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Example 2 contract clause examples

Linear Interpolation Example. As an example, assume that a Change in Control occurs both while this Option remains outstanding and the Optionee remains in Continued Eligible Service, the Company achieves a CIC Price of $280.00, and the Company previously achieved the Stock Price Goals for Tranches 1 through 6 but not the Stock Price Goal for Tranche 7 pursuant to the Certifications through and inclusive of the final Certification. Pursuant to the CIC Certification, the Stock Price Goal for Tranche 7 will be considered a Partially Achieved Goal and 1,000,000 Shares subject to Tranche 7, but subject to further adjustment by the Relative TSR Modifier, as described in Section II.F.2. below, may become Eligible Shares.

Example; Change Orders. For example, if Tenant requests any change, addition or alteration in or to the Space Plan, Approved Working Drawings or Construction Documents (each, a “Tenant Change Order”), the requested change in the Tenant Change Order shall be considered Non-Conforming Tenant Improvements. If Landlord believes such Tenant Change Order # is reasonable, # will not materially detract from the value of the Project and # will not impact the Building's structure, systems or future marketability, Landlord shall cause the Architect to prepare additional plans implementing such Tenant Change Order. Tenant shall pay the Architect’s cost of preparing such additional plans within ten days after receipt of Landlord’s invoice therefor. As soon as practicable after the completion of such additional plans, Landlord shall notify Tenant of the estimated cost of the applicable Tenant Change Order (the “Change Cost”). Within three business days after receipt of the Change Cost, Tenant shall notify Landlord in writing whether Tenant approves the Change Cost. If Tenant fails to approve the Change Cost within such three-business day period, Landlord shall not perform the requested work, and construction of the Tenant Improvements shall proceed as provided in accordance with the Construction Documents. If Tenant approves the Change Cost, Landlord shall proceed with the Tenant Change Order, at Tenant’s expense. Tenant pay for the Change Cost by remitting a payment of fifty percent (50)% of the Change Cost to Landlord before Landlord proceeds with the Tenant Change Order. Tenant shall pay twenty five percent (25%) of the Change Cost when the work is half completed, and the remaining twenty five percent (25%) upon completion of the change.

Example; EV Car Charging Stations. If example, Tenant may request Landlord to install EV Car Charging Stations (the “EV Stations”) in the parking area, subject to the following conditions: # Tenant shall recommend, and Landlord shall decide on, the number and location of EV Stations, with the understanding that Landlord shall not approve more than five EV Stations; # the EV Stations shall count toward Tenant’s pro rata share of parking at the Building; # Tenant shall pay for the EV Stations and all related coring and conduits, before they are installed, as a Non-Conforming Tenant Improvement; and # Tenant shall be solely responsible for all electricity and other utilities costs to operate the EV Stations. The EV Stations shall be the Tenant’s property and for the exclusive use of Tenant and its employees during the term; provided, however, at the end of the Lease term the EV Stations shall automatically become the Landlord’s sole property, unless Tenant removes them by the end of the term. In such event, Tenant shall repair any damage caused by such removal and return the affected areas to standard improved condition as reasonably determined by Landlord, Tenant’s sole cost.

Example 2. Change of Control

An example of adjustment to the Error Value, corresponding Audit Error Percentage, and the resulting ​ is set forth below in Example 2.

An example of adjustment to the Error Value, corresponding Audit Error Percentage, and the resulting ​ is set forth below in Example 2.

Date Percentage of Total

Illustrative Sample Calculation 2. By way of example and illustration only:

The following example illustrates the application of Section 5.2(b)(2).

The following example illustrates the application of Section 5.3(b)(2).

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