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Device Provisioning” means mobile technology device rental to Customer solely for Authorized Users’ provision of Customer Data for the applicable study during the Sales Order term in conjunction with Application Services, including: # device configuration setup, limited to pre-installed apps and # shipment to/from the Customer specified destination.

Computer System means any computer, hardware, software, communications system, electronic device (including, but not limited to, smart phone, laptop, tablet, wearable device), server, cloud or microcontroller including any similar system or any configuration of the aforementioned and including any associated input, output, data storage device, networking equipment or back up facility.

OLED Display Module” means a device designed for use in display applications (which expressly exclude lighting applications), which device includes an active matrix OLED that may contain one or more colors of Phosphorescent Materials​. For avoidance of doubt, the term OLED Display Module as used in this Agreement, and particularly for the purpose of [Section 1.2], includes a product containing an OLED device, such as, e.g., an all fluorescent OLED device, that contains therein no Phosphorescent Material. ​

Device” shall mean any device Controlled by [[MannKind:Organization]] through which a Formulation may be administered by inhalation, such as the Dreamboat® inhaler and Cricket® inhaler.

Device identification code. Each device must have a unique distinctive registration code, serial number or enrollment, for the purposes of its individualization and monitoring of its usage history.

OLED” or “Organic Light Emitting Device” means a device consisting of two electrodes, at least one of which is transparent, together with one or more chemical substances deposited between these two electrodes, at least one of which chemical substances is an organic or organometallic material, which device emits light when a voltage is applied across the electrodes.

Parking stickers or any other device or form of identification supplied by Landlord from time to time (if any) shall remain the property of Landlord. Such parking identification device must be displayed as requested and may not be mutilated in any manner. The serial number of the parking identification device may not be obliterated. Devices are not transferable, and any device may not be obliterated. Devices are not transferable and any device in possession of any unauthorized holder will be void. There will be a replacement charge payable by the parker and such parker's appropriate tenant equal to the amount posted from time to time by Landlord for loss of any magnetic parking card or any parking sticker.

Test earthquake device.

The recharge of the device intended for monitoring partial seclusion may not be extended for more than 2 continuous hours, ensuring at least 72 running hours of autonomy of the device.

The scope of this development agreement sets forth the activities required to use the SmartDose® Gen II 10mL wearable platform technology as a containment and on body delivery system for ScPharma Drug Product (“Compound”) (the SmartDose device hereafter referred to as the “Device” and the Device combined with the active ingredient is the “Product”). The scope of work includes development of the Device to accommodate effective delivery of Compound. West will also establish manufacturing capacity to support both the clinical supply and early commercial production of the Product.

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