Draft better contracts faster with AllDrafts.

AllDrafts is a cloud-based editor designed specifically for contracts. With automatic formatting, a massive clause library, smart redaction, and insanely easy templates, it’s a welcome change from Word.

And AllDrafts generates clean Word and PDF files from any draft.

You hold the pen.
Only now it’s lighter.

There is no substitute for a lawyer, but it’s about time there was one for Microsoft Word.

Rock-Solid Formatting

No more wrestling with tabs and rulers and getting your styles trashed when you paste from another document.

Detail Tracking

Terms, cross-references, facts, figures, and personal information are tracked. No more accidental inclusions, missing destinations, or undefined terms.

Documents to Dollars

Redact an entire document in one operation, turning it into a template with an AI-generated intake form. Turn your document archive into new business.

Safe Collaboration

Stop emailing revisions of Word documents. Invite your team, your client, or even your counter-party to view, edit, or comment. Control who sees what.

Find and paste

Your documents automatically become your clause library. Find it fast and paste it with automatic redaction of facts, personal information, and cross-references from the source document.

Filtered view of a document (early version)
Revision Tracking

View a log of every change to your document, and generate a redline against any version with just a click. Cloud-based collaboration means everyone’s edits are in one place.

  • View document history on a timeline
  • Click to view any early version
  • Generate a redline between any two versions
  • Audit log of document viewing, editing, and sharing
Document history (early version)