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Estimate Clarifications and Assumptions
Estimate Clarifications and Assumptions contract clause examples

Estimate Clarifications and Assumptions CONFIDENTIAL General · Project General Requirements costs are calculated as a percentage of the Facility Subtotal. Project General Requirements Costs include general field costs such as site layout, survey, fencing for safety and security, clean-up, etc. Temporary utility costs (water, electric, gas, etc.) to be paid by the owner. · Unless identified otherwise, the estimate is based on work being performed during normal working hours without consideration for overtime, shift work or accelerated schedule. · Escalation has not been included in this estimate. · "***" · Sales tax is included at 7.5% on materials only, labor and process equipment are excluded from sales tax. For the purposes of this Estimate, it is assumed that 50% of the Facility Subtotal (less process equipment) represents the materials on this project. · Performance and Payment Bonds for subcontractors are not included; we assume the ability to receive a waiver from Axogen. Alternate to provide is included below the line including indirect costs. · We include costs for Facility Commissioning only. All IQOQ protocols and validation are by Owner. · Construction Contingency is carried to cover potential areas of risk in the construction phase of the project such as: scope gaps, buyout, coordination issues, performance issues, design errors and omissions within the standard of care, etc. · An owner’s contingency has not been included in this estimate but is highly recommended. · Construction Management Labor and General Conditions costs are calculated per the staffing plan developed specifically for the job and the schedule provided. These costs include field & home office staff; per diems and travel project team travel costs; office trailers (if needed); field office supplies; copiers; printing costs, etc. · C, G & L Insurance is Commercial & General Liability Insurance carried by CRB. · Allowances are placeholders for undefined work necessary to complete the project. Allowances occur for portions of work where adequate information is not available to determine a reasonable Estimate of the cost. · This Estimate represents the fair construction value for the direct costs in a competitive bidding environment and should not be construed as a prediction of low bid. · Design Fee is calculated level of effort to do IFC drawings and specification. This cost represents the budget for Engineering/ Architectural Design Services for this project. · Owners Costs are excluded unless identified otherwise (land acquisition, project support staff, test materials, etc.). · Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E) items (interior office and conference room furnishings, break room furniture, window treatments, interior & exterior signage, etc.) are owner supplied, and therefore, are excluded from this Estimate. · Unforeseen Conditions are excluded. · This estimate makes no consideration towards market variations due to force majeure. · Handling and disposal of hazardous material is excluded from this Estimate. · When duct breaks or demolition are required, written confirmation of system cleaning/non-hazardous status shall be provided by the client. CRB will require 3rd party cleaning and decontamination if written confirmation cannot be provided. This 3rd party cleaning and decontamination, if required, is excluded from the estimate unless otherwise noted.

Estimate Clarifications and Assumptions CONFIDENTIAL · This estimate does not include any allowance for meeting a “specific percentage” of small, minority or women owned business participation. CRB will NOT exclude any business that meets the requirements for contracting a facility of this size to meet the owner’s cost, schedule, quality and safety requirements. · We have not included code or seismic upgrades in areas of the existing building unless specifically noted. · Where possible, a detailed takeoff has been performed. However, where information is not yet available, we have relied on our historical information for quantities and scope. · Our design team has included an allowance for one Owner meeting per week via teleconference. · A kickoff meeting on site is included. · Design drawings will be done in 3D Revit or AutoCAD. · P&ID drawings will be done in AutoCAD P&ID. · Design reviews to occur in ongoing basis during weekly technical client meetings. · The 3D model will be published in Navisworks on a regular basis. · CRB’s Proposal is based on Axogen provided site plan A100, A10 1st Floor Plan (6 Clean Rooms) dated 2/26/2019, and A102 Second Floor Plan and as modified/reviewed in 3/14/2019 meeting with Wallace Nelson. (See document list at the beginning of these Clarifications.) · CRB drawing standards and specifications will be used. · The P&ID lead sheet will be to CRB standard for symbols, tagging, and numbering approach. · Axogen will provide cutsheets or details of components which they are providing. · CRB has not included any time for HAZOP, if performed. · Shop drawing review for Axogen specified equipment will be limited to coordination with facility design only. The technical review and approval will be by Axogen. · Laser scanning of existing conditions has not been included. · Record drawings are not included in the design fee. The scope of record drawings relative to the Revit model and construction coordination is still to be determined with Axogen. · Axogen does not require any specific reporting metrics from CRB for internal purposes. CRB’s standard report to be used. · Document control of construction submittals, RFIs, shop drawings, etc. will be managed by CRB. · "***" · URS, Sequence of Operations, and/or Equipment Specifications for process equipment will be provided by Axogen, unless noted otherwise above. · Design of Iso 7/8 spaces, warehouse space, and production areas per the room data sheets provided and reviewed with Axogen on 3/14/2019. The clean room and supply return corridors will be by modular subcontractor. · No rendering of existing buildings are included in the design. · Axogen to share planned hazardous chemicals for code review. "***" · CRB assumes current building and the design work completed prior to engaging CRB is compliant with applicable codes and standards. Additional design work to modify design or existing conditions to meet code is not included in current scope.

