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Article 8
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Article 8. Restricted Stock Award




ARTICLE 8Events of Default and Remedies


ARTICLE 8 AMENDMENT AND TERMINATION 8.1Amendment. RLI reserves the power to amend the Plan either prospectively or retroactively or both, in any respect, by action of its Board; provided that, no amendment shall be effective to reduce or divest benefits payable with respect to the Account of any Participant or Beneficiary without consent. No amendment of the Plan shall be effective unless it is in writing and signed on behalf of RLI by a person authorized to execute such writing. No oral representation concerning the interpretation or effect of the Plan shall be effective to amend the Plan. 8.2Termination. RLI reserves the right to terminate the Plan at any time by action of its Board; provided that, the termination of the Plan shall not reduce or divest benefits payable with respect to the Account of any Participant or Beneficiary or negate the Participant’s or Beneficiary’s rights with respect to such benefits. Any such termination will be done in accordance with the requirements of Section 409A. ARTICLE 9 MISCELLANEOUS 9.1Effect on Other Plans. This Plan shall not alter, enlarge or diminish any person’s rights or obligations under any other benefit plan maintained by RLI or any Affiliate. 9.2Effect on Service. Neither the terms of this Plan nor the benefits hereunder nor the continuance thereof shall be a term of the service of any Director. RLI shall not be obliged to continue the Plan. The terms of this Plan shall not give any Director the right to continue serving as a member of the Board, nor shall it create any obligation on the part of the Board to nominate any Director for reelection by RLI’s stockholders. 9.3Disqualification. Notwithstanding any other provision of the Plan or any designation made under the Plan, any individual who feloniously and intentionally kills a Participant shall be deemed for all purposes of the Plan and all elections and designations made under the Plan to have died before such Participant. A final judgment of conviction of felonious and intentional killing is conclusive for this purpose. In the absence of a conviction of felonious and intentional killing, RLI shall determine whether the killing was felonious and intentional for this purpose. 9.4Rules of Document Construction. Whenever appropriate, words used herein in the singular may be read in the plural, or words used herein in the plural may be read in the singular; and the words “hereof,” “herein” or “hereunder” or other similar compounds of the word “here” shall mean and refer to the entire Plan and not to any particular article, section or paragraph of the Plan unless the context clearly indicates to the contrary. The titles given to the various articles and sections of the Plan are inserted for convenience of reference only and are not part of the Plan, and they shall not be considered in determining the purpose, meaning or intent of any provision hereof. Written notification under the Plan shall include such other methods (for example, facsimile or e-mail) as RLI, in its sole discretion, may authorize from time to time. 9.5References to Laws. Any reference in the Plan to a statute shall be considered also to mean and refer to the applicable regulations for that statute. Any reference in the Plan to a statute or regulation shall be considered also to mean and refer to any subsequent amendment or replacement of that statute or regulation. 9.6Choice of Law. The Plan has been executed in the State of Illinois and has been drawn in conformity to the laws of that state and shall, except to the extent that federal law is controlling, be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Illinois (without regard to its conflict of law principles). 9.7Binding Effect. The Plan shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the successors and assigns of RLI, and the Beneficiaries, personal representatives and heirs of the Participant.

Article 8 The Parties expressly agree, without restriction or reservation, that this settlement agreement is concluded pursuant to the provisions of Articles 2044 et seq. of the French Civil Code to end the above mentioned dispute. Pursuant to Article 2052 of that same Code, this Agreement forbids any introduction or litigation claim by the parties having the same purpose that is settled.

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