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Appointment of the Agent
Appointment of the Agent contract clause examples

Each of the Arranger and the Lenders appoints the Agent to act as its agent under and in connection with the Finance Documents.

Each of the Arranger, the Lenders appoints the Agent to act as its agent and attorney (Stellvertreter) under and in connection with the Finance Documents.

Each of the other Finance Parties hereby irrecoverably appoints the Facility Agent to act as its agent under and in connection with this Agreement, and authorizes the Facility Agent to exercise the rights which are specifically delegated to the Facility Agent under this Agreement together with any other reasonable incidental rights.

The Holder irrevocably appoints and authorizes the Agent to act on behalf of the Holder and to exercise such powers hereunder as are specifically delegated to the Agent by the terms hereof, together with such powers as may be reasonably incidental thereto. In performing its functions and duties under this Agreement, the Agent shall act solely as agent of the Holder and does not assume and shall not be deemed to have assumed any obligation towards or relationship of agency or trust with or for the Pledgor.

The Casino Operator and the Gaming Board hereby appoint Escrowee to act as their escrow agent with respect to the Escrow Funds on the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth.

Appointment of Agent. The Borrower hereby designates and appoints Karen Weaver as its special agent, with full power and authority to receive on its behalf copies of all Loan Documents related to any Loan it might have with the Lenders including renewal and repeat Loan Documents and any subsequent amendments or modifications to such Loan Documents. In addition, and to the extent permitted by law and regulations, the special agent shall also have the authority to receive on behalf of the Borrower all other records or documents required to be provided to Borrower.

Appointment and Removal of the Agent. The Company shall appoint an independent bank, trust company, brokerage firm, or other financial institution or an affiliate thereof to administer the Plan (including but not limited to the establishment of such procedures as reasonably may be necessary to accomplish such administration in a manner consistent with the purposes of the Plan), keep the records of the Plan reflecting the interests of Participants, hold Shares acquired under the Plan on behalf of Participants, and generally act as the agent of Participants in the manner and to the extent provided in the Plan. In the event of the resignation or removal of the Agent, the Company promptly shall appoint a new Agent.

Appointment of Collateral Agent. The Secured Parties hereby appoint 3i, L.P. to act as their agent (“3i” or “Collateral Agent”) for purposes of holding the Security Interest granted hereunder on behalf of the Secured Parties and exercising any and all rights and remedies of the Secured Parties hereunder. Such appointment shall continue until revoked in writing by a Majority in Interest, at which time a Majority in Interest shall appoint a new Collateral Agent with the consent of the Company (such consent not to be unreasonably withheld), provided that 3i may not be removed as Collateral Agent unless 3i shall then hold less than $100,000 in principal amount of Debentures; provided, further, that such removal may occur only if each of the other Secured Parties shall then hold not less than an aggregate of $500,000 in principal amount of Debentures. The Collateral Agent shall have the rights, responsibilities and immunities set forth in Annex B hereto.

Each Securityholder, severally and not jointly, hereby agrees and acknowledges that:

APPOINTMENT OF ESCROW AGENT. Secured Party and ExOne do hereby appoint Escrow Agent as escrow agent for the purposes described herein, and Escrow Agent does hereby accept the appointment as escrow agent and agrees to act in accordance with the terms and conditions described herein. Escrow Agent shall have all of the rights, powers, duties and obligations provided herein.

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