Estimate Clarifications and Assumptions CONFIDENTIAL Demolition · Demolition of existing administration area is included. · Demolition of concrete floor for new mezzanine footings and underslab sanitary piping work is included. Cost include saw-cutting, concrete removal and excavation / backfill, if required. · Temporary Isolation of the modular construction area by plastic is included to protect the installation from dust. · Load and haul off-site and dumping charges are assumed for demo materials. · Removal of existing bridge cranes are assumed by others and cost to remove are included as part of their salvage cost. Structural · We include foundation and slab-on-grade for a 1600 square foot pre-engineered building adjacent to the northeast corner of the existing building. This pre-engineered building is are assumed location of the 3 new boilers. · Interior column footings for the mezzanine have been assume at 7.5’ x 7.5’ x 1.25’ thk. @ 20‘o.c. · Concrete infill for concrete underslab trenching and column footings is included. · Doweling with number 4 rebar to existing slab at 12” on center has also been included. · An allowance for interior equipment pads has been included. · Elevator pit has been included. · Elevated slab on metal deck at elevation 16’-0 has been included. · Two stair towers with one-hour rated gypsum wall enclosure with metal pan stairs and handrails and small landings have been included. · Two metal tread stairs with handrails from mezzanine to walkable level of modular clean rooms at elevation 12’-0 have been included. · Stanchions on the mezzanine and outside yard for heavy water pipes from boilers and chillers to AHU, and water skids have been included. Small pipe is assumed to be hung from either existing joist steel or mezzanine steel as required with clevis hangers and/or minor trapeze supports. · Epoxy paint of steel beams and columns for Incubators has been included to maintain clean area appearance at the Open Storage Area. · An allowance for a small galvanized steel equipment platform for RO/DI Water System, if required is included. · Elevated floor slab will consist of lightweight concrete over metal deck. Design will be based on a Live Load of 125 psf in addition to Dead Load from slab/suspend loads for first floor below ( 5psf for ceiling, 25 psf for MEP and miscellaneous). · New foundations are assumed to be shallow foundation bearing on existing soil below existing slab. · Structural design does not include any provisions for future expansion. · No major equipment will be supported on existing roof. · New equipment framing and elevated slab will extend only to cleanrooms (and not over them). Architectural · Clean suites and surrounding corridor are composed of modular elements. Clean Room scope includes epoxy floors, modular walls and air wall return and 8’ ht. ceiling, supply air plenum, clean room light fixtures, receptacles, and fan-powered HEPAs, all wired to a first level panel and then extended to the walkable surface to a power patch panel. Room design is to achieve ISO 7 within process rooms and ISO 8 corridors. Modular design and walkable level are self structurally supporting.

