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Customer Warranties
Customer Warranties contract clause examples

Customer Warranties. Customer represents and warrants that

Customer Warranties. Customer warrants that:

Customer Warranties. Customer warrants that:

Customer. Customer represents and warrants that # it owns or leases the Facilities; # it has the right and authority to enter into this Agreement; # it has all rights and licenses necessary to purchase and use the Products; # it does not require a license to any [[Illumina:Organization]] Application Specific IP, including without limitation, any Affiliate Application Specific IP in order to use the Products; # when performing Customer Use, it will only use the TG Consumables and Temporary Consumables; # it will use the Non-TG Consumables only for Research Use; and # the person(s) signing this Agreement on its behalf has the right and authority to bind Customer to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Further, in the case of [[FMI:Organization]], [[FMI:Organization]] represents and warrants that # the person(s) signing this Agreement on its behalf has the right and authority to bind FMI Germany GmbH to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, # FMI Germany GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of [[FMI:Organization]], and # [[FMI:Organization]] is jointly and severally liable for the acts or omissions of FMI Germany GmbH.

Representations and Warranties of Customer. Customer represents and warrants to Supplier as follows:

Customer Satisfaction. RUS represents and warrants that there is no existing pattern or repetition of material customer complaints regarding the BETA Services, including functionality or performance issues, and that RUS's engineers have not currently identified any

Customer Licenses. Reselling Party will require each Customer that purchases a License for a Selling Party Product to enter into a License in a click-wrap or click-through online format, in the then-current form of Selling Party’s License, unless Selling Party agrees to accept the applicable Order under a preexisting License with Selling Party. To the extent any proposed modified terms for an individual Customer’s License differ from then the standard, current form of the License, the Selling Party will cooperate with the Reselling Party and will reasonably approve of such modified terms. Selling Party agrees that the Customers are not employees or agents of Reselling Party and that Reselling Party is not responsible for any failure of the Customers to comply with the License. Selling Party’s sole remedy for any failure of the Customers to comply with the Customer License Agreement will be against the Customer; provided, however, that Reselling Party will reasonably cooperate at the Selling Party’s sole expense to enforce the terms of the applicable agreement with the Customer. Each Party bears all responsibility and liability for the enforceability of any Online Terms a Party seeks to be binding on the Customers or Sales Agents, and any damages or liabilities resulting from the lack of enforceability for such Online Terms.

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Customer List. The Administrative Agent shall have received a true and complete customer list for each Borrower and its Subsidiaries, which list shall state the customer’s name, mailing address and phone number and shall be certified as true and correct by a Financial Officer of the Borrower Representative.

Company Customer. “Company Customer” is limited to those customers, clients or partners who did business with the Company within the most recent eighteen (18) months of Executive’s employment (or during the period of Executive’s employment, if Executive was employed for less than twenty-four months) and # about whom Executive, as a result of his or her employment, had access to information or goodwill as a normal part of Executive’s job performance that would assist in solicitation of such Company Customer, or # with whom Executive personally dealt on behalf of the Company in the eighteen (18) months immediately preceding the last day of Executive’s employment and that Executive was introduced to or otherwise had business contact with such Company Customer as a result of his or her employment with the Company. “Company Customer” shall also include an individual or business to whom a pitch to solicit or secure business or a sale was prepared (even if not yet made) within the 12-month period preceding the end of Executive’s employment, and with which Executive had not insignificant involvement in the preparation, or had exposure to specific information developed for that particular pitch.

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