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Administrative Committee
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The Administrative Committee will have the authority and responsibilities imposed by [Article XII]. With respect to the authority and responsibilities described in [Section 12.3(a)], the Administrative Committee will be a Named Fiduciary. The Administrative Committee will have no authority or responsibilities other than as granted in the Plan or as imposed as a matter of law. In the event any of the areas of authority and responsibilities of the Administrative Committee overlap with that of any other Plan fiduciary, the Administrative Committee will coordinate with such other fiduciaries the execution of such authority and responsibilities; provided, the decision of the Administrative Committee with respect to such authority and responsibilities ultimately will be controlling.

means the committee which will act to administer the Plan as provided in [Article XII]. The Administrative Committee will be the plan administrator, as that term is defined in Code [Section 414(g)], and the administrator, as that term is defined in ERISA Section 3(16)(A).

The Administrative Committee will consist of the individuals holding the following offices or positions with the Controlling Company (or the officer performing substantially similar functions), each to serve until removed in accordance with this [Section 12.1] or until ceasing to be employed by the Controlling Company or an Affiliate:

The Administrative Committee may elect a Chairman and a Secretary from among its members. In addition to those powers set forth elsewhere in the Plan, the Administrative Committee may appoint such agents, who need not be members of the Administrative Committee, as it may deem necessary for the effective performance of its duties and may delegate to such agents such powers and duties, whether ministerial or discretionary, as the Administrative Committee may deem expedient or appropriate. The compensation of any agents who are not full-time Employees of a Participating Company will be fixed by the Administrative Committee and will be paid by the Controlling Company (to be divided equitably among the Participating Companies) or from the Trust Fund as determined by the Administrative Committee. The Administrative Committee will act by majority vote or by resolutions signed by a majority of the Administrative Committee members, provided that any member may act without formal approval of a majority of the Administrative Committee as necessary to facilitate the day-to-day operation and administration of the Plan. Its members will serve as such without compensation.

Committee. The Committee appointed to administer the Plan pursuant to Plan Section 16, or if no such Committee has been appointed, the Board.

Committee. The Committee shall be appointed as set forth in the Company’s governing documents.

Committee. The Plan shall be administered by a Committee appointed by the Board. The Committee shall consist of at least two Directors of the Board and may consist of the entire Board; provided, however, that if the Committee consists of less than the entire Board, then, with respect to any Award granted to an Eligible Individual who is subject to Section 16 of the Exchange Act, the Committee shall consist solely of two or more Nonemployee Directors, or such Awards shall be approved by the Board. For purposes of the preceding sentence, if one or more members of the Committee is not a Nonemployee Director but recuses himself or herself or abstains from voting with respect to a particular action taken by the Committee, then the Committee, with respect to that action, shall be deemed to consist only of the members of the Committee who have not recused themselves or abstained from voting. The acts of a majority of the total membership of the Committee at any meeting, or the acts approved in writing by all of its members, shall be the acts of the Committee. All decisions and determinations by the Committee in the exercise of its powers hereunder shall be final, binding and conclusive upon the Company, its Subsidiaries, the Participants and all other Persons having any interest therein.

Committee. Committee means the Company or a committee appointed by the Company to administer the Plan.

Committee. The Plan shall be administered by the Board or, as directed specifically otherwise herein, by the Committee.

Committee. The Employer shall certify to the Trustee the names and specimen signatures of the members of the Committee (“Committee”) appointed by the Employer to administer the Plan and give directions to the Trustee. Such certification shall include directions as to the number of signatures required for any communication or direction to the Trustee. The Employer shall promptly give notice to the Trustee of changes in the membership of the Committee. The Committee may also certify to the Trustee the name of any agent, together with a specimen signature of any such agent who is not a member of the Committee, authorized to act for the Committee in relation to the Trustee. The Committee shall promptly give notice to the Trustee of any change in any agent authorized to act on behalf of the Committee. For all purposes under this Agreement, until any such notice is received by the Trustee, the Trustee shall be fully protected in assuming that the membership of the Committee and the authority of any agent authorized to act on its behalf remain unchanged.

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