Estimate Clarifications and Assumptions CONFIDENTIAL · Remainder of the building for all areas were based on room cards for ceiling height and finishes as developed in an area matrix with summarized finishes, areas and perimeters takeoffs. · Exterior and roofing include concrete wall and roof penetrations for pipe and electrical conduits. · Louvers in existing windows removed on upper level for makeup air intake. · Exterior wall consultant to test existing roof and penetrations for weather tight seal. · An allowance for new fire extinguishers has been included. · Pre-Engineered exterior utility building is included in Specialty Construction, along with Clean Room Modular Rooms defined above. · Millwork and description for casework, countertops and reception desk are included. · An allowance for audio-visual in Conference and Board Rooms is included. · Miscellaneous stainless-steel items have been included by allowance. · Cubicles, Conference Room, Break Area and other furnishings are by Owner. · Two story passenger / light freight elevator is included. · CRB assumes the existing structure,roof and walls are weather tight and does not require any special work/design. · Design of unfinished exterior walls to include stud construction and faced insulation. · Our estimate is based on the completed Axogen Room Data Sheets. Mechanical and Plumbing · HVAC equipment is sized per the equipment list. · BAS point counts are arrived it by referencing CRB historical data for similar units. · EMS point counts are per the I&C drawings and DD equipment lift. · Plumbing Fixture quantity is derived from the equipment list and discussion with the mechanical lead, which is some cases resulted in a few more units than what was listed. · We include a heating hot water skid for air handler reheat coils, duct-mounted hot water reheat coils and VAV boxes with hot water reheat. · VAV and CV boxes have phoenix control valves. · Ductwork poundage is derived from historical data – pounds per CFM as appropriate for the various types of spaces served. · We include floor drains in the Building Services, Decontamination and Central Sterile Rooms and on the mezzanine level around the air handling units. · We include drip pans under the air handlers (no containment curbing) · Fire protection is ordinary dry type, except for the process suites which will receive a pre-action system. It should be noted that the equipment list calls for pre action in ISO 7 and 8 spaces. Upon speaking with design lead we were instructed that it is only needed in ISO 7 spaces. · Air handlers were priced based on CRB estimator’s historical experience. We do not include any economizers and/or energy recover equipment or support duct and piping either.

Estimate Clarifications and Assumptions CONFIDENTIAL Mechanical Room Data Sheets Structural

Estimate Clarifications and Assumptions CONFIDENTIAL Estimate Level Opinion of Cost Project Description 70,000 SF Fitout of 1st floor in existing shell with new modular process space, process support areas and office areas. Also included is a 38,000 SF Mezzanine. Reference Documentation Architectural & Civil Controls Electrical Schedule

Estimate Clarifications and Assumptions 16

Estimate Clarifications and Assumptions CONFIDENTIAL · A nitrogen monitoring allowance has been included. · Card readers have been included for the first-floor level as dollars per square foot. · Lightning protection, grounding for new steel, and phone jack and public address system have been included based on similar projects. · Fire alarm device locations, specifications, and rough-ins will be provided. Complete detailed wiring and panel drawings will be by fire alarm contractor. It is assumed a new fire alarm system will be installed. · Security device locations, specification and rough-ins will be provided. Complete detailed wiring and panel drawings will be by Security Contractor. · BMS/EMS control systems point list and specifications will be provided. Complete detailed wiring and panel drawings will be by controls contractor. · Data device locations, rack locations, and rough-ins will be provided. Complete detailed wiring, rack equipment, and rack layouts will be by data contractor. · Clean Room suites will be by clean room layouts and design will include only a single power feed to each room. · It is assumed the existing electrical service will be removed and that the existing panel(s) are in adequate condition and capacity to be re-used. · Electrical distribution will be included for initial phase only with connections for future if possible. Future electrical distribution is not included in this design. · Axogen will provide input into the requirements for the Building Automation/ Lab Validation System. · Instruments controlled by the BMS system will be performance specified. The detailed specification (ie model number) will be provided by the BMS vendor. · Process equipment is expected to be controlled by vendor provided control systems with communication to a higher level control system. Vendor will design automation system on vendor’s skid. Lab system will receive and record data from vendor’s controllers. Process · Process equipment is quantified per the equipment lists. · Pricing is based on CRB historical data. It should be noted that some of the process equipment listed ("***") was not sized and knowing the size would help us price the equipment with greater accuracy. Some of these items can run a wide range dependent upon size. · Autoclaves are by Owner. · Compressed Air is derived from a new compressor skid located in the first floor Building Services Room. It will be used for the pneumatic actuation of control valves. We have routed it such that the main will pass over the process suites to serve local points of use. We have allowed 1 point of use per Grade C Suite. · We have provided nitrogen piping from an assumed location (outside near the lean-to building) and it is routed to the Grade C Suites and packing rooms. Nitrogen dewars and canisters are assumed to be by Owner. · "***" · We include the installation of owner-supplied equipment. See estimate detail for delineation of Owner- furnished versus CRB-furnished equipment. · Process calculations – line sizing, RD/PSV sizing is included.

