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Construction Contracts. [Schedule 5.1(q)] contains a true, correct and complete list of all Construction Contracts entered into by Seller affecting the Property. The documents constituting the Construction Contracts that are delivered to Purchaser by Seller are true, correct and complete copies of all of the Construction Contracts affecting the Property, including any and all amendments relating thereto. To Seller’s knowledge, no default or breach exists on the part of Seller or any other party to the Construction Contracts. All sums required to be paid by Seller under the Construction Contracts have been paid in full.

Construction Contracts. There are no outstanding contracts made by Seller for the construction or repair of any Improvements, and Seller shall discharge and have released of record or bonded all mechanic’s, builder’s or materialman’s liens, if any, arising from any labor or materials furnished to any portion of the Property prior to the Closing to the extent any such lien is not bonded over pursuant to Applicable Law and to Purchaser’s reasonable satisfaction.

Construction Contracts. Landlord shall act as general contractor with respect to, or install and construct using its own personnel, all or portions of the Tenant Finish, provided, however, Landlord shall contract with and use licensed, qualified and reputable companies or persons for the performance of all such work to the extent Landlord is not licensed and fully qualified to perform the same. Landlord shall be entitled to select all contractors and material providers to perform work with respect to the Tenant Finish which Landlord does not elect to perform directly and to negotiate the terms and conditions of the contracts with such contractors and material providers. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Tenant may choose its own contractor to perform the Tenant Finish pursuant to this Part II.

All Construction Contracts. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Landlord and Tenant, each of Tenant's construction contracts shall: # provide a schedule and sequence of construction activities and completion reasonably acceptable to Landlord, # be in a contract form that satisfies the Approval Criteria, # require the contractor and each subcontractor to name Landlord, Landlord's property management company, Landlord's asset management company, and Tenant as additional insured on such contractor's insurance maintained in connection with the construction of the Work, # be assignable following an Event of Default by Tenant under this Lease to Landlord and Landlord's Mortgagees, and # contain at least a one-year warranty for all workmanship and materials.

Assignor hereby assigns and transfers to Assignee as of the date hereof all of Assignor’s right, title and interest in and to the Construction Contracts described on Exhibit B attached hereto and made a part thereof; provided however, Assignee does not agree to assume any obligation or liability of Assignor under the Construction Contracts, or to any contractor or other counterparty to the Construction Contracts, or otherwise under the Construction Contracts.

Contracts. [Schedule 3.2(a)] sets forth a list of all Contracts affecting the Assets, together with all amendments thereto, which list is true, correct and complete in all respects. Seller has delivered or made available to Buyer true, correct and complete copies of the Contracts affecting the Assets. Seller is not in default under any Contract, and Seller has not given nor received any written notice of any breach or default (monetary or non-monetary) under any such Contracts that has not been cured or rescinded.

Contracts. Seller has not given to, or received from, any other party to a service, management, maintenance, repair, parking, construction, supply and other contracts and equipment leases relating to the ownership and operation of the Premises (the “Contracts”) any written notice of a default. There are no Contracts that will be binding on the Premises (or any portion thereof) or Purchaser after Closing.

Contracts. SYROS shall be responsible for selecting and contracting with the Contract Laboratories engaged to assess the clinical validity of a Clinical Trial Assay or a QIAGEN IVD, subject to QIAGEN’s prior consent which may only be withheld in case QIAGEN has reasonable quality concerns with respect to the performance of such sample testing by such Contract Laboratory.

Contracts. Except as the context otherwise requires (including to the extent otherwise expressly provided herein), references to any contract, agreement, instrument or other document, including this Agreement and the other Loan Documents, shall be deemed to include any and all amendments, supplements or modifications thereto or restatements or substitutions thereof, in each case which are in effect from time to time, but only to the extent such amendments, supplements, modifications, restatements or substitutions are not prohibited by the terms of any Loan Document.

Contracts. None of Seller or, to Seller’s Knowledge any other party thereto, is in breach of or default under (or is alleged to be in breach of or default under), or has provided or received any notice of any intention to terminate, any Contract. No event or circumstance has occurred that, with notice or lapse of time or both, would constitute an event of default under any Contract relating to the Business or result in a termination thereof or would cause or permit the acceleration or other changes of any right or obligation or the loss of any benefit thereunder. There are no material disputes pending or threatened under any such Contract.

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