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Identify the number of company-standard seats from the CRAF Aircraft Basic Data Sheet.

Cargo Aircraft Calculations. Divide the PL as determined above by 2,000 (the number of pounds in one short-ton), resulting in the number of short-tons the aircraft can carry. Multiply this result by 87 percent (the average percent of cargo actually carried on commercial aircraft during contingencies). This yields the payload used for further calculations.

Offer of Aircraft. When Contractors offer aircraft to CRAF, they are agreeing to allow said aircraft to be assigned to CRAF Stages II and III as deemed necessary by the CRAF PMO. They also agree that a minimum of one (1) aircraft, which the Contractor may nominate, will be assigned to CRAF Stage I. The Contractor may identify additional aircraft, by tail number or quantity/type, for possible Stage I assignment. Aircraft accepted into the program will be assigned to the segment/section/element best matching the aircraft’s capabilities.

Assignment of Aircraft. After aircraft are offered and determined eligible for CRAF assignment, they are assigned to the CRAF stages, completing segments, sections, and elements independently of each other, by the CRAF PMO. When the total offered WBE exceeds the requirements specified in the above paragraph (b), assignments are made to fulfill the requirements to as close to the specified level as is reasonably possible. Stage assignments are final and not subject to dispute. The CRAF PMO reserves the right to assign aircraft, when necessary, to meet CRAF requirements, to include maintaining an appropriate mix of aircraft types for all stages. This maximizes CRAF planning and operational flexibility.

Covered Aircraft Requirements. Without limiting the foregoing or any other maintenance obligations of Contractor hereunder or under the Related Agreements, Contractor shall comply with the following requirements in connection with the interior and exterior maintenance of the Covered Aircraft:

Painting Covered Aircraft. Contractor shall repaint each Covered Aircraft # on or before such Covered Aircraft’s applicable “Repainting Date” as set forth in [Schedule 1] and every ​ years thereafter and # from time to time as reasonably requested by American in order to maintain an acceptable exterior appearance or repair damage to the exterior of a Covered Aircraft. Any such repainting request by American shall include American’s required support and changes to the operating schedule to permit Contractor to remove such Covered Aircraft from service to accommodate such repainting. Painting of any Covered Aircraft must be approved in advance by American, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.

Non-Comp Aircraft. Notwithstanding any provision of this Section 2.1 or any other provision of this Agreement to the contrary, United will not at any time include the then-current number of Non-Comp Aircraft at such time in its scheduling of lines of flying for Scheduled Flights. The number of Non-Comp Aircraft at any time shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of [Section 4.27]. United shall be required to make in respect of each Non-Comp Aircraft all payments required by this Agreement in respect of Covered Aircraft, other than the ​ amount set forth on [Schedules 2A, 2B and 2C]C]C].

With respect to all Covered Aircraft, Contractor agrees to provide aircraft ground movement (towing teams) at all Applicable Airports, as and when requested by United from time to time, for ground movements of Covered Aircraft required to accommodate United’s flight schedule (each such movement, an “Accommodating Aircraft Movement”).

With respect to each [[Unknown Identifier]] Covered Aircraft and any other Covered Aircraft that is leased or subleased by United to Contractor, upon not less than ten Business Days’ notice by Contractor to United, and at least ten Business Days’ prior to the Actual In-Service Date for such aircraft, United and Contractor shall enter into a Covered Aircraft Lease for such aircraft; provided that pursuant to each Covered Aircraft Lease, among other things, Basic Rent payable by Contractor to United thereunder shall be entirely abated unless and until # such Covered Aircraft has been withdrawn from this Agreement and no longer constitutes a Covered Aircraft, # the occurrence of a Labor Strike, or # the mandatory grounding of such Covered Aircraft by the FAA due to any action or inaction of Contractor, upon which in each case such Basic Rent shall be payable by Contractor to United until # in the case of such a withdrawal of such Covered Aircraft, such aircraft shall have been returned to United in accordance with the terms of such Covered Aircraft Lease and this Agreement, or # in the case of a Labor Strike or such a mandatory grounding, as the case may be, the number of Scheduled Flights that are On-Time Departures (including any days resulting from a Labor Strike or mandatory grounding) on any day of the week equals or exceeds the number of Scheduled Flights that were On-Time Departures on the same day of the week prior to such Labor Strike or mandatory grounding, as the case may be. Notwithstanding anything else contained herein to the contrary, if and when a Covered Aircraft Lease terminates in accordance with its terms, then the aircraft subject to such lease shall no longer constitute a Covered Aircraft effective on the date on which the term of such Covered Aircraft Lease ends, regardless of whether the event giving rise to such lease termination also constitutes an independent termination or withdrawal event hereunder. Any withdrawal occurring upon such a termination of a Covered Aircraft Lease shall be separate and distinct from, and shall not limit or supersede, any other withdrawal rights of United contained in this Agreement.

Contractor shall ensure that any Covered Aircraft added to scope of this Agreement materially conform to United’s then-current specifications, including, but not limited to, specifications for aircraft configuration, galley, seats, winglets, and other standards, and that such aircraft are consistent with the specifications and livery applicable to such fleet type.

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