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If to Agent or PNC At
If to Agent or PNC At contract clause examples

[[Organization A:Organization]]

[[Organization A:Organization]]

[[PNC:Organization]] PNC Business Credit 1900 East Ninth Street, 9th Floor Cleveland, Ohio 44114 Attention: John. A. Wenzinger Senior Vice President/Team Leader Telephone: [[Phone]] Facsimile: [[Phone]]

[[PNC:Organization]], National Association 1600 Market Street, 31st Floor [[Address A:Address]]

[[Agent:Organization]], National Association, as Agent

[[Agent:Organization]], National Association, as Agent

ASHLAND LLC, a Kentucky limited liability company, in its individual capacity (“Ashland”) and as initial Servicer (in such capacity, together with its successors and assigns in such capacity, the “Servicer”); and

[[Lender:Organization]] c/o [[Administrative Agent:Organization]] 80 E. Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Suite [[Unknown Identifier]] Larkspur, California 94939 Attention: Stew Ward, Managing Partner Email: [[Email]]

Attention: Email:


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