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The following Example illustrates the intent of Item 3 of Amendment Number 2 to the Retention Bonus Plan:

Assumptions: 1. Same as Example 2 except that the applicable Weekly Reset Date is the first one in the Interest

At the first full pay period of October 2019, [Schedule 2] hourly rates will increase by 50% of the difference between [Schedule 1] and [Schedule 2]. Example: For a given position, if the [Schedule 2] hourly rate is $20.00 and the [Schedule 1] hourly rate is $24.00, the [Schedule 2] hourly rate will be raised to $22.00.

[Section 2.14] of the Credit Agreement is hereby amended and restated in its entirety, as follows:

[Schedule 2.01] shall be deemed revised to include any increase in the Aggregate Revolving A Commitments and/or the Aggregate Revolving B Commitments, as applicable, pursuant to this [Section 2.02(f)] and to include thereon any Person that becomes a Lender pursuant to this [Section 2.02(f)].

[Section 2.2] of the Loan Agreement. [Section 2.2] of the Loan Agreement, which presently reads in its entirety as follows:

[Schedule 2.12] contains a true, complete and correct list of any of the following which relate to or cover Employees of any Seller: # “employee pension benefit plans” and “employment benefit plans” as defined respectively in Section 3(2) and 3(3) of ERISA, and # any other pension, profit sharing, retirement, deferred compensation, stock purchase, stock option, incentive, bonus, holiday, tuition, vacation, severance, disability, hospitalization, medical insurance or other Employee benefit plan or program which any Seller or any subsidiary maintains or to which any Seller or any such other entity has any present or future obligation to contribute (the “Benefit Plans”). Complete and accurate copies of # all Benefit Plans that have been reduced to writing, # written summaries of all unwritten Benefit Plans, # all related trust agreements, insurance contracts and summary plan descriptions, and # all annual reports filed on IRS Form 5500, [[Unknown Identifier]] or [[Unknown Identifier]] and (for all funded plans) all plan financial statements for the last five plan years for each Benefit Plan have been delivered to Buyer.

[Schedule 2.13(g)] contains a list of each agreement to which any Seller is a party that purports, with respect to any officer, agent, employee, consultant or contractor of the Seller, # to limit his or her rights to engage in or continue or perform any conduct, activity, duties or practice relating to the Business, or # to assign to the Seller or to any other Person any rights to any invention, improvement, or discovery.

[Schedule 2.17(a)] lists all of the Material Contracts of each Seller. Each Seller has delivered to Buyer or Made Available to Buyer or its representatives a complete and accurate copy of each such Material Contract and all amendments or modifications thereto.

[Schedule 2.20(a)] sets forth a complete and accurate list of all Patents, Copyrights pertaining to Software, internet domain names and Marks that constitute Owned Intellectual Property.

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