Estimate Clarifications and Assumptions CONFIDENTIAL · We do not include any stainless-steel ductwork. We understand the BSCs are not exhausted. · We deviate from the Axogen HVAC equipment list in that it shows air handlers for the warehouse and mezzanine. Estimate has Fan Coil Units in the Warehouse and Mezzanine Level instead of air handlers. · The offices will re-use existing air handlers. We will demolish roughly half of that system’s existing ductwork and provide new local distribution ductwork. · Air change rates and safety factor design criteria to be coordinated with Axogen. · The clean rooms will be modular units with internal fan filter units installed in the ceiling to achieve the design air change rates for the ISO 7 spaces, 40 ACH. Three new AHU’s will provide conditioned air to the plenum of the ISO 7 spaces for pressurization and temperature/humidity control only. · The ISO 8 clean spaces will be stick built and new air handling units will provide conditioned air for pressurization, temperature/humidity control, and to achieve the desired air change rate for ISO 8 spaces, 20 ACH. · A new dedicated outside air handling unit will provide conditioned and dehumidified makeup air to the other air handling units and warehouse type spaces. The office spaces will get outside air from their respective roof top units. · The warehouse space, white shell space, and second floor space can be served with their own air handling units or fan coiled units. Cabinet unit heaters will be installed in the stairwells and entry lobby. · Exhaust fans will be roof mounted for the restrooms, wet lab, and janitor closets. · Mechanical room inside the building will house a compressed air skid, soft water skid, DI water skid, clean steam skid, and other related appurtenances. · Potable hot water to be provided via point of use heaters · No floor drains will be provided for future second floor production space · Fire protection design will consist of density plans and requirements only. Flow calculations, piping layouts, head layouts, details, and riser design will be provided by fire protection contractor. · Fire water will be supplied from existing system. CRB assumes that a fire water pump is not needed. · Boilers will be located in small outbuilding. Electrical · All electrical for Phase 1 is based on single line drawing provided and location identified in the design writeups. · Incoming cabling to transformer and the new 2500A transformer are assumed to be installed by Utility Co. · All power downstream of the transformer has been accounted for and sized according to the single line. · Emergency Generator has a day tank and is a 2500KW diesel unit. · Lighting and local receptacles were priced for as dollars per square foot. · Specialty Systems include VFDs for chiller pumps and hot water skids. · Electric heat tracing for outdoor chiller lines has been included. Remainder of the lines are assumed to cross through the utility building into the existing on-site building. · Fire alarms include all levels of the buildings.

Estimate Clarifications and Assumptions CONFIDENTIAL · Two site visits are included during design phase for filed verifications and kickoff/review meetings. · It is assumed that no seismic upgrades to the existing facility will be required as part of this project. The new 2nd level will be isolated from the existing building for gravity and seismic loads. · *** *** Sitework · A $600,000 allowance for sitework is included per the direction of the client. This allowance is for work such as roads, drainage, fencing, paving, sidewalks. We have added line items for things that the allowance may not cover. · Painting of the exterior of the building is in the Sitework allowance above. · Exterior Signage and Client Sign is assumed included with Site allowance above. · We include an allowance for underground sanitary waste piping. · Domestic water and natural gas piping are included. · We include a ductbank to bring power to the transformers. · Borings, report and surveying are assumed to be by Owner. · Underground Electrical Conduit for Transformer Feeders are allowed for based on (4) 4” PVC Conduits with for approximately 322 linear feet, encased in concrete. · Patch and repair of existing paving and excavation and backfill are included. · CRB has assumed a $50,000 design allowance for civil work based on Axogen input and minimum changes to the site.

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