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Tenant shall pay Landlord for the Premises, without offset or deduction and without previous demand therefor, except as expressly set forth herein, the Basic Rent as annual rent for each Lease Year. Basic Rent shall be paid in equal monthly installments in advance on the first day of each calendar month during the Lease Term. The first installment of Basic Rent shall be upon lease execution. Basic Rent for partial months at the beginning or end of the Lease Term shall be pro‐rated.

Basic RentMonths 1-24: $123,255.99, plus applicable Taxes, due and payable monthly in advance by ACH initiated by Lessor.

The Tenant shall pay to the Landlord Basic Rent in the amount set out in Section 1.1(i) for the respective Lease Year, by equal consecutive monthly instalments in advance on the first day of each month, subject to any adjustment pursuant to Section 5.3.

Basic Rent. Tenant shall pay to Landlord the Basic Rent as specified in Section 1.12. Basic Rent shall be payable in monthly installments as specified in Section 1.12, in advance, without demand, notice, deduction, offset or counterclaim, on or before the first day of each and every calendar month during the Term, except for the Basic Rent Abatement Period; provided, however, the installment of Basic Rent and Additional Rent for Operating Expense Rental and Real Estate Tax Rental in the amount of $706,120.41 payable for the first full calendar month of the Term in which Basic Rent and Additional Rent, respectively, are due shall be due and payable at the time of execution and delivery of this Lease. Any payment made by Tenant to Landlord on account of Basic Rent may be credited by Landlord to the payment of any late charges then due and payable and to any Basic Rent or Additional Rent then past due before being credited to Basic Rent currently due. Tenant shall pay Basic Rent and all Additional Rent electronically via automatic debit, ACH credit or wire transfer to such account as Landlord designates in writing to Tenant. Landlord may, in its sole discretion, designate an address for payment in lawful U.S. Dollars. If the Term commences on a day other than the first day of a calendar month or terminates on a day other than the last day of a calendar month, the monthly Basic Rent and Additional Rent shall be prorated based upon the number of days in such calendar month. Tenant’s covenant to pay Rent and the obligation of Tenant to perform Tenant's other covenants and duties hereunder constitute independent, unconditional obligations to be performed at all times provided for hereunder, save and except only when an abatement thereof or reduction therein is expressly provided for in this Lease and not otherwise.

Basic Rent. The amount set forth in the schedule below, subject to adjustment as specified in Article IV.

Basic Rent. Tenant shall begin paying Basic Rent for the Office Premises on May 1, 2019, which is the first day following expiration of the 11-month rent abatement period set forth in the Existing Lease (the “Office Premises Rent Commencement Date”), and Basic Rent for the Lab Premises on the first day of the twelfth (12) month following the Lab Premises Commencement Date (the “Lab Premises Rent Commencement Date”). As of the Effective Date, the two (2) tables in the Basic Lease Information section that provide the Basic Rent for the Office/Lab Premises and the Lab Support Premises shall be deleted and replaced with the three (3) tables below.

Basic Rent. Tenant agrees to pay Landlord Basic Rent for the Premises at the Basic Rent rate designated in Subparagraph 1(h) in twelve (12) equal monthly installments, each in advance of the first day of each and every calendar month during the Term commencing on the Rent Commencement Date, except that the Prepaid Rent set forth in Subparagraph 1(i) shall be paid upon the execution of this Lease and applied to the first full calendar month occurring during the Term. If the Term of this Lease commences on a day other than the first day of a calendar month or ends on a day other than the last day of a calendar month, then the rent (as defined below) for such periods shall be prorated in the proportion that the number of days this Lease is in effect during such periods bears to thirty (30), and such rent shall be paid at the commencement of such period. In addition to the Basic Rent, Tenant agrees to pay additional rent as provided in Paragraph 11 (Taxes), Paragraph 13 (Maintenance), Paragraph 16 (Insurance), the amount of all rental adjustments as and when hereinafter provided in this Lease, and a management fee of two and one-half percent (2.5%) of the rent (i.e., Basic Rent and additional rent) payable by Tenant pursuant to the terms of this Lease to cover Landlord's management, overhead and administrative expenses

Basic Rent” means the rent payable pursuant to Section 5.1.

Basic Rent. Notwithstanding any provision of the Lease to the contrary, the Basic Rent schedule shall be as follows:

II. Basic Rent. In addition to Tenant’s obligation to pay Basic Rent for the Original Premises, Tenant shall pay Landlord Basic Rent for the Suite 250 Expansion Space as follows:

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