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Currency. TubeSolar will make all payments to Ascent under this Agreement in United States dollars by wire transfer to the bank account designated by Ascent in writing from time to time. This does not apply to payments for deliveries to TubeSolar from the JV Fab, which shall be made in Euro.

Currency. For the purpose of calculating any sums due under, or otherwise reimbursable pursuant to, this Agreement (including the calculation of Net Sales expressed in currencies other than Dollars), Licensee will convert any amount expressed in a foreign currency into Dollars equivalents using its, its Affiliate’s or the applicable Licensee Sublicensee’s standard conversion methodology consistent with Accounting Standards.

Currency. Unless otherwise stated, all dollar amounts and references to “$” in this Agreement refer to the lawful currency of the United States.

Currency. Unless otherwise stated, all dollar amounts and references to ‎‎“$” in this Agreement refer to the lawful currency of the United States.

Currency. Provider will invoice the applicable BFA Recipient receiving the Services (or BFA, on behalf of the BFA Recipient), in the currency mutually agreed upon and set forth in [Schedule 1]-C (Commercial Terms Schedule).

Currency. Unless otherwise specified herein all references to dollar or dollars are references to Canadian dollars.

Currency. If, in connection with the administration of the Plan including in determining the Fair Market Value, an amount needs to be converted from U.S. dollars to Canadian dollars or vice versa, such amount will be converted using the applicable exchange rate posted for such day by the Bank of Canada‎, or, for Participants other than Canadian Participants, such other source ‎determined by the Administrator.‎ The Administrator shall also interpret or convert references to “dollar,” “price,” “value” or other similar terms herein in a manner that will be applicable to the Eligible Employee or jurisdiction in question.

Currency. All amounts due under this Agreement shall be paid calculated and paid in the currency in which the Executive’s base salary is paid as of immediately prior to the Date of Termination.

Currency. All amounts payable and calculations hereunder will be in United States dollars. As applicable, Net Sales and any royalty deductions will be converted into United States dollars in accordance with Allogene’s customary and usual conversion procedures, consistently applied.

Currency. Each Participant understands that, if the Participant’s payroll deductions under the Plan are made in any currency other than U.S. dollars, such contributions will be converted to U.S. dollars on or prior to the date shares are purchased under the Plan using a prevailing exchange rate in effect at the time such conversion is performed, as determined by the Company. Each Participant understands and agrees that neither the Company, the Employer nor any affiliate shall be liable for any foreign exchange rate fluctuation between the Participant’s local currency and the U.S. dollar that may affect the value of the purchase rights granted to the Participant under the Plan, or of any amounts due to the Participant under the Plan or as a result of the subsequent sale of any shares of Common Stock acquired under the Plan.

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