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Cessation of Employment
Cessation of Employment contract clause examples
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Termination of Employment; Cessation of Promotion Services. If any member of the Oncology Personnel leaves the employment of BI, or otherwise ceases to conduct the Promotion Services for the Product, BI shall, ensure that such departing member of the Oncology Personnel shall cease providing services in accordance with BI’s internal policies and procedures.

Termination of Employment; Cessation of Eagle Activities. If any Field Force Personnel leaves the employ of Eagle (or any of its Affiliates), or otherwise ceases to conduct the Eagle Activities for the Product, Eagle shall, to the extent consistent with, and in a manner similar to, its practices with respect to departures of the sales representatives or other field force personnel, as applicable, promoting, marketing or detailing other products for Eagle, account for, and shall cause such departing Field Force Personnel to return to Eagle and delete from his/her computer files (to the extent such materials or information have been provided in, or converted into, electronic form) all materials relating to the Product that have been provided to such individual, including the Product Materials and account level information, including all copies of the foregoing.

Cessation of Service. For purposes of this Award Agreement, the Participant’s date of cessation of Service shall mean the date upon which the Participant ceases active performance of services for the Company, a Subsidiary or Affiliate, as determined by the Company, including following the provision of a notification of termination or resignation from Service and shall be determined solely by this

Cessation of Service. The option term specified in Paragraph 2 shall terminate (and this option shall cease to be outstanding) prior to the Expiration Date should any of the following provisions become applicable:

Save as expressly provided in this Clause 18.3 upon expiry or termination of this Agreement for any reason each Party’s rights and obligations under this Agreement shall immediately terminate.

Cessation of Business. If Licensee shall have commenced to carry on the business of selling any Licensed Products (either directly or through any Subsidiary or sublicensee) and shall at any time thereafter cease for a consecutive period of ninety (90) days to carry on such business actively (either directly or through any Subsidiary or sublicensee), other than as a result of fire or other casualty or governmental action taken in the absence of Licensee's fault, [[Organization A:Organization]] may at any time thereafter while that state of affairs continues, terminate the License by written notice to Licensee.

Cessation of Deferrals. If a Participant receives payment on account of an Unforeseeable Emergency, the Participant's Deferral Elections shall be cancelled for the remainder of the Plan Year.

Cessation of Benefits. Except as expressly provided otherwise in this Agreement, all of your [[Parent:Organization]] employee benefits shall cease upon your Separation Date, with the exception of approved disability benefits, which may continue, consistent with the terms of [[Parent:Organization]]’s disability benefit plan(s). You will be eligible to elect continued health insurance coverage under COBRA if you have chosen benefits under [[Parent:Organization]]’s plans.

Cessation of Participation. The Director shall cease to participate in the Plan if he or she terminates service with the Bank or if the Plan is terminated under the circumstances set forth in Article VII.

Cessation of Participation. The Company may withdraw its approval of an existing position at any time during the Performance Period. Subject to [Section 9], Participants whose employment is terminated during the Performance Period for reasons other than disability, death, or retirement under a Company retirement plan shall forfeit participation in this Plan unless otherwise authorized by the Company. At the sole discretion of the Company, participation may be prorated for Participants who become disabled, die, retire or are assigned to a non-eligible position during the Performance Period.

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