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Fixed Rent
Fixed Rent contract clause examples

Fixed Rent” means fixed rent in the amounts set forth below:

Fixed Rent. The fixed rent (“Fixed Rent”) shall be as follows:

Fixed Rent. As of the Surrender Date, Tenant shall pay to Landlord Fixed Rent for the Premises, as amended hereby, pursuant to the following schedule:

A.Fixed Rent. Commencing on the Commencement Date, Subtenant shall pay to Sublandlord annual base rent (“Fixed Rent”) in an amount equal to Thirty-One and 00/100 Dollars ($31.00) per rentable square foot. The parties acknowledge and agree that the Fixed Rent shall increase three percent (3%) annually, as set forth below:

Fixed Rent” for the Expansion Premises shall be deemed to be as follows:

Fixed Rent” shall mean the Annual Fixed Rent and the Monthly Fixed Rent, respectively.

FIXED RENT: Lease Year Per Annum Per Month Lease Year 1$21,080,000.00$1,756,666.66 Lease Year 2$21,628,080.00$1,802,340.00 Lease Year 3$22,190,410.08$1,849,200.84 Lease Year 4$22,767,360.74$1,897,280.06 Lease Year 5$23,359,312.12$1,946,609.34 Lease Year 6$23,966,654.24$1,997,221.19 Lease Year 7$24,589,787.25$2,049,148.94 Lease Year 8$25,229,121.72$2,102,426.81 Lease Year 9$25,885,078.88$2,157,089.91 Lease Year 10$26,558,090.93$2,213,174.24 Lease Year 11$27,248,601.29$2,270,716.77 Lease Year 12$27,957,064.93$2,329,755.41

Fixed Rent” means fixed rent in the amounts set forth below:

Fixed Rent” shall mean the rental amounts specified in subsection 4.1(a) hereto.

FIXED RENT Period (Months) Per Annum Per Month Annual Fixed Rent Per Rentable Square Foot

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