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Company. The term “Company” for purposes of this Plan means WestRock Company, a Delaware corporation, and any successor to WestRock Company.

Company. As used in this Section 6, the term “Company” shall include MasterCraft Boat Company, LLC, Nautic Star, LLC, [[Company:Organization]], their parent and related entities, including MCBC Holdings, Inc., and any of their direct or indirect subsidiaries.

Company. "Company" means Quotient Limited, a public no par value limited liability company incorporated in Jersey, Channel Islands, with registered number 109886, or any entity that is a successor to the Company.

Company. “Company” shall mean Methode Electronics, Inc., a Delaware corporation, and any successor to all or substantially all of the Company’s assets or business.

Company. The Company, through the Compensation Committee, will be responsible for appointing and removing Committee members, approving the adoption of the Plan by each new Participating Employer and designating Eligible Employees.

Company. For purposes of this Agreement, all references to the “Company” will be deemed to include the Company, its predecessors, successors, assigns and its direct or indirect subsidiaries and affiliates.

Company. “Company” means Antares and shall include, in the event of a consolidation or merger, in addition to the resulting corporation, any constituent corporation (including any constituent of a constituent) absorbed in a consolidation or merger of Antares which, if its separate existence had continued, would have had power and authority to indemnify its directors, officers, managers, employees or agents, so that any person who is or was a director, officer, manager, employee or agent of such constituent corporation, or is or was serving at the request of such constituent corporation as a director, officer, manager, employee or agent of another corporation, partnership, limited liability company, joint venture, trust or other enterprise, shall stand in the same position under the provisions of this Agreement with respect to the resulting or surviving corporation as he would have with respect to such constituent corporation if its separate existence had continued.

Company. “Company” means Performance Food Group Company, a Delaware corporation, and any successor thereto.

Company. As defined on the Signature Page to this Agreement; provided, however, where the context reasonably requires, “Company” also will include [[Company:Organization]]’s affiliates.

Company. “Company” shall mean SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc.

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