be transferred to the transferee of the Purchased Asset or to Purchaser, as applicable), regardless of whether Purchaser agrees to fund an increase in the Purchase Price or the conditions for increasing the Purchase Price under this Agreement have been satisfied with regard to such Future Advance. Seller shall, within five (5) Business Days after written demand thereof from Purchaser, repurchase any Purchased Asset with respect to which a Future Advance Failure has occurred unless Seller has provided evidence satisfactory to Purchaser in its sole but reasonable discretion that Seller is contesting such alleged Future Advance Failure in good faith and has deposited with Purchaser a cash reserve (each, a “Reserve Fund”) equal to the disputed future funding amount. Purchaser shall apply Reserve Funds (i) so long as no Event of Default shall have occurred and is continuing, at the request of Seller, to cure the applicable Future Advance Failure or (ii) upon the occurrence and during the continuance of an Event of Default, to the Repurchase Obligations in

Future Advances. Upon request of Borrower, the Bank at the Bank’s option prior to release of this Mortgage, may enter into additional credit facilities, including additional Secured Liabilities, accept any Note, and/or make future advances to or for the benefit of Borrower and Grantor and all of the foregoing, with interest thereon, may be secured by this Mortgage if Grantor expressly so agrees in writing.

Future Advances” means any amount that CDF is obligated to pay to a Vendor pursuant to this Agreement within a certain period after an Approval is issued by CDF.

This is an “open-end mortgage” as provided for by Section 49-2(c) of the Connecticut General Statutes, and the Lender shall have all the rights, powers, privileges and protections afforded to the holder of an open-end mortgage by such statutes or any other applicable law. It is understood and agreed that the Lender may, but shall not be obligated to, at any time and from time to time, make

Future Advances” means any amount that CDF is obligated to pay to a Vendor pursuant to this Agreement within a certain period after an Approval is issued by CDF.

Under this Mortgage, “Indebtedness” is defined to include certain advances made by the Lender in the future. Such advances include any additional disbursements to the Borrower (unless in connection with another, independent mortgage financing) and any obligations under agreements which specifically provide that such obligations are secured by this Mortgage. In addition, “Indebtedness” is defined to include any amounts advanced to pay Impositions, to cure Defaults, or to pay the costs of collection and receivership. Accordingly, all such advances and obligations shall be equally secured with, and shall have the same priority as, the Indebtedness, and shall be subject to all of the terms and provisions of this Mortgage. The Borrower shall pay any taxes that may be due in connection with any such future advance.

Future Advances” means any amount that CDF is obligated to pay to a Vendor pursuant to this Agreement within a certain period after an Approval is issued by CDF.

Future Advances, (i) In connection with the making of a Future Advance under a Future Advance Purchased Asset, Seller may request an increase of the Purchase Price of such Future Advance Purchased Asset; provided that Seller shall not request more than one (1) increase with respect to the same Purchased Asset during any thirty (30) day period. Purchaser may approve or disapprove an increase in the Purchase Price with respect to any Future Advance that is not an Approved Future Advance in Purchaser’s sole and absolute discretion.

Future Advances. At all times, regardless of whether any loan proceeds have been disbursed, this Mortgage secures as part of the Secured Liabilities, the payment of all loan commissions, service charges, liquidated damages, reasonable attorneys’ fees, expenses and advances due to or incurred by Bank in connection with the Secured Liabilities, all in accordance with the Note, this Mortgage and the Loan Agreement; provided, however, that in no event shall the total amount of the Secured Liabilities, including loan proceeds disbursed plus any additional charges, exceed two hundred percent (200%) of the face amount of the Note. Grantor acknowledges that Bank has bound itself to make advances pursuant to the Loan Agreement and that all such future advances shall be a lien from the time this Mortgage is recorded, as provided in the Act.

Future Advances. The total amount of indebtedness secured hereby may increase or decrease from time to time, but the total unpaid principal balance of indebtedness secured hereby (including disbursements that the Bank may, but shall not be obligated to, make under this Mortgage, the Loan Documents or any other document with respect thereto) at any one time outstanding may be substantially less but shall not exceed $33,150,000.00, plus interest thereon, and any disbursements made for the enforcement of this Mortgage and any remedies hereunder, payment of taxes, special assessments, utilities or insurance on the Property and interest on such disbursements and all disbursements by Mortgagee pursuant to applicable law (all such indebtedness being hereinafter referred to as the maximum amount secured hereby). This Mortgage shall be valid and have priority to the extent of the maximum amount secured hereby over all subsequent liens and encumbrances, including statutory liens, excepting solely taxes and assessments levied on the Property given priority by law.

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