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Parties. Parties to the Company are as follows:

Parties. This Lease ("Lease"), dated for reference purposes only October 19, 2021, is made by and between Rehco Holdings, LLC ("Lessor") and International Stem Cell Corporation & S Real Estate Holdings, LLC ("Lessee"), (collectively the "Parties", or individually a "Party").

Parties. This Lease ("Lease"), dated for reference purposes only June 19, 2019, is made by and between Raf Pacifica Group - Real Estate Fund IV, LLC, a California limited liability company; APG Hollywood Center, LLC, a California limited liability company; and APG Airport Freeway Center, LLC, a California limited liability company (collectively, "Lessor") and INOGEN, INC., a Delaware corporation ("Lessee"), (collectively the "Parties," or individually a "Party").

Parties. The Parties (the “Parties”) to this Collective Bargaining Agreement (the “Agreement”) are Alaska Communications Systems Holdings, Inc. (the “Company”) and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local Union No. 1547 (the “Union”).

Parties. This Lease (“Lease”), dated for reference purposes only October 11, 2017, is made by and between McDonald Family Co. LLC (“Lessor”) and Eiger BioPharmaceuticals Inc. (“Lessee”), (collectively the “Parties”, or individually a “Party”).

For the purposes of this Release, the "Company" means [[Corporation:Organization]], [[Corporation:Organization]], and "Released Parties" means the Company and its predecessors and successors, affiliates, and, in such capacity, all of each such entity’s officers, directors, employees, insurers, agents, attorneys or assigns, in their individual and representative capacities.

Release by the Seller Releasing Parties of the Company Released Parties. Effective upon the Closing Date, the Seller, its affiliates, successors and assigns (collectively, the “Seller Releasing Parties,” and together with the Company Releasing Parties, the “Releasing Parties”) hereby fully, finally, absolutely, unconditionally and irrevocably exculpate, exonerate, release and forever discharge the Company, and its respective affiliates, successors, assigns and Representatives and any Representative of any such Representative (collectively, the “Company Released Parties”) from any and all Claims arising out of, relating to, against, or in any way connected with the Company, including, without limitation, any matters related to any debt or equity investment in, or loan to, the Company by any person and any matters related to any service to the Company by any person as a manager, director, or in any other capacity, in each case with respect to any such Claim, whether known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, asserted or unasserted, absolute or contingent, direct or indirect, derivative or otherwise, or nominally or beneficially possessed or claimed by any Seller Releasing Party, whether the same be in administrative proceedings, in arbitration or admiralty, at law, in equity or mixed, and whether based on contract, tort, statutory or other legal or equitable theory of recovery, which any Seller Releasing Party ever had, now has or hereafter can, shall or may have against any or all of the Company Released Parties, in respect of any and all agreements, liabilities or obligations entered into or incurred on or prior to the date hereof, or in respect of any actions taken or event occurring or circumstances existing on or prior to the date hereof, whether or not relating to Claims pending on, or asserted after, the date hereof (collectively, the “Company Released Claims” and together with the Seller Released Claims, the “Released Claims”); provided, however, that notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company Released Claims shall not include # the express obligations of the Company Released Parties under the documents entered into on the date hereof or # any liability of any Company Released Party if and to the extent arising from the actual fraud of such Company Released Party.

Parties Bound. This Agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the heirs, executors, successors, and assigns of the parties hereto.

Third Parties. Without limiting Section 6.1, in the event any third party consent, waiver or approval is required for a Service Provider or its designees to provide any Services or Sub-Services and such consent, waiver or approval is not obtained, the Parties shall cooperate in good faith to identify a commercially reasonable alternative to such Services or Sub-Services, if available, including by referring the matter [[Organization B:Organization]] Steering Committee. Except as set forth in Section 6.1, neither a Service Provider nor its Affiliates shall be required to obtain any consent, waiver or approval of any third party in order to provide any Services.

Independent Parties. This Agreement shall not be deemed to create any partnership, joint venture, amalgamation, or agency relationship between the Parties. Each Party shall act hereunder as an independent contractor and not as the agent of the other Party in performing the Services, maintaining control over its employees, its subcontractors and their employees and complying with all withholding of income at source requirements, whether federal, state, local or foreign. No employee of Service Provider providing Services shall be considered an employee of Service Recipient or any of its Affiliates.

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