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Death Benefit
Death Benefit contract clause examples

Death Benefit. In the event of a Participant’s death prior to the complete distribution of his or her vested Account Balance, the Participant’s Beneficiary(ies) shall receive the Participant’s unpaid vested Account Balance in a lump sum payment (the “Death Benefit”). The Death Benefit shall be calculated as of the close of business on or around the Benefit Distribution Date for such benefit, which shall be the date on which the Committee is provided with proof that is satisfactory to the Committee of the Participant’s death.

Death Benefit. Death Benefit means the benefit payable under the Plan to a Participant’s Beneficiary(ies) upon the Participant’s death as provided in Section 6.1 of the Plan.

Death Benefit. In the event of the Participant’s death, his or her designated Beneficiary(ies) shall be entitled to a Death Benefit. The Death Benefit shall be equal to the Retirement/Termination Account and unpaid balances of any Specified Date Accounts. The Death Benefit shall be based on the value of the Accounts as of the end of the month in which death occurred, with payment made in the following month.

Death Benefit. A designated Beneficiary who is entitled to receive a Death Benefit shall receive payment of such benefit in a single lump sum.

Minimum Death Benefit. If no optional form of retirement benefit has been elected by a Participant pursuant to Section 5.05, a death benefit, as described below, shall be payable. If the death benefit is payable as a result of the Participant’s death, any such death benefit shall be payable to the Participant’s Beneficiary or, if no Beneficiary survives the Participant, to the executors or administrators of the Participant’s estate. If the Participant was survived by his spouse and # if the joint and survivor benefit described in Section 5.06 was in effect on the date of the spouse’s death, or # the pre-retirement spouse benefit described in Section 6.01 was being paid to the spouse, any such death benefit shall be payable to the Participant’s Beneficiary, or if such Beneficiary does not survive the spouse, to the executors or administrators of the spouse’s estate.

Pre-Termination Death Benefit. If the Director dies before otherwise terminating service with the Bank, the Bank shall pay to Director’s Beneficiary the Pre-Termination Death Benefit in a single lump sum payment within ninety (90) days following the Director’s date of death, notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, the death benefit shall be paid no later than March 15 of the year following the year in which the Director dies.

The Company operates a Death in Service Scheme. Membership of the Death in Service Scheme is dependent upon the Scheme provider making the appropriate cover available. If the Scheme provider refuses for any reason to provide the benefit to you, the Company shall not be liable to provide you with any replacement benefit of the same or similar kind or to pay any compensation in lieu of such benefit.

Payment of Death Benefit. The Death Benefit shall be paid to the Participant’s Beneficiary(ies) no later than 60 days after the Participant’s Benefit Distribution Date.

BENEFIT. This Agreement will be binding upon and will inure to the benefit of each of the parties hereto, and to their respective heirs, representatives, successors and permitted assigns. Employee may not assign any of Employee’s rights or delegate any of Employee’s duties under this Agreement.

Benefit. This Second Amendment shall inure to the benefits of and bind the parties hereto and their respective successors and assigns.

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