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Exchange of Information
Exchange of Information contract clause examples

Atea and Roche shall exchange the information in relation to its activities under this Agreement through the JSC and the Subcommittees, and Atea and Roche may ask reasonable questions in relation to the above information and offer advice in relation thereto and each Party shall give due consideration to the other Party’s input. The JSC may determine other routes of information exchange.

Information Exchange. Each of Relay and Licensee will, in connection with any Merger Control Filing, # reasonably cooperate with each other in connection with any communication, filing or submission and in connection with any investigation or other inquiry, including any proceeding initiated by a private party; # keep the other Party or its counsel informed of any communication (and if in writing, provide a copy to the other Party or its counsel) received by such Party from, or given by such Party any Governmental Authority and of any communication received or given in connection with any proceeding by a private party, in each case regarding the transactions contemplated by this Agreement; # consult with each other in advance of any meeting or conference with such Governmental Authority or, in connection with any proceeding by a private party, with such private party, and to the extent permitted by the Governmental Authority or such private party, give the Parties or their counsel the opportunity to attend and participate in such meetings and conferences; and # permit the other Party or its counsel to review in advance any submission, filing or communication (and documents submitted therewith) intended to be given by any Governmental Authority, or, in connection with any proceeding by a private party, to such private party; provided that materials may be redacted to remove references concerning the valuation of the business of either Party. Relay and Licensee, as each deems advisable and necessary, may reasonably designate any competitively sensitive material to be provided to the other under this Article 17 as “Antitrust Counsel Only Material”. Such materials and the information contained therein will be given only to the outside antitrust counsel of the recipient and will not be disclosed by such outside counsel to employees, officers or directors of the recipient unless express permission is obtained in advance from the source of the materials (Relay or Licensee, as the case may be) or the applicable Party’s legal counsel.

Exchange of Information. TransTech will provide to Novo semi-annual written reports setting forth, in reasonable detail, information on TransTech’s, or as applicable, its Affiliates’ and their Sublicensees’, Development and sales activities with respect to Licensed Products, which shall include, until such time as TransTech enters into one or more binding agreements with one or more Commercialization Partners, an estimate as to the earliest date on which TransTech expects to conclude the First Commercial Sale of a Licensed Product (the “First Sales Date Estimate”). In no event shall TransTech be deemed to be in breach of this Agreement for its failure to meet the First Sales Date Estimate described in any semi-annual report and the date of the Partner Deadline shall change with any change in the First Sales Date Estimate in accordance with the terms of [Section 3.2].

Exchange of Information. The Parties shall cooperate to exchange information through the JSC with respect to Product Commercialization and medical affairs activities conducted by each Party and their Affiliates, in the case of Zai its Sublicensees, and in the case of TPTX its licensees of rights to Products outside the Territory to the extent permitted by such licensees.

Exchange of Information. The Parties shall cooperate to exchange information through the JDC and otherwise as reasonably requested by the other Party with respect to Product Development activities conducted by each Party and their Affiliates, in the case of Zai its Sublicensees, and in the case of TPTX its licensees of rights to Products outside the Territory to the extent permitted by such licensees. Such exchange shall include summaries of information relating to Product Development activities of each Party, including all Clinical Trials of the Products, IND and Regulatory Approval Application filings for all indications for the Products. For Clinical Trials of a Product that may be used to support Regulatory Approval for such Product in the other Party’s territory (including Global Studies), such exchange shall also include all data, results and analyses as reasonably requested by a Party, and the other Party shall have the right to use such data and results for the purpose of obtaining and maintaining Regulatory Approval for the Product in its territory.

Exchange of Information. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, Vertex will not be required to disclose to CRISPR any information (including information regarding any Product) that Vertex is prohibited from disclosing pursuant to Third Party confidentiality obligations, provided that, if the [[Unknown Identifier]] Program Data Package would, absent the provisions of this [Section 5.6], be required to contain any such information, Vertex may redact such information from such [[Unknown Identifier]] Program Data Package solely to the minimum extent necessary to comply with any such Third Party confidentiality obligations.

Exchange of Confidential Information. During the Term of this Agreement, a party to this Agreement (the "Provider") may provide Confidential Information to the other party (the "Recipient"). "Confidential Information" shall mean any and all information provided by the Provider to the Recipient regarding the business, operations and assets of the Provider that is either # communicated in writing or other tangible form and marked confidential, or # communicated in any other manner, provided it is either obviously confidential under the circumstances surrounding its disclosure or its confidential nature is confirmed within thirty (30) days after the disclosure by the Provider in a letter summarizing the information considered confidential, and shall include without limitation such confidential reports and communications, client and supplier data, materials or information relating to the business or activities of the Provider, price information, and documents, data, or information relating to methods, materials, ideas, plans, processes, designs and other research, and modifications, improvements and enhancements which are derived from or relate to a Recipient's access to or knowledge of any of the above materials or information.

Exchange Control Information. You must repatriate any proceeds from the sale of Ordinary Shares acquired under the Plan or the receipt of any dividends to India within 90 days of receipt. You must obtain a foreign inward remittance certificate (“FIRC”) from the bank where you deposit the foreign currency and maintain the FIRC as evidence of the repatriation of funds in the event the Reserve Bank of India or your employer requests proof of repatriation.

Safety Information Exchange. Apellis will report to the JSC any Serious Safety Issue for which reporting is required under this provision. Such Serious Safety Issues are to be reported for # Subjects who receive the Product or # individuals otherwise exposed to the Product. Apellis shall promptly report Serious Safety Issues to the JSC.

Cross-border payments in excess of €12,500 must be reported monthly to the German Federal Bank (Bundesbank). In the event Participant makes or receives a payment in excess of this amount, he or she must report the payment to Bundesbank electronically using the “General Statistics Reporting Portal” (“Allgemeines Meldeportal Statistik”) available via Bundesbank’s website (www.bundesbank.de).

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