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Approved Equipment contract clause examples

Approved Equipment. Projects with any Major Equipment not manufactured by an Approved Manufacturer do not exceed ​16 (​) of the STC DC nameplate MW of all Borrower Projects.

Approved Equipment. Projects with any Major Equipment not manufactured by an Approved Manufacturer do not exceed ​15 (​) of the STC DC nameplate MW of all Borrower Projects.

Approved Equipment. Projects with any Major Equipment not manufactured by an Approved Manufacturer do not exceed ​(​) of the STC DC nameplate MW of all Borrower Projects.

Equipment. Supplier shall maintain the Equipment so that it operates in accordance with its specifications, including # maintaining Equipment in good operating condition, subject to normal wear and tear, and # undertaking repairs and preventive maintenance on Equipment in accordance with the applicable Equipment manufacturer’s recommendations.

Equipment. Each Borrower shall keep accurate and complete records of its Equipment. The Equipment is in good operating condition and repair, and all necessary replacements and repairs have been made so that its value and operating efficiency are preserved at all times, reasonable wear and tear excepted. Each Borrower shall ensure that the Equipment is mechanically and structurally sound, and capable of performing the functions for which it was designed, in accordance with manufacturer specifications.

Equipment. If deemed necessary by the Company, the Executive will be provided with use of a laptop computer, printer and any other necessary office equipment in order that the Executive may conduct business and/or remain in contact with the office or with employees while the Executive is stationed at his principal place of employment or is otherwise travelling away from the office.

Equipment. Service Provider will be responsible for the protection of all equipment, materials and tools used in the provision of the Fuel Services, whether such items belong to Airline or to Service Provider, regardless of the fact that such property may be stored, with Airline’s permission, on Airline’s property, including the Licensed Premises. Airline will not be responsible for any loss of or damage to such property from any cause whatsoever, other than the negligent or intentionally wrongful act of Airline or its employees, agents or contractors other than Service Provider. In the case of any equipment provided by Airline, Service Provider agrees to maintain same to the manufacturers operational standards.

Equipment. In the event that Ortho has made, or will make, available certain equipment, tools or dies for Alba to use in manufacturing or otherwise producing Product, Alba shall use and maintain such equipment in accordance with the terms set forth in [Schedule G].

Equipment. [[GammaTile LLC:Organization]] LLC acknowledges and agrees that any equipment developed, modified, or otherwise acquired or purchased solely by [[IsoRay:Organization]], which costs are not subject to cost sharing pursuant to Section 2.1, for use in the [[IsoRay:Organization]] Services (“[[IsoRay:Organization]] Equipment”) shall be solely owned by [[IsoRay:Organization]] upon conclusion or termination of the [[IsoRay:Organization]] Services.

Approved Users. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, Tenant shall have the right, upon ten (10) Business Day’s prior notice to Landlord, but without having to obtain Landlord’s consent, to permit Tenant’s strategic business partners (each, an “Approved User”) to temporarily occupy space within the Premises, provided that # Tenant does not separately demise such space and the Approved Users utilize, in common with Tenant, common entryways to the Premises as well as shared central services, such as reception, photocopying and the like; # the Approved Users occupy space in the Premises for the Permitted Use and for no other purpose; and # if requested by Landlord, Tenant notifies Landlord, in writing, of the identity of any such Approved Users prior to occupancy of the Premises by such Approved Users, # no such “desk sharing” arrangement is effected solely for the purpose of qualifying as a transaction which does not require Landlord’s consent (i.e. and thereby avoiding the operation of the provisions of this Article XIII, and # the Approved Users shall not occupy, in the aggregate, more than 5,000 rentable square feet at any one time. If any Approved Users occupy any portion of the Premises as described herein, # the Approved Users shall comply with all provisions of this Lease, and a default by any Approved User shall be deemed a default by Tenant under this Lease; # all notices required to be provided by Landlord under this Lease shall be forwarded only to Tenant in accordance with the terms of this Lease and in no event shall Landlord be required to send any notices to any Approved Users; # in no event shall any use or occupancy of any portion of the Premises by any Approved User release or relieve Tenant from any of its obligations under this Lease; # the Approved Users shall be deemed to be contractors of Tenant for purposes of Tenant’s indemnification obligations set forth in this Lease; and # in no event shall the occupancy of any portion of the Premises by Approved Users be deemed to create a landlord/tenant relationship between Landlord and such Approved Users, and, in all instances, Tenant shall be considered the sole tenant under this Lease notwithstanding the occupancy of any portion of the Premises by the Approved Users